Picking your brains

So, gang, I need some help. I’m writing a piece for Newswrite, the NSW Writers’ Centre mag, on the conflict between blogging about how rubbish the MSM can be and being a part of the MSM.

I’ve mentioned the MSM’s sensitivity to criticism, and about how journalists aren’t allowed to express their personal opinions on the internet. Haven’t yet talked about vaginas.

Any suggestions?

19 responses to “Picking your brains

  1. I hate how the Fairfax papers have all these really awful bloggers. There are so many fabulous Melbourne based bloggers and The Age manages to trawl out these absolute morons.

    • Hi Penni, welcome to the News with Nipples. The same thing happens in Sydney. It’s like the powers that be at Fairfax have decided that no one wants to read anything intelligent on The Internet, so they just give us the shit Sams.

  2. The MSM doesn’t discuss vaginas enough, it’s a disgrace.

  3. Not sure if this is off topic. Just chuck stuff at me if it is.

    I am convinced that most news reporting is hopelessly skewed &/or badly researched. I base this prejudice on my perceptions of how civil and criminal court cases are conducted and settled. It is virtually impossible to read a journalist’s report of a criminal trial that is not full of salacious details, misrepresentation of the law and photos of people that should not be photographed in that context. Similarly it is impossible for journalists to comprehend that cases are settled for many different reasons and not just because civil defendants are (sic) guilty.

    This leaves me in a position where I read independent legal bloggers (not law firm minions who are constrained by the need to plug the firm’s services) like rather than trust newspapers.

    I have no idea why editors let so many things through. Maybe they don’t read them.

    • I think the problem is time and headlines. Journalists are trained to find the juicy bit and make that the story. So you don’t end up with an accurate account of what happened – you just get the bit that makes the most sensational headline.

  4. I’m not particularly knowledgeable on the professional etiquette of working in media yet also commentating on media (and thus being perceived as “biting the hand that feeds you”), but surely a primary goal for any journalist is to maintain is his/her objectivity when discussing an issue. If the issue at hand relates to truth and intelligence in mainstream media, then the likes of Fairfax etc. should just harden the fuck up, stop being such sensitive little sausages and hmm … I dunno … start getting better.

  5. The MSM may not discuss vaginas to your satisfaction but you cannot google vaginas anymore than you can Cumtown.

    Go ahead I dare you.

    As for the bloggers/MSM war it really started when bloggers pointed out The Australian was full of fecal matter in reguards to polling. Mumble, Pollbludger and Possum destroyed the credability of News Ltd.

  6. Bloggers are fans of good journalism first and foremost. Good blogging can lift good journalism.

    Last year I went after Lenore Taylor from the SMH over a lazy piece of analysis she did – she was pretty snarly but the issue went on for a few days and, in search of something new to say, she lifted her game. Another example is this piece where Michael Pascoe has been stung out of complacency.

    Feedback: not confined to droll Letters to the Editors pieces any more.

    • Hi Andrew Elder, welcome to the News with Nipples. That’s my feeling about it too – that journalism’s biggest critics are also its biggest consumers.

      • I was about to say something sarcastic about the people who feed at the news corp trough, but then I realised you were talking about journalism, not ‘the media’.

        Carry on.

  7. I have only just realized why I have been having trouble understanding the meaning of MSM in this post . In my work place it is short for men who have sex with men.

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