A Christmas message from News Nips

Firstly, I have to show you this. We put slices of tasty tasty chorizo under the skin and the chicken got rather excited in the oven. Even ManFriend’s mum got her rude giggle on.

So, my Christmas message. Kinda like the Queen’s, but with more boobs. Like this photo of Lexy, K and I:

Lazer tits

It’s been a pretty fun year. One of the things I’ve loved most (apart from ManFriend, but I always love him the most), is you. You’ve challenged me and entertained me. Especially with your responses to the middle-class lefty post. You crack me up.

Sure, there have been some rough bits this year, but that’s life, right? The rough bits help you appreciate when things are good. To quote Veronica Sawyer: “If you were happy every day of your life you wouldn’t be a human being. You’d be a game-show host.”

Which, I guess, is my Christmas message: Think of life’s rough bits as just dietary fibre – you need them to keep your system running smoothly.

There’s only a few days left of 2010 – make sure you make ’em fun ones.

PS: I’m taking a week off. My eye has been twitching constantly for six months and not even tissues salts or Juan – my fabulous osteo – can fix it. The plan is to not look at a computer screen for seven days. Wish me luck.

3 responses to “A Christmas message from News Nips

  1. Feel the awesome power of my mighty laser tits! Laser, laser, laser tits (sung to thundercats tune) See you in 2011, when bump has become a real life being

  2. I hope you’re having a lovely, relaxing holiday!

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