Discos, discos, when you love me

Don’t you hate it when you discover you’ve been singing the wrong lyrics for years?

ManFriend and I went to New Zealand. To a tiny place – it didn’t even have a corner store – called Tongaporutu, to stay with K and her cousins and parents and people they’ve been holidaying with since forever. I’d never met them before but felt like I knew them because she’d told me so many stories. There was just a small two-room shack (sorry, bach) and then 12-15 people in tents around it.

It was fabulous. But, talk about taking me out of my comfort zone.

The first rule: if it’s yellow, let it mellow. There was just a small tank of water for all of us, so you could only flush poos. Now, I flush with the lid down so that little wee and poo particles don’t get into the air and don’t get me started on people who leave their toothbrushes out for the wee and poo particles to land on. So people who know me will be shocked to discover that I was ok with this. Pit toilets don’t bother me because they are what they are, but not flushing a flushing toilet, and having to wee on lots of other wees, that’s (normally) just a bit too gross. But it didn’t bother me at all.

No showers either. Just a swim in the river twice a day.

Then, for NYE we went to Detonate in a paddock at Urenui. Explosions! Bands! More explosions! Helicopters! Prickles! Filthy port-a-loos! Dried cow shit! Last year’s wrist bands!

Detonate festival

(And no, ManFriend’s wrist isn’t this odd. It’s just a very strange angle.)

On the 2nd, like all good Outrageous Fortune fans, we drove up to the Coromandel. Didn’t see Munter’s mum though. On the way I’m sure we went past a building called Cumtown Hall, but I am sooo not Googling Cumtown.

The title of this post? It turns out that the chorus to a song on a mix a friend made for us (sorry, I don’t know what it’s called) is really “when you’re lonely / just ’cause, just ’cause”. This whole time I’ve been singing “when you love me / discos, discos” and thought that describing the feeling of being loved as like being in a disco was great. Reckon the rest of the lyrics – “we were drawn together by an understanding of each other’s tragedy / you had eyes for him I had eyes for her we had eyes we couldn’t see” – should have given the story away.

Which, finally, brings me back to K. She promised there’d be fish. That there’s a neighbour who is only allowed to go fishing each day if he eats everything he catches, so he gives them most of his catch on the way home. But nooooooo. It was clearly all a lie to get us there. She is so going to pay.

Oh, and my eye after a computer-free week? It’s still twitching.

22 responses to “Discos, discos, when you love me

  1. I much prefer “when you love me / discos, discos” and think you should continue to sing that anyway.
    Instead of Bob Marley’s “Jammin” I sing Pyjamas and I will never go back!
    We’re jammin’, jammin’,
    And I hope you like jammin’, too.
    Jammin’ till the jam is through
    Pyjamas, pyjamas
    And I hope you like pyjamas too.
    Pyjamas till the day is through.
    Happy New Year lovely xx

  2. There’s a restaurant in Melbourne’s chinatown called Kum Den…

    Pretty decent, too.

  3. Tongaporutu! In Taranaki! Where I grew up!! My parents used to have a bach at Mokau, just up the coast from Tongaporutu. It’s a cruisouly remote part of coastal NZ, for all that it’s right on a state highway.

  4. I had a twitching eye for about a fortnight and it drove me insane .. was complaining to a friend of mine who is a naturopath and she advised it could be caused from a magnesium deficiency. I took some supplements and it went away. Could be something entirely different from your eye problem, but maybe worth a try if you’re getting desperate.

    • I’ve been taking magnesium for about six months and it’s still twitching. A week away from the computer with only about an hour of reading (I know!) and it’s still twitching. Reckon I should call in the experts.

  5. The eye twitch might just be your thing for a bit. Herbert Lom worked it successively in the Pink Panther movies. Live flesh can be put to good use, dammit.

    Re the misheard lyrics. There is a Texas song on the album ‘White on Blonde” where Sharleen Spiteri (my #1 girl crush) warbles: “He’s going crazy pass me the shoes”. This became my lietmotif for a long time. That is until I bother my arse to read the CD album notes. The title of the song is “Drawing Crazy Patterns”. No shoes were passed. Bugger.

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  7. Oh God yes…what is it about Alan Rickman that is so sexy?

  8. I got a twitchy eye after spending many hours of concentrated peering at a new device with a smallish screen. It did stop eventually after my eye was rested, but took longer than I would have expected.

    • Hi Ali, welcome to the News with Nipples. How long did it take? Because I had a week off, no computer, no tv, no reading (well, that’s a tiny lie, about an hour of reading), and it’s still going. Now I’m back at work and back in front of the computer and not looking forward to another six months of it.

  9. Oh that sounds lovely! Want. And I wish I’d been able to go to Detonate. I am all about festival wristbands.

  10. There was fish after you left 🙂

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