Arse magic

Apparently Victoria’s Secret sells undies that extend your arse beyond the normal boundaries of arses:

Victoria's Secret magic arse undies

Try the pose yourself – her right leg is in completely the wrong position.

If her back really curved like that and her arse really stuck out that much and her leg really was at that weird angle, imagine the trouble she’d have finding a pair of jeans. And the chronic back and pelvis pain.

15 responses to “Arse magic

  1. Whoa! Perhaps they’re using models with painful spine deformities and vast quantities of painkillers (so they can smile)?

  2. And the odd thing is there seems to very little actual arse there, just the ‘hinge’

  3. It must be hard to have an ass that screams, ‘shove your penis in me!’ so loudly.
    Oh dear.

  4. I am shocked! Are you suggesting that a company would photoshop an image in order to sell a product? In this day and age!
    Next thing you will be telling me the advertising promise that if I purchase such a product my girlfriend will magically looks like her is total bullshit.
    This is a bit of a relief as a spinal deformity like that would be extremely painful.

  5. The model could have a back curved like that…forgotten the correct term but I have it and it makes fitting clothes difficult. Just knelt on the floor to try the pose and suspect it is the straight leg that has been photo-shopped more than the back. Still ruffled knickers will always extend the backside it is one reason to wear them when you are built up and down like an ironing board.

    • Scoliosis? But you’re right – even though the butt has been photoshopped, it’s the position of the straight leg that’s the real problem.

    • Yeah…. I don’t think that is what this is though. This was her ass trying to run away from the rest of her body.

    • No not scoliosis – sway back. I was waiting to cross a road beside a woman with the same skeletal shape. Our hips and shoulders are in a different plane so we look like we are hinged at the waist with our butts sticking right out.

      Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine which can deviate to the side rather than an increased curvature that shortens the back as in sway back.

  6. Do you mean sway back? A friend of mine had that and it did make getting pants to fit tricky. This image looks to me like an an example of Mannerism as exemplified by Jacopo Pontormo of the Florentine school. If he was trying to sell knickers.

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