The revolution will be televised

With apologies to Gil Scott-Heron (who wrote his masterpiece 40 years ago), today, the revolution will be televised. Live on ABC News 24. And on commercial television if there are good images. And it will be blogged, and tweeted, and podcast. And you know what? It’s already happening.

2011 is going to be a year of change in Australia. The Government’s paid parental leave scheme began on January 1. The equal pay test case could mean that women are finally paid fairly. And the public conversation about quotas for women in management is starting to acknowledge that, contrary to popular opinion, we don’t live in a meritocracy.

But we still have bullshit like this:

SMH says women who file sexual harassment claims are copycats

SMH says women who file sexual harassment claims are copycats

And this:

SMH still calls rape a "sex scandal"

SMH still calls rape a "sex scandal"

Prince Andrew’s friend Jeffrey Epstein spent 13 months in jail (from 2008) for soliciting an under-aged girl for prostitution. He’s a registered sex offender. But according to the Sydney Morning Herald, it’s just a sex scandal. Wrong. A sex scandal is Tiger Woods and his bajillion affairs. A sex scandal is Max Mosley in a fun-filled Nazi-themed night with five prostitutes. If it involves an under-aged girl, then it’s statutory rape. It’s not a “sex scandal”. Plus, it’s filed in the fucking Lifestyle section. Yep, according to the SMH, statutory rape is a lifestyle choice.

I started this blog in March 2009 because I was sick of the way the mainstream media treats women. I was sick of the stupid little stories that (usually male) editors think will increase their female readership, but are really just an excuse to show a picture of a woman in her underwear. I was sick of the constant tits-and-arse treatment of female celebrities when I am an equal opportunity objectifier. I was sick of the way journalists write about female politicians’ hair and clothing. I was sick of all the opinion pieces (usually from women who have clearly benefited from feminism, but often from men) saying feminism is the devil and feminism has failed because we haven’t toppled foreign governments and feminists control the media, without giving equal space for opinion pieces saying it hasn’t failed. I was sick of women being blamed other people’s crimes. And I was sick of Janet “feminism has failed because my wealthy friends have chosen to raise families instead of taking silk at the bar, oh, and by the way, feminism has also failed because Western feminists haven’t fixed everything for women in other parts of the world” Albrechtsen being given a national platform to bang on about how feminism is wrong.

Shit, when I put it like that, it feels like nothing has changed. But I’m optimistic. I have a good feeling about 2011. International Women’s Day is a public holiday in Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cuba, Georgia, Guinea-Bissau, Eritrea, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Moldova, Mongolia, Montenegro, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Zambia, and women get the day off in China, Madagascar and Nepal. Here in Australia, I will be celebrating today.

It’s gonna be a good year.

20 responses to “The revolution will be televised

  1. I read that sexual harrassment article, and it was actually quite good and not in any way as derogatory as the mean spirited, shit on shit sandwich headline thingey suggests. Why do they DO that? I know, I know, because sensastionalism gets clicks, but if you want more women to read and not think you are a complete fucking shit rag, then why make them FEEL like you think they are just money grabbing office sluts ?

  2. I hate that Janet woman. How dare she say western feminism has failed eastern women? That’s basically saying that western women are better and more able to fight their own battles than eastern women which is bullshit and crapping all over the achievements eastern women have made for themselves. I wish had some examples of this but I am running late for an appointment and I just had to express my complete disdain for a woman who consistently shits all over the very same institution that has afforded her the right to be a privelleged elitist asshat.And then blames us for not helping our eastern sisters while at the same time making the statement that they can’t possibly help themselves. ARRG. I will be back.

    • It’s also craps all over the achievements of Western women and men.

      • Rhiannon Saxon

        I completely agree.
        This IS the woman who appears to be totally unable to muster a logical argument though – on Q&A last year, she said that she opposed gay marriage, not because she is religious, because she isn’t, but because marriage is between a man and a woman. Why? Because it is. Because it just IS.
        Well done! *claps hands* You win the right to be called an *illogical* privileged elitist asshat! Richly deserved.

        • What about this weeks appearance on Q&A? On the eve of International Women’s day we had HER on a panel? I was actually disappointed beyond disappointment with last weeks Q&A. We had Gail Kelly on and even though the question was asked about pay differences, we glossed over that and talked mostly about fucking bank fees. If not for Kate Ellis and the hope she would speak , I wouldn’t have watched it at all.

          • Janet was there for “balance” donchaknow. So rather than having a constructive conversation, it was just “feminism has failed even though it got me where I am today”.

            I was also cross that it was just about banking and bank fees. Although I did laugh at how carefully Hockey was choosing his words. You could actually see his brain working as he tried to present himself as the anti-Abbott.

      • Yes good point. She makes me full of blind rage balls, I almost start frothing at the mouth. If I bothered to read her and Miranda Devine (I don’t actually read either) on the same day, I think I could quite possibly achieve spontaneous combustion.

        • Rhiannon Saxon

          Hell yes, me too.
          They take ‘smug’ to an entirely new level.

          I keep thinking how much of a shame it is that Hockey makes sense as long as he is completely contradicting Liberal Party policy or current direction…
          I quite enjoyed most of Mike Carlton’s comments on Q&A though.
          But yeah, kinda getting sick of how many trolls and/or opinion hacks Q&A has on – it isn’t supposed to be Insiders, where we WANT to hear what journalists have to say. Q&A should have more experts and less analysts, however good some of them are.

          • Very true. This week was the first time I’ve watched it in ages because it makes me too too angry before bed. It’s a shame that a show called Q&A doesn’t give you the opportunity to actually learn anything. It should be called QandOpinionatedSpinWithoutAnyFacts.

            • Honestly, these days I really do prefer to watch Good News Week. (That’s why I missed the first half of Q&A and had to watch it tuesday to ‘catch up’. Apparently I didn’t miss much. (I had to watch, just to make sure it wasn’t ALL about bloody bank fees…but it pretty much was *head desk* )

              Like Rhiannon I do recall nodding emphatically at times when Mike Carlton spoke and I really did like Kate Ellis. I know I am supposed to get all girly and squee over Gail Kelly but I really wasn’t that impressed with her. Although she certainly excels at deflecting questions. (Not to mention she pissed me right off when she started talking about her daughter as though she was the only dedicated teacher out there….it just really rubbed my buttons wrong)

              • Of course you don’t like her – she’s a banking CEO. Just because she has a vagina doesn’t mean you have to like her.

                One of the male journos I used to work with once asked me if I’d vote for Keneally because she’s a woman. I replied with “would you vote for a politician because he’s a man? Of course not. It’s a pretty insulting question.”

  3. Q & A this week led me to have a massive row with my dad. Nuff said.

  4. This raises questions like why would anyone pay any attention to anything Janet say or writes?
    Why would anyone watch a snorefest like Q & A? You know what everyone is going to say.
    Why does Insiders exist?
    Why is Miranda Devine read by anyone? Also Milne, Bolt and Akerman.
    Why must Eastern Feminists be the same as Western Feminist? Wouldn’t acting within their own cultures and belief systems achieve outcomes desired by Eastern Feminist rather than those outcomes defined by Albrectson?

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  6. An IWD holiday would be fantastic. If for no other reason, it would free women up to participate in IWD marches, rallies and other events. It would also give all of society a chance to focus much more clearly on the entire women’s history of struggle and achievement. At present, IWD is treated as just another one of those obscure mid-week special days belonging to a few special interest groups, which creeps up on us unannounced, raises a bit of awarenes, spawns a few luncheons and dinners, and then passes pretty quickly. It may as well be International Appendix Awareness Day.

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