We move into the new place in a few days and apparently it takes 2 weeks to flick a switch and give us the internet. I might not be here every day.

So, instead of daily updates about my lousy ex-boyfriends and why the mainstream media should do what I say, I’m setting you a challenge.

Actually, I’m setting you a few and you can do them all, or just one. Or none, because it’s a bit hard to be bossy over the internet.

1. Go to a park on your lunch break – yes, actually leave your desk – and sit and do nothing. Just watch people, look at the sky, look at the ants. No reading, no music.

2. Introduce yourself to the oldest person in your street/apartment block and find out something interesting about them. (This one is inspired by my neighbour, who I just discovered used to work at the Glomesh factory.)

3. At the end of each work day, draw a stick figure of yourself that sums up your day, and then leave the office.

4. Make a decision for me about which reference software to use – Nvivo or Zotero? There has to be something better than Endnote.

Apart from the last one – which is clearly just me being lazy and not wanting to make a decision – I’m interested in how it made you feel. If you could post your stick figures here, that would be awesome. Here’s my first one:

I started work at 7am

(My hand-drawn stick figures are MUCH better than my mouse-drawn ones. Honest. I just don’t have a scanner nearby.)

10 responses to “Offline

  1. I love your stick figure! My hair is also never neat. I also have bags under my eyes. I am your stick figure, without the necessary ‘stick’ness.

  2. Zotero is awesome 🙂 I love love love it

  3. One of my favourite features is the fact that it captures alot of bibliographic information about webpages itself. Not all – but enough to make it much easier. No more making up time of access. Also – when entering an entry, there is an option to make notes about it. I’m also about to look into using it at work with a group project for the management of our bibliography – as it says that you can use it as a group.

  4. I use the Word plug-in with it 🙂

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  6. Who was the person who used to work in the Glomesh factory??

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