The best ever

Firstly, a big welcome to November’s new subscribers. Some of you have already left comments, but if you haven’t I’d love you to introduce yourself. I don’t bite on Tuesdays.

And now, today’s post. I blogged in my dream last night. Some people dream about flying; some people dream about not being able to run when monsters are after you; me, I dream about writing blog posts. Clearly I need to get out more.

These are the questions I asked you in my dream post:

1. What’s the best present you’ve ever received or given someone?

2. What present would you love to receive but know you never will?

I want someone to give me an art deco garden apartment. If you have one you’re not using, I’ll be your best friend.

And the best present? Ha, that’s easy: I once gave ManFriend an entire prosciutto. I’m not sayin’ I bought his love with cured pork products, but it did make me a very popular lady.

Now over to you. Best present and best dream present?

5 responses to “The best ever

  1. Best present is hard – but last year I got a weekend away with baby sitting organised for me. That was pretty cool.

    The dream present I’ll never receive is to wake up on Christmas morning to find all the unfinished bits of the house finished. And nothing leaking.

  2. Not sure about best present, not the flamenco style dress from my mum that’s for sure. As for dreams, last week I dreamt that my director told me my talents were wasted in policy analysis and that I would be better suited to ironing. I dont want to analyse it!!

  3. He wouldn’t have me, I’m terrible at ironing! My director assured me I’m not bad at policy!

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