Cold turkey week one

So, last week I set myself the challenge of not wasting time for 30 days. It’s about attacking my ongoing motivation problems around my doctorate – although I understand it’s fairly normal for second-year researchers to feel like this.

The challenge isn’t about being productive for every waking moment – I’m not a robot, for fuck’s sake – but about being aware of what I’m doing with my time and, if I’m going to pfaff around, to ask myself if that’s really what I want to be doing.

On the first day I kept checking and re-checking to see if any of you were going to join me. I read somewhere that one of the main things to do before issuing a blog challenge is to make sure you have sufficient readers so you’re not left hanging by yourself. So I fretted a little about that. There are so many of you who never say a word here and I’m curious about you – do you come here because you agree with what I write, or because you think I’m an idiot and this blog just confirms it?

Anyway, I’m not the only one in this challenge. Pirra is giving up sugar and mimbles is going to get up at 6am every day. K is supposed to be giving up alcohol for 30 days – with a few free passes – but we were in the pub last night until midnight and there was boob-squeezing…

It’s been an interesting week. I wasted a bit of time on Friday playing freecell from 5.57pm until 6.09pm. On Wednesday I sat and watched twitter for about an hour, but I had some things on my mind.

It’s been interesting and hard. Part of being accountable is about getting things done, but part of getting things done is about having legitimate reasons for not doing my uni work. Like updating my address details with my health fund so it’s not just another boring little job on my ‘to do’ list. And hunting for a big red plastic apple-shaped container that fits under the bathroom sink because there are no cupboards and you really need to put bathroomy things somewhere. But I’ve done more uni work this week than I have in the previous two months, so clearly it’s working.

So, mimbles, Pirra, K, how are you going? And for anyone else, why not join in for a mini-challenge?

31 responses to “Cold turkey week one

  1. alright, I’m in. my goal is to make it to the lab every day for a month.

    • Excellent! Now, do you mean every Monday-Friday for a month, or every single day? And what’s been stopping you from going to the lab?

      • Supreme ambivalence even though I really need to be finished this year. Yes, that’s every day — at the moment I’m sort of doing 2-3 days, sometimes more, and then I’ll have a minor breakdown and give up for a day or two. Not healthy. Part of it is managing my energy and also not spending all my time reading all of the internet! So part of it I guess is staying off the net…

  2. Rhiannon Saxon

    Just thinking about setting a goal and sticking to it is making my heart race.
    This morning I got up at 4.40 and there was vomit and infant panadol, though, so I am not really with it today.

    • That sounds like an awful way to start the day. Hope you feel better soon.

      • Rhiannon Saxon

        Cadar threw up in his bed (swallowing snot. He doesn’t know how to blow his nose yet. YUK)
        So I had to strip his brother’s bed (where he had apparently been having a sleepover – Poor Oisin, what a rude awakening), clean up the trail of vomit from upstairs, give him panadol, carry him back and put him to bed in his OWN bed, where he promptly woke up, freaked out, had a coughing fit and vomitted all over his OWN bed. Cue repeat of all previous actions.
        Then both kids had a lovely sleep on couch or MY bed, while I sat up and made sure Cadar didn’t fall off couch. Bleeuuughhhh.

  3. Rhiannon Saxon

    On the upside, I earned $125 yesterday filling a friend’s freezer with large quantities of soup, stew, tagine, curry, and pasta (and scones) so I guess my goal of focussing on earning some desperately-needed cash to ward off our imminent foreclosure is slowly getting some steam.
    (Earning cash without putting myself through the panic-attack-inducing terror of job ads and interviews and trying to get Cadar into full time childcare, etc,etc.)

  4. I can’t believe it was only a week ago, it feels like FOREVER. 🙂

    It’s been good actually. Sort of. The first couple of days I got up and sat like a zombie in the lounge room for an hour. On Sunday I decided there was no point in being an atheist if I couldn’t sleep in so I committed myself to the Lord revised my promise to include “except Sundays.” Then I got sick and my husband went to Melbourne for the week for work.

