There are no words to describe how fabulous this is. Thanks to Lexy, I can now have YAYbia:

And while we’re on the topic, do you need a Man-Over?

19 responses to “YAYbia!

  1. *snicker* Ah Clitter, less painful than Vajewel, cheaper than labiaplasty!

    It’s kind of a shame that we have to poke fun of what is seemingly becoming a real issue for women. That beauty ideals and standards today are so intrusive even our vaginas are on the hit list. Did you see the hungry beast blog post with the clip on how editors in the porn industry digitally alter vaginas? Very eye opening. Of course, I knew they were doing it, I just hadn’t realised the extent to which they went to alter them. (or ‘making the single crease’)

    • Yes, that Hungry Beast story was great. I particularly loathed Greg Scott from the Classification Board who couldn’t justify the Board’s rules except to say that it “looks untidy”.

      Here’s the link: http://hungrybeast.abc.net.au/stories/labiaplasty

      • Greg Scott was once squeezed head first through an ‘untidy’ vagina.

        I for one hope vagina’s everywhere revolt and deny this man access to all vagina, untidy or otherwise.

        • It is so offensive that female genitalia gets censored because of the way it looks, rather than because it’s rude. I’m actually surprised that the Hungry Beast story didn’t cause more outrage and force a change in the rules.

          • I’m surprised by it too. I had a long ranty blog post I never posted due to the complete in-eloquence of it. I was so mad when I wrote it, it was all over the place and didn’t flow right.

            Then I saw that article in The Age about the 16 yr old who asked her doctor about labiaplasty because her 18 yo old boyfriend told her that there was something wrong with her vagina because it didn’t look like vaginas he had seen on the internet. (She doesn’t need a new vagina..she needs a new boyfriend) It made me so pissed that again I had trouble articulating with words, other than the kind that go very well with a few choice hand gestures. Way to go patriarchy. We can’t control a womans sexuality so lets create something new for them to get hung up on that will directly influence what they do with their vaginas.

            • Where’s your blog, by the way?

              • http://the-red-crayon.blogspot.com/ It’s just random crap. Though the desire to log the homeschooling journal has played on my mind from time to time. Why we do it, how we do it etc. Maybe one day I’ll find a purpose and update it more than sparodically….

                • Why don’t you ever link to it?

                  That’s a lovely photo of your Grandmother, by the way. You are really lucky to have been able to spend loads of time with her. I only met my grandmothers a few times before they died.

                  • I just never think to. I am hopeless at the bit.ly thing.

                    Thank you. My Nanna was beautiful. She was a showgirl during the second world war. She had such an amazing life and over came so many obstacles and social stigmas. I want to write about her. I just can’t seem to do it yet. I was very lucky to have spent so much time with her (My husband always thought it was adorable that I knew her phone number by heart) I was lucky enough to have spent a lo of time with my Great Grandmother too. She died 11 years ago. We had 5 generations of women alive at once.

  2. From the makers of cuntfetti!!!

    Too funny!

  3. Wouldn’t it be a lot like getting sand in your bathers?
    Couldn’t be comfortable.

  4. thefirstJanineonthisblog

    OMG! just in time for Mardi Gras…

    The Hungry Beast story was too disturbing for words.

  5. “Clitter turned my yeast infection into a jewel collection”. Hilarious.

  6. Rhiannon Saxon

    What makes me boggle is that one hand we have censors concerned about flatter-chested women appearing in porn, somehow being too ‘childlike’ and on the other hand, heaven forbid we have women appearing in porn with adult vaginas….no…neatly cut, shaped, shaved, and…childlike.
    It makes literally no sense.

  7. It makes perfect sense. Porn exists to commodify and objectify women’s bodies. That’s why they get rid of cellulite, hair, spots, bumps, anything that isn’t like Barbie (including genitalia) and then they SELL these butchered women to be CONSUMED by men. It is all completely in keeping with the spirit of porn and I can’t understand why anyone is shocked by this.

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