Weekend wondering

I’ve had these questions bouncing around in my head for a few days, so I figured I’d just vomit them here for you. Please, feel free to answer or add your own.

* Why are cheap anchovies hairy and catfoody, but expensive ones so delicious? Particularly when you put them on a piece of baguette with slice of good butter and some salted, oiled rocket. (Thanks for that one Fred!)

* How on earth did anyone think a grey vermiculite ceiling was a good idea?

* Is it just a coincidence that the really bad things happen to the two black characters in True Blood? Also, do people seriously like Bill? He’s so boring and frowny.

* How much will leather shoes stretch? I bought a pair on the internet and one fits perfectly but the other is a bit tight.

Oh, and I’m making merkins today to take to Bali. I’m going on a hen’s week. Will post some photos. And I’ll be listening to Mikelangelo and the Tin Star as I make them:

28 responses to “Weekend wondering

  1. 3.5 – No. He is boring isn’t he? At least Alcede (sp?) is more fun to look at.

    4. About half a size, but it will depend on the thickness and softness of the leather (thin, soft leather will stretch more & quicker than thick, tough leather)

    • Hi Meg, welcome to the News with Nipples! About half a size is all I need, so that’s good to know. Otherwise I’ll have to pay to send them back to the US and have another pair sent out, which will make my bargain shoes rather expensive.

      • You can get leather stretching spray from bootmakers, which should help. Or you could try the old school-holiday torture of wearing the tight shoe around the house with a footy sock.

      • Glad you found someone else to take them on – having other people enjoy them is almost as good as being able to wear them yourself. And the slight twinge when you look at them will go away eventually 🙂

        Thanks for the welcome – love your work! Ex-journo student – a lot of the more subtle things you mention here I never noticed myself, so thanks for, well, the pointing and the mocking 😉

  2. Rhiannon Saxon

    I have never eaten a good anchovy and won’t because of cat-food experience with a pizza. (Ok so I am a bit of a insects-of-the-Briny-Deep xenophobe.)

    I have read the Sookie Stackhouse books but only seen 3 eps of season two.
    There are more black characters in the book although one (Lafayette) gets murdered in book one. There is a corrupt detective who is black and a uncorrupt police officer who is a black woman. And a few other characters here and there.
    AS for Vampire Bill I was amazed to find when I finally saw a couple of episodes that he has MORE personality onscreen. No, really. And aesthetically HOT. *cough* But yes, still dull.
    However, Eric is soooo much better in the books. Alexander Skarsgard with pink-rimmed eyes just does not do it for me. Maybe I need to watch more.
    And Alcide! In the books. Phwoooarr! Yes, the books are soft porn toooo!

    What is vermiculite? I lived in a share-house in Concord for a while that had a ceiling that looked like some crackpot had looked up at the delicate plaster mouldings and thought, ‘Yep – a good coat of sparkly apple crumble will improve that no end.”

    Leather shoes – no idea. I am trying to break in docs. I keep going back to my stretchy ones.

    Merkins. Well why not. Have fun in Bali!

    • I love Lafayette. He doesn’t get murdered in season one. And yes, I’d forgotten about Kenya, the policewoman. She’s great. And Alcide, the man whose boob muscles are bigger than my own boobs. He’s a lovely character.

      Eric cracks me up. You could always watch this (warning: objectification of hot nude male bodies): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdasCD68BIE

      Yes, vermiculite is that grey crumbly ceiling in orange brick apartments. And when the dust gets into it, it looks even worse.

  3. Mmmmm…. Anchovies!

  4. Boring, frowny and charming!

    Also, speaking of merkins and people who Mikelangelo has performed with; this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3B8omCWBl8s (NSFW, you are so not prepared)

  5. Ahem, I believe Lafayette dies in book 2. Also, Tara is white in the books. I think the books have a bit more about the

    Yeah Bill is boring, Eric and Alcide are way better.

    • Rhiannon Saxon

      Ooops sorry, I thought it was book one.
      Oh yes, Tara is definitely white in the books.

      • Really? Tara is white in the books? I love Tara. Do you think they made her black in the show because all the other black characters are relatively minor ones, and she’s (at least in season one….I haven’t seen any more yet) one of the more prominent characters.?

        (I do have some of the books, my kids bought me some a few years back for my birthday but didn’t buy them in order so I haven’t read them yet.)

        • Rhiannon Saxon

          The books are great! I read them in order but I normally don’t worry because I am good at piecing together plot clues.

          • Rhiannon Saxon

            I should clarify, great for a given value of great.
            I mean, the kind of entertaining mental-mashed-potato that I love reading so much ever since I had kids and voluntarily put my brain into some sort of stasis.

  6. I have made no secret of my dislike for Bill. He’s duller than dog shit. He gives the impression that even he finds himself pathologically boring.

  7. Tru Blood. Once I get my hands on S.4 will note black characters….but maybe watching Eric too much to notice.
    Here’s Alexander in Zoolander..http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47Rf7UWqW-c

    Leather shoes will stretch. A tip from the good old Woman’s Weekly.. get a hairdryer and heat the leather (heat stretches things) then push the area which hurts from the inside with a wooden spoon or such. Do this for 20 secs try on, and keep doing until right (only a few times)

    Maybe the point of Bill being so boring and Eric being so hot is the dichotomy we all feel when presented with hot bad boys and boring nice boys..this is probably being exploited for the show.

    • That’s a great tip… but I don’t have a hairdryer. I’m a failure as a woman.

      As for Bill and Eric, that’s a good point. Maybe it’s as simple as wanting the audience to like the bad guy more than the nice guy, and the conflict that goes with that when the bad guy is presented as someone you really can’t trust. You’ve seen season 3? Without giving any spoