Yay feminists!

Congratulations to Germaine Greer, Eva Cox, Elizabeth Evatt and Anne Summers, who have been honoured for being stirrers and changers with their very own stamps. Strong women, amazing women, intelligent women, funny women, shit-stirring women.

Thank you.

(Although, it must be said, what were editors at the Sun Herald thinking when they put the story next to one about Matthew Newton, a repeat offender when it comes to hitting women?)

6 responses to “Yay feminists!

  1. Great people who have influenced Australia for the better , deserving more than a stamp .
    My take on the other story ,these women would not have put up with a prick like this ,their greatness did not come from associating with ” celebrity” fuckwits .
    You can see both stories and decide who to emulate .
    Surly that was not the intention of the editors.
    HA fucking HA.

  2. Good to see women who have achieved something being honoured. Compare these women to Paris Hilton and Lady Gaga. I wonder who will be remembered in another 20 years.

    Why is there an article on Mathew Newton? What has he ever done? Well anything that I can approve of.

  3. I think my dad used to sing with Germaine Greer in the Sydney Uni choir!

    (On a slightly more misogynistic note, he also knew Clive James and Bob Ellis. He remained unaffected.)

    • I love this bit: “The interesting irony of today is were I not attending the lunch, I would actually be demonstrating against the same organisation’s intention to close my local post office in Glebe, Sydney.”

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