Word nerds

Regular readers will recognise this game, but it’s time to make up a new word. This is where I ask ‘why don’t we have a word for this?’ and you bring the clever.

Why don’t we have a word for non-sexual flirting? That particular type of flirting-without-intent you do when you turn on the charm for an elderly neighbour, or a harmless old drunk at the pub, or, to a lesser extent, the banter you have with the barista. Children do it too, with older relatives and family friends. I’ve called it flirting for want of a better word, but it really is non-sexual.

So, over to you. Let’s make up a new word.

21 responses to “Word nerds

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  2. Banting? Or does that already have a meaning?

  3. OOOh that’s right I knew there was another meaning.

  4. I have actually read in older novels, someone described as banting, like you would use the word dieting. I haven’t actually read anyone described as going on a bant.

  5. Hmmm, I call the non sexual flirting purring – as in cat. But that doesn’t fit the elderly drunk …

  6. … errr, I meant the harmless old drunk …

    • Hi Elke, welcome to the News with Nipples. Purring’s not bad, but you’re right, it doesn’t work with non-sexual flirting with the old drunk.

      Maybe I just need to expand the way I use charming. Because that kind of works.

  7. Charming is what I have used in the past, but as per your request, I have come up with what I believe is a new word: Lirting. A lot like flirting, but no F.

  8. Now this is a problem for me because apparently I flirt with everyone. I see it as making friendly overtures but according to my husband I am flirting.

    It would make sense to leave flirting for friendly, getting to know you banter without intent and then create a new word for sexual flirting.

  9. Oh hang on – I just found a Useful Article here via the Social Issues Research Centre http://www.sirc.org/publik/flirt.html

    Apparently there is ‘flirting for fun’ and ‘flirting with intent’. There is even a useful guide on how to do both.

    While typing this I am holding steady eye contact with this computer BTW

  10. @Caveat Calcei: or we call it friendlying. Well, the ‘lying’ part is confusing though.

  11. I’m a big believer in this behavior and have always called it charm, especially when once trying to explain it to my mother who is an expert at it. perhaps you could refer to the conversations you are having by saying you are ”engaging on a spot of badinage’

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