Meat raffle pork

ManFriend and I move everything into storage in a few days. It’s a bit sad. This has been our home for four years. Still, it’s not ours so the owners can do whatever they hell they want with it.

This is us. Being sad:

Awesome drawing of Newswithnipples and ManFriend being sad

We lose the garden when we move, so the outdoor plants were adopted by Showpony and the Wolf. And the wonderful K is fosterplanting the indoor ones for a few weeks until we move into our new place.

On the upside, we have to empty the freezer, so it’s cookin’ time. K and Jen are coming over for roast pork tomorrow. Last time I roasted pork I cooked it for five hours in cider, but that was a neck, not a shoulder. Any suggestions for the amazing meat raffle pork of deliciousness?

And now, being January, I have a single resolution for this year: I’m going to pull people up on their lies and ignorance about asylum seekers on news websites. I’m going to point out that it’s not illegal to seek asylum, that 96-99 per cent of asylum seekers arrive by plane, that refugees don’t receive higher welfare benefits than Australians, and that Australia does not take its fair share of refugees. It probably won’t change the mind of someone who uses terms like “queue jumpers” and “illegals”, but it will mean that they don’t control the public discussion.

I’ve already started. Let’s do this thing.

Update: Crap. I can’t believe I forgot ManFriend’s beard and moustache. He’s had them for years but I always draw him without them. I love that beard. It’s so soft and moustachy.

18 responses to “Meat raffle pork

  1. Well done on your NY resolution! Mine is to pass my driving test on the 19th Jan. *hyperventilating*

    I have a friend who eats a lot of Dumpster Pork, Meat-Raffle-Pork sounds a lot more appealing.

    • Dumpster pork just sounds maggotty. It was actually free meat raffle pork, because the guy selling tickets gave me a freebie.

      Let me know how you go on the 19th. I have much respect for you. I have my DL but haven’t driven in 16 years because when I moved to Sydney I didn’t have access to a car anymore. Then 16 years went by. Now I’m too nervous to do it, and no one needs a nervous driver on the road. Besides, I was a really shit driver. Mind you, what teenager isn’t a really shit driver?

      Anyway, knock ’em dead. Not literally though. That won’t help you pass the test.

      • Hahahahahaaaaaa thanks. As a mother of two who lives on the side of a hill I really, really need a license to ESCAPE. I am not a bad driver and hopefully will not kill anyone on my test, although I am Stressy McStresspants.

        The dumpster pork is apparently not maggoty, this friend walks past a dumpster outside a deli after choir practise and is always getting large vac-packed hams and so on which are still within their use-by.

        This person also offers pesticide-free cockroaches (to people who have lizards and so on to feed) on Freecycle.

  2. I love that you call him your manfriend. I never know what to call my.. um… partner. He does call me his ladyfriend though. But I’m quite inclined to go with loverboy haha.
    Oh yes, I also love your blog 🙂

    • Hi cervixosaurus, welcome to the News with Nipples. Thank you, that’s a lovely thing to say. I think I’m blushing a little.

      ManFriend sounds particularly good when you say it with a deep dramatic voice. ManFriend!

  3. When it comes to counter dumbarse asylum seeker rhetoric, don’t forget that “stop the boats” actually means “redirect the boats so the refugees can drown on the way to somewhere else”.

    Since even doing away with all the possible pull factors in Australia (by, I don’t know, becoming a war-torn hell-hole or something) doesn’t change the fact that there are still refugees fleeing from war-torn hell-holes.

    vast majority of those seeking asylum are determined to be refugees.
    there *are* plenty of illegal immigrants, who arrive by plane, on tourist visas, from places like the UK.

    • My favourite one is “they travel through other countries to get here, so they are economic migrants”. Sure they travel through other countries to get here, because those other countries are unable to take anyone because they already have thousands of people in refugee camps with no hope of resettlement. Wouldn’t you keep going until you got somewhere else?

      • Plus, a bunch of the intermediary nations aren’t signatories to the UN convention relating to the status of refugees (which, let’s be frank, could do with a better name. Universal Declaration of Human Rights is a pretty sweet name, why couldn’t they get the people in who came up with that?).

        And if the Australian government ignores so much of it as a signatory, those other places have gotta be awesome for refugees.

  4. Well done on fighting the good fight in that comment section. I avoid even reading the comments on articles like that: I get too depressed.
    I am more than willing to continue speaking up in ordinary conversation.

    For roast pork, raffle or otherwise: Maggie Fulton recommends 30 mins for every 500gms. Rub salt into the crackling before cooking with some olive oil. I recommend crushed garlic and fresh sage/rosemary/oregano all over the pork. Turn the oven up to it’s very highest for the first 30 mins so the crackling crackles, then down to normal.
    It makes a very good meal.

    • Eilish, great minds think alike – that’s exactly what I’m doing. Only problem is the bay tree and all the herbs have already been adopted. Should’ve thought about that earlier…

  5. Got any dried?

  6. So brilliant and such a relief to see someone talking some sense on immigration. Well done you! A “friend” of mine of fb, (basically someone I went to school with, never spoke to him then, and don’t speak to him now actually!) just posted this status “Here is an idea. How about we get those so called queue jumping assylum seekers out sandbagging and helping the people of Qld” Oh good lordy lordy. And this from a member of theAFP! This person wields a gun at the airport! Eeek! PLEASE get that message out there!!

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