A panoply of song

You know what? There’s nothing I want to blog about today. I’m not outraged. I’m not thinking about bigger pictures. Well, I am, but nothing I can write about here (see point seven yesterday).

So, here’s something for you. And for ManFriend, even though he’s unlikely to be near a computer for a week. It’s from the Decemberists’ latest album, The King is Dead, which is starting to rival The Hazards of Love in my affections. And that’s a big call, because Hazards is a masterpiece of songwriting that shits all over anything else you’ll ever hear. It’s a prog-rock opera concept album by an indie-folk-rock group. And you just mind your scoffing there, my friend. My mate Braz gave it to one of his metal mates who said it was one of the best albums ever made. So there. Genre-crossing genius.

Anyway, June Hymn is one of those beautiful songs that make you stop. And just listen:

11 responses to “A panoply of song

  1. Only got the first 1 minute 30 seconds heard before someone needed something. (I don’t recall giving birth to some one…but you know…his twin Nobody lives here too so who knows.) But I love what I am hearing so far.

  2. Thanks for sharing ,will have to listen to more .

  3. Wow. This is just so amazing. Just so love this. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    I used to live in Breaker Bay, and this sort of song puts me in mind of sitting inside, looking out at a southerly storm rolling through, warm fire, great wine, great friends, and this playing.

  4. Breaker Bay is out by Seatoun – in between Seatoun and Wellington airport. Was very convenient for me – I was a regular down at the “nudist beach” there. There’s a whole story that goes with that if you want to hear it.

    This was years and years ago. My flatmate was the sister of my best friend from school (didn’t realise until after I moved in). She was good mates with Barry Saunders who lived down the road. Flatty and I got on really well for a year and a half. Considered her a good friend. Then things turned a little sour for some reason. Didn’t help that she kept stray hedgehogs inside in the sun-room.

    Oh and there are stories about the neighbour from hell.

    Anyway, I had to get out. Turns out the flat I moved to – I was flatting with the most amazing woman who several years later became my wife. 🙂

  5. I’ll put it together for you. I’ve been thinking of writing a lot of this stuff down for a while, and it seems like a good time to have a go. Complete with my arrest for alleged obscene exposure (eventual acquittal), and the neighbour’s later arrest for making threatening phone calls (but no charges laid).

    Gotta admit though – the hedgehogs were cute. Their “leavings” not so much.

    Now – for me – it is chocolate drink and bed. Only after my nightly chore. Rubbing moisturiser into wifey’s back. Sigh. A terrible job but somebody has to do it.

  6. Thanks News,

    I have been trying to get it sorted in my head – I made it as far as setting up a wordpress account.

    Well, wifey (web editor) can pay me back for the rubbings by helping me set it up.

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