Why we need to care about Sudan

Jen over at Jen’s wordatorium has written a great piece about what’s going on in Sudan: Sudan’s looming referendum – not all doom and gloom

Africa: it’s big, it’s complicated and it’s very far away.

When we call a situation ‘complex’ we are essentially washing our hands of the issue and putting it in the too hard basket. Turning our back on Sudan over the next couple of months has potentially catastrophic consequences.

On the 9th January 2011, a referendum is scheduled in Sudan, the largest country on the African continent. The people of southern Sudan have the opportunity to decide whether to remain united with the larger Sudan or declare their independence.

Sudan has endured unrelenting instability due to a range of political rivalries, clashes between tribal groups, natural disasters and conflict fuelled by scarce resources, drought and oil revenues. Over the past 55 years, 40 of those years has been marred by bloody civil war causing Sudan to have the highest number of Internally Displaced People in the world; an estimated 4.9 million.

Read the rest at Jen’s wordatorium and send an email to Foreign Affairs Minister Kevin Rudd: Kevin.Rudd.MP@aph.gov.au.

Human Rights Watch has a haunting multimedia presentation called Failing Darfur: Five years on, and a report about rights violations in the April elections, called Democracy on Hold.

2 responses to “Why we need to care about Sudan

  1. Thank you for posting this. My main gripe about the media is that when it suits them they will feast on human misery. When it doesn’t suit them, they ignore it.

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