My very own research assistant monkey

The title only makes sense if you read yesterday’s comments.

And now this becomes a really awkward post to write.

I am a winner in the Best Australian Blogs competition. In the commentary category. That’s fucking awesome! I tried to take a photo of me Toyota-ing, but it’s really difficult to photograph yourself jumping, and all the ungraceful leaps meant I just hurt my feet on the concrete floor.

Congratulations to overall and business winner Styling You, lifestyle/personal winner Random Ramblings of a SAHM, words winner Bothersome Words and people’s choice winner Bike Exif.

And well done to my fellow finalists – The Failed Estate, Skeptic Lawyer, Darcy Moore and Molks TV Talk – you had me very nervous.

Now, I’m sure it’s cocktail o’clock…

24 responses to “My very own research assistant monkey

  1. Helen Bergen

    That’s brilliant – well done!

    Looking forward to the monkey honing its referencing skills.

  2. Well done and well deserved!

  3. Rhiannon Saxon

    Wah! Well done! You seriously beat the Failed Estate? That’s really impressive!
    (I voted for you.)

  4. Brilliant! Well done you.

  5. Awesome news, Kim. So deserved. x

  6. congrats!!! Nice work!!

  7. Screechy monkey noises of congratulation!

  8. Well done NWN. This is the part when the camera pans to the other nominees and we bravely smile. You race to the stage and thank Jesus and your manager.

  9. Well deserved win Nips. You were nominated with some amazing blogs- Skeptic Lawyer is a personal fave of mine, along with yours. I would not have been at all game to try to pick a winner. You should train that monkey so you CAN post toyota style pics for future accolades.

  10. Well done. I love your blog and you deserved the prize – you’re so fearless! And, no, as a blogger at SkepticLawyer, my teeth aren’t gritted. 🙂

  11. Woo hoo!!! Super huge massive congratulations to you!! So well deserved! (That’s an awful lot of exclamation points. I’m very excited for you!)

  12. You rock!!! Love your work!!

  13. Congrats!

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