Online, now with added hypocrites

I’m back! Turns out I couldn’t stay away. (That, and being ordered to by K, who had to help me finish a glass of sangria last night – the worst glass of sangria in the world, seemed to be half a glass of brandy with some orange bits and a splash of nasty wine. I took it back and the woman behind the bar topped it up with more nasty wine and Cointreau. It tasted slightly less horrible, but was certainly not the refreshing drink I was expecting. Where was the fruitiness? Made me quite pissy though.)

Anyway, I notice that no one added their stick figures to my last post. Harumph. Don’t you enjoy drawing stick figures as much as I do?

This is what I’ve learned over the last week:

* Mouldy underlay makes carpet smell like really really bad foot odour. And ripping up that carpet and sanding the concrete floor underneath is a sweaty but satisfying job.

* A concrete floor is a little hard on the feet.

* ManFriend, who normally has a wonderful sense of fun when it comes to the stuff in our home (there are fabulous fake grapes above the bathroom window at the moment), has pooh-poohed my awesome suggestion of an Elvis rug in the living room. That’s almost grounds for divorce, I reckon.

* I never again want to scrub walls for nine hours. I almost cried from the pain in my elbow – and that was after three pain tablets.

* We haven’t had tv reception or the internet for a week, and it’s only the latter that I miss.

* That when journalists are outraged on my behalf, they look like the biggest hypocrites. The husband of a politician buying a single pill is front page news? If you believe that the majority of journos don’t enjoy the odd pill now and then, then I’ve got a hymen that hasn’t been broken.

What have you learned in the last week?

4 responses to “Online, now with added hypocrites

  1. UGH that whole drama with Verity Firth’s husband is giving me the shits. Never mind being on the front page for buying one pill, but having to immediately resign as chief of staff because he bought one pill?! As if Borger’s chief of staff getting slightly munted is what’s going to lose the election.

    • Exactly. And the statement from Keneally should have just been, ‘this is a private matter for their family’. End of story. The idea that any premier is somehow responsible for the private lives of everyone who works for the government is terrible.

  2. Things I just learned this week. . . You are not a virgin !

    Ps rumour has it that the pill was for a nsw alp party, suspect he wasn’t the only one with drugs.

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