    There were a couple of days where I decided a 7am start would have to suffice but the positive effect of having made the commitment was that instead of groaning and rolling over when the alarm went off, I got up straight away, a massive improvement over my long standing habit of leaving it to 5 minutes after the last possible moment that allows getting ready without panic and drama. (Which is about 7:30am incidentally.)

    There’s even been time to sit around the breakfast table with my kids having cups of tea and conversations before it was time for them to go catch the bus. I’m really liking this!

    • That’s sounds pretty good. ManFriend and I have breakfast and a cup of tea together every morning (except when I have to be at work at 6am or 7am) and it’s a much better start to the day than racing around because you’re late.

  5. It reminds me of new years resolutions
    I made one when I was 14 not to make anymore new years resolutions and have stuck to it.
    Its amazing the number of people who react badly to that statement

    The only challenge I set for myself this month was when my beer fridge died Saturday I fixed that up on Monday. I really need a better life.

  6. I can’t believe I missed the boob-squeezing!

    Oh, and I will join this challenge late too. I will not swear in front of my two year old. At all. I’ve always been a bit of a blue-tongue but with only a few exceptions I’ve managed to keep my language in check since he started to talk. But last week I slammed my thumb (it’s now black and whilst I managed to keep the nail, it was touch and go for a day or two *shudder*) and the F word popped out. And now he’s repeated it. In context mind – he dropped his truck on his foot and said, “Oh fuck!” which you know, I figure wasn’t too bad considering. But no more.

  7. My sugar free attempts are more sugar reduced. Seriously, there is sugar in freaking everything. So for now it’s not putting any extra sugar in my mouth aside from the throat lozenges I am sucking on so I can breathe without feeling like I am morphing into some kind of dragon.

    Man I fail at making resolutions….

  8. Thanks for the suggestion. Well, I made a promise not to take on any new projects, but I may have a loophole through which I can join you. To be honest, I’ll have to check in with the person I made the promise to. But, if it’s alright with them, I want to tackle the clutter in my bedroom and dining room. Downsizing my clothes enough that I actually have space to get them out of the laundry basket would be nice. And clearing off the dining room table of half-completed projects would mean actually eating there might civilize the savages a bit.

  9. I just wanted to post and wish you good luck with your challenge. I’m one of those “quiet ones” who never says a word here. I really enjoy your blog.


    • Philippe! Welcome to the News with Nipples! Thank you for your kind words. Now, can I twist your arm to join us?

      • Well, I was thinking about challenging myself today and I couldn’t think of anything until I realised that I have a huge pile of books which have been unread for the better part of a couple of years.

        I suppose then the challenge for me is to read a least a book a week up until April 24th maybe? I need to be a bit disciplined with it than I was in the past because for whatever reason I decide to go listen to a podcast or do something else when I could be reading. It’s a motivational thing for me I reckon.

        Now which book to start off with…

  10. Yep, you know how I’m doing.
    Complete fucking derail really. BUT I’m quitting smoking on Tuesday so I think that more than makes up for chasing down and jumping back on the booze wagon 🙂

  11. Delurking – have been lurking because I like your blog, but rarely have anything to add 🙂

    I don’t think I can give anything else up at the moment, because I’ve just moved overseas (to Micronesia) and am feeling like I’m down to the bare essentials already (we’re still looking for a place to live, so we’re sans-kitchen, sans-transport, sans-home internet, etc).

    That said, we are trying to avoid things… like creepy high fructose corn syrup which is in everything here.

    Good luck though!

    • Hello Keira, welcome to the News with Nipples. Sounds like you’re on a grand adventure. But the 30 day challenge isn’t necessarily about giving something up, it’s about doing something you don’t normally do. Like reading a book a week. Or not eating sugar. Or getting up at 6am. Or, in my case, being productive with my time.

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