My inner artist

This is me. I’m happy because Lexy and Baby Fraggle and I went to the markets this morning. (Although clearly my skill at mouse-drawing isn’t getting any better. And the tulips kinda look like neat, closed labia majora. Or maybe that’s a bit Rorschach. Either way, I’m sure Freud would have a field day – if we still respected his theories.)

NWN with tulips and avos

Three avocados for $2.50! And three punnets of blueberries for $5! That’s better than #tigersblood.

And this is going to be me later when I’m drinking wine with SuperCat.

NWN and SuperCat with wine

Notice how I’ve got mascara on? It makes your eyes stand out, you know. And apparently I look saucy when I’m drunk. Who knew?

Luckily for Cat, my drawing of her doesn’t look anything like her at all. She always has very neat hair, which is really hard to draw when you’ve got a clunky old mouse.

So, it’s stick-figure time. Show me what you’re up to this weekend. Pretty please. Because no one ever plays this game with me, so it’s just me and my dodgy drawings hanging out on the internet.

8 responses to “My inner artist

  1. I played here

    And I hope I posted that code right. (I haven’t had to use html since my Diaryland days!!!)

    • Tosis is fabulous! I couldn’t draw a rabbit to save my life.

      It occurred to me rather late last night that the comments box doesn’t allow you to post an image. So uploading the image somewhere else and posting the link here is probably the way to do it.

  2. Also, it must have been Art Friday, because this is me being stupid on twitter:

  3. I saw that yesterday and almost spat my tea. On a side note the men in my family call your site Mum’s news porn. They can’t hep but stare at your header. The husband told me that he’s starting to find cupcakes alarmingly arousing…

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