Today’s things

Here are the things I’ve discovered so far today:

1. I am really really crap at turning a dress into a skirt. One seam on the outside and I haven’t even tackled the zip yet;

2. Soul Asylum’s Let your dim light shine is a really shit album (I’m listening to all my old cds again before the move to decide which ones to keep);

3. I quite like Jakob Dylan’s voice (must be in the genes) but I’m just not convinced about The Wallflowers;

4. The Cramps are fucking awesome. How did I forget that?

5. As soon as you chuck a sleeping bag in the washing machine, it clouds over;

6. A leaf blower at 7.15am is unforgiveable.

11 responses to “Today’s things

  1. Today I have not discovered…so much as confirmed…that when a 5 year old empties drawers of toys all over the loungeroom floor and is told that he will not be given anything to eat, he will be remarkably resistant to the idea and will a. whine b. have a nap, and c. go without lunch RATHER THAN pick up his toys.

    I have also reminded myself that leftover noodle and vege stirfry (striFRY! Hah! Who am I kidding. Stir…’braise’.) for breakfast at 11 am is ALWAYS a lot more filling than you expect it to be.

    • And then the late lunch always mucks up your dinner and you end up all out of whack.

      • Hell yeah.

        • Come to think of it, might just go and have another serve of middle-class lefty noodles with asparagus, bok choi, capsicum, lemongrass, chilli, ginger, garlic, basil….Last night I cooked it for a small and select group consisting of a welder, a housepainter, a bush poet and a social worker who all vote green and/or sing in choirs. MIDDLE CLASS LEFTIES ARE EVERYWHERE! Even my driving instructor is one! Sorry, wrong thread.

  2. Today I have discovered that I haven’t been on NWN in ages, that i don’t spell well when typing quickly on an iphone and that I’m really relaxing into this no working gig. I also thought of many many more muddle class lefty things that I should save for a personal discussion rather than clog your blog.

  3. A leaf blower at 715 am is legal and frankly still being asleep at such a time is unforgivable,
    The cleaner who picks up after you and doesn’t want to sweep for half an hour when he can blow for 5 minutes. 🙂

  4. Leaf blowers before 8am might be legal but they are karmically incorrect. Only the council would do it as if it was one of your neighbours, the other residents would track the culprit down and seek revenge.

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