Quick hit

I’m planning a little costume party. At the moment the theme is “whatever the fuck you want”.

Should I be more specific than that? Suggestions?

25 responses to “Quick hit

  1. yes, that is too vague. Good options are era, starting with a particular letter (eg, if you want to be self-serving, K), character from a book/movie etc. Have fun!

  2. Best theme ever. We had one last year and got a bird, a kissing booth, a punk-geisha, a penguin, Smokey from Smokey and the Bandit, a silent movie actress, and Guns ‘n Roses. To name but a very few.

    That said, moustaches are well good. Wherever they are.

    • Sonkers, welcome to the News with Nipples! I thought “whatever the fuck you want” was a great theme – but then I have a dress-up box, some glue and a stapler, so I love costume parties.

  3. I’ve always wanted to host a “School Prom” themed party. That way you can go with something innocent like the puffy sleeves and side ponytail in Napoleon Dynamite or come covered in blood and stare people down like Carrie.

    • I’ve always had a soft spot for those hideous 80s taffeta dresses, but to get them second hand is now quite expensive. Apparently they’re ironic, or something.

      • I imagine if you have enough time to go somewhere outside the hipster hunting area, you could find some fabulous shiny/electric blue/sequinned number for a reasonable price. There’s always rental?

        Other themes I like: Not-Quite-Superheroes and Teachers Lounge

        • Oh, those two are excellent! I’m torn between undies on the outside and knee-high man socks with shorts.

          • I love the teachers lounge! For some reason everyone I speak to has had at least one English teacher who liked wearing a lace tablecloth as a poncho. The Home Ec teacher with the interesting home made clothing. The Art teacher with the Fimo jewelry.

            All pants on males are too short and shades of brown. Man socks, shorts, sandals, thick glasses… now I want to have a party!

            • Holy shit, Fimo! I remember that stuff. I used to make things out of it when I was a kid.

              ManFriend has a pair of mid-thigh business shorts in seventies blue that would be excellent for that maths teacher whose pants were always a little too snug around the front. (They were for a dodgy cop buck’s party.)

  4. Will you be serving Aunt June’s clitoria cake?

  5. Why don’t you go as David Penberthy?

  6. On the moustache and friends who would put them on their vaginas…why not just make it a merkin party? (I have sudden flash backs of Matt Lucas from Little Britain in Krod Mandoon and him enquiring “But can I pull this off?’ as he stands there in a hilarious merkin. See here

    (My apologies if I totally screw the pooch trying to enter the code for the link. Can I blame the Codral?)

  7. How about “clean out your clutter” costume party? Wear everything you clear out & donate it at the end of the night. You’ll find out which of your friends is secretly a hoarder, too

  8. For the above link, it’s at about 1minute 27 seconds in.

  9. Mad Men (a nice bonus is this provides justification for a quick shopping trip down to Retrospect’d :))

    • Sorry, steampunk just isn’t my thing. Not even ironic steampunk.

      Mad Men would give me an excuse to wear the amazing dress I bought a while ago, but it’s pretty thick fabric and I think the weather is still too hot.

      • Ah shame. A friend of mine in London had a steampunk themed wedding. Most of them are arty theatre types with a penchant for playing dress ups and the pics were incredible.

  10. oh god, I had to look up what steampunk was as had never heard of it. Thanks, NWN, for teaching me something new today…

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