Oldies, goodies and baddies – part 1

Despite reasonably regular purges, ManFriend and I still have about 400 cds that we haven’t listened to in years. Since we’re moving soon, I’m going through them all. (Obviously, I’m not making calls on ManFriend’s cds – that’s up to him. I’m just not one of those people who makes their partner throw things out.)

So, this is where you get to judge me on my musical past. But please, be kind – these are the cds I don’t listen to anymore:

Luna – Pup Tent
I bought this in Boston. I’d fallen in “love” with a local and stayed there for a month to see if it would work. He was a really nice guy who wanted marriage and kids. I was in what I like to call My Wild Phase. I’m sure you can guess the ending. It’s not a bad album. It’s going in the maybe pile.

The New Christs – We got this!
This is a freebie from my music journo days. It’s Rob Younger’s other band – his first being Radio Birdman – and is Aussie pub rock via dark new wave/post-punk British rock. Keeper.

Bomb the Bass – Clear
This is a cracker. Vocals by Will Self, Justin Warfield and Sinead O’Connor. Keeper.

Sebadoh – The Sebadoh
I found Sebadoh via Dinosaur Jr. It was released in 1999 but I reckon I would have liked them more if I found them earlier. Chucker.

Drop City – Magic transistor radio
Ah, psychedelic Aussie indie pop. Love it. This one’s even signed. When I first moved to Sydney, I’d see bands on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights, and Drop City was one of my favourites. Funnily enough, I now have tinnitus. Years later, ManFriend introduced me to a mate of his – Matt J Tow (DC singer). I was very drunk (a friend had died) and, to my shame, made a dick of myself. Keeper.

New York Dolls – Rock ‘n Roll
How did this one end up in the rarely-listened-to pile? Keeper.

The Tremors – Cash up front, no kissing
Fuck yeah! Dirty rockabilly. Keeper.

Word of Mouth
This one came with a music mag when I lived in London. Tracks by Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Paul Weller, Ed Harcourt, Sons & Daughters, The Handsome Family. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve listened to it since I moved back to Sydney. In 1999. Chucker.

Tamam Shud – Permanent Culture
I bought this because they have a few songs on the lovely Morning of the Earth soundtrack. I’ve listened to it once. Chucker.

Reckon that’ll do me for today. What oldies have you got in your past?

8 responses to “Oldies, goodies and baddies – part 1

  1. Am shocked by the notion that one could throw away CDs! I am unable to get rid of books or CDs. The shelves are heaving.

    • I have to, otherwise the house would be overflowing. I’ve been given so many review copies of books and cds over the years that it makes it easier to give away the ones I’ll never read or listen to.

      Besides, we’re moving from a house into a smaller flat, so we have to get rid of stuff.

  2. Dinosaur Jr… You are now my favourite middle class lefty feminist journo.

  3. PS got any Meat Puppets / Melvins / Pixies / Green River?

  4. The Tremors – Cash up front, no kissing

    dug that up from the depths of my hard drive, needed to give it another spin.

    worth it?

    hell yes

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