I am on Team Lara

Lara Bingle has been treated like shit by the Australian news media simply because her job once involved saying “bloody” in a tourism campaign that tanked (as if that was somehow her fault and not the fault of the people who came up with the campaign), and because her ex-boyfriend took a photo of her in the shower, showed it to his mates, and then gave it to a journalist. Fairfax even declared her not good enough to go out with a guy whose job involves hitting a ball and then running a few metres before trying to hit it again. It’s not rocket surgery.

But seriously, the MSM is obsessed with her. If you do a search for Lara Bingle on the Daily Telegraph website, you get things like this:

“See amazing new pictures of Lara Bingle and her new look in this beautiful photo shoot”
“MODEL Lara Bingle is more than just a pretty face – she’s get a smoking hot body too.”
“Lara Bingle on a balcony”
“Think you know everything about Lara Bingle? Take our quiz… and find out.”
“Check out the sexy Lara Bingle. She is engaged to Michael Clarke, she knows how to ice skate.”

Yes, you read that correctly. It does say “Lara Bingle on a balcony”.

On the SMH website, you get lots of stories about Brendan Fevola and the stolen Aston Martin, but you also get this piece by Andrew Hornery last last year: Why the bloody hell are they so mean to Lara Bingle?:

EXACTLY what heinous crime against the free world did Lara Bingle commit?

I don’t know Andrew Hornery, but perhaps you should start with your own meanness. Talk about being first in line for the bandwagon and to hell with the idea that maybe you should be consistent in your views. Ooh, that probably gets a Tony Abbott Award.

Any excuse to run a story about her, and even better if there’s an opportunity to be mean as well. In today’s story – Lara Bingle puts her foot down on Dancing With The Stars – we get a whole story about how she’s being a “diva” because she wants to use her own make-up artist. And then this quote from a Seven spokeswoman:

“Obviously we have hair and make-up people, who look after the contestants and hosts and judges, etc. Some people like to have their own, some use the in house team.”

So, what she’s saying is that this is a perfectly normal situation. You know, there’s celebrity journalism and then there’s desperately running something in the hope that the SEO headline will come up on Google.

When it’s Lara Bingle versus the MSM, I am on Team Lara.

13 responses to “I am on Team Lara

  1. I did a post on the last Lara Bingle “scandal” called “Lara Bingle Tits out Writs in ” and it still gets loads of hits even though the whole thing was what a year ago? that showed me that ” team Lara” is either the saddest victim of media bullying or someone who knows how to ride the paparazzi wave for all that is worth. I tend to favour the later if the truth be known.

    Oh and I love your ‘rocket surgery ” mixed metaphor 😀

  2. Oh I certainly have been around and reading your blog Kim I find it amusing and entertaining.
    As for search terms they are a constant source of mirth!!
    strangely that piece that you throw at the page with little thought and no belief that it would be of any consequence can end up being your “top post” for no obvious reason.
    I will say though that if you think very carefully about the way you entitle your posts it can help your blog be found by search engines .

    • Do you go back and change your old posts if they keep coming up in searches? I don’t – it feels dishonest, somehow, even though it’s my own writing and I can do whatever the hell I like with it.

  3. Oh no I don’t change old posts except for fixing spelling mistakes or typos if I notice them

  4. I cut my old blog when one post kept scoring highly on google. I simply couldn’t handle the pressure of all those people looking at it. Now I am very happy to get 4 hits a day on the new one. Still it is strange the parts of the world those hits originate from.

    • Jayne, why don’t you link your name to your blog?

      • Because I really don’t want to publicise it in any way. I am happy to have rare visitors from Chile or Indonesia but never want to return to the position I was in before.

        • Can I ask why you have a blog (a public internetty thingy) if you don’t want people to read it? If it’s about venting thoughts maybe an ole skool diary would be better.

          • There are levels of publicness. I want my blog to be read by as many people as possible – because I’m an egotistical maniac – but there are lots of bloggers who only speak to their community, and wider exposure brings with it nasty comments. I don’t know if this is Jayne’s reason. But Lexy, we look at the internet in one way, and other people look at it in a different way.

            • I originally started blogging because I was excited with the creative urge changes of direction in my life had made. I didn’t realise how big it would get and being a private person I felt the threat of exposure.

              Now I continue to blog to be part of a small group of people with a linked kink because the discoveries I make continue to amaze me.

  5. Jayne
    all hits are good hits 😉

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