Something fishy at Meat Club

We’ve got Meat Club on Saturday. It’s been a while – our weekends have been taken up with a zillion weddings – but here’s ManFriend from one last year (note his event-appropriate hamb t-shirt):

ManFriend at Meat Club

Meat Club isn’t just a meat appreciation society – we make something. Each one has a theme, but we always have the sausage machine there (bright red, hand-cranked, using intestines and not synthetic skins). It really is making-everything-from-scratch food wankery.

The theme this time is fish: salting, pickling, drying, smoking. But I’m not feeling particularly inspired at the moment. Any suggestions about something delicious you’ve made or eaten?

26 responses to “Something fishy at Meat Club

  1. Rhiannon Saxon

    Why not try making gravlax? Or is that passe now? Scandinavian salt, sugar and dill-cured salmon.

  2. Smoked anything! And then bring me some 🙂
    See if you can get some eel from the fish markets. It is delicious.

  3. When it comes to seafood..I got nothin’. Meat club sounds interesting….not what immediately comes to mind when I hear…meat club…

  4. Lucky Lucky you,
    When I got my first job as a real chef it was as a larder chef in rest in Woolloomooloo ,first bit of prep was gravlax , had not heard of it and knew nothing about it ,the fresh salmon in those days came from Canada so was exotic and expensive and rare, after a few days turning and rubbing I got to taste ,I must have eaten a whole salmon with the bits I nicked while serving that dish the next week. Bloody loverly ,to this day a favourite and to see the name on a menu ,droool .

    • Do you still make it yourself? Or some other kind of cured seafood?

      • Made some a few years ago at a rest i was working at but very few ordered it ,waste of time. Thank christ i liked it. Seldom bother with preserved seafood but sugar cured and smoked OK if u want to add different flavour. Enjoy your feast.

  5. Ceviche?

  6. What about non glam but popular once upon a time kippers or kedgeree. Then you can have it for breakfast one day. My mum Ioves kippers and I used to hate them but maybe if I tried them now as an adult I may like them.

  7. Ps manfriend looks v toned on that photo, superdik will be jealous.. . . Or inspired.

    • I think ManFriend always looks handsome and toned. And when he does his blonde Swedish side-part hairstyle, he looks devilishly handsome.

      (The colours are a bit weird in that photo – I mucked around with them to highlight the sausages and saved it pretty low-res.)

  8. There’s nothing low res about manfriend’s sausages (matron)!!!!!

  9. bêcher-de-mer

    • Ha! Sorry Neil, you’re not going to trick me into eating sea slugs. It’s a texture thing. Besides, I was vegetarian for 14 years – some things are going to take a bit more time.

  10. Thanks everyone for your suggestions – some tasty, some not so much (Neil, I’m looking at you).

    A few of the others are doing salmon and mullet, so we’re getting a big piece of kingfish: half will be beetroot-cured and half will be cured with a pancetta-style mix. I’ll do the beetroot one today so we can enjoy it there.

  11. shirako its supposed to be high in vitamin E

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