The eye of the beholder

Thanks to Boganette for showing me this. I can’t decide if it’s terrifying or brilliant, but I’m leaning towards brilliant. The weirdness starts at 1.40:

Kashiyuka is in a Japanese pop group called Perfume. I’m sure there’s all sorts of crazy shit on the internet from her fans. But this is surrealist gold. The first version I saw didn’t have the intro bit so there was no context – that was added later – but there were loads of comments calling him a creep. And worse. As though you can pick a sexual predator by the way they look.

It all comes down to who we think the boogey man is. If he was young and hot, we’d say wanky things like, “Oh, how very David Lynch-esque”. If he danced more, we’d say it too:

Thing is, you’re much more likely to be sexually assaulted by a family member or someone you work with, than a stranger who happens to look like a Hollywood baddie. Personally, I think Jude Law and Robert Pattinson look waaay creepier:

Jude Law and Robert Pattinson looking creepy

So, like I said, surrealist gold.

3 responses to “The eye of the beholder

  1. I could only watch the first minute or so of this when you sent it the other day (without the introduction) as I can only access YouTube from my phone, and thought it was creepy*.
    Having now watched the intro, it is slightly less so, but not much.
    I’ve never been much of a fan of surrealist stuff though; David Lynch shits me to tears.

    *apologies for the shit grammar, posting this from my phone and editing ALSO shits me to tears.
    You should do a post on things that shit K to tears. There’d be heaps of material.

  2. I couldn’t watch the whole thing. Whether inspired brilliance or not, it’s just too weird for my hormones!

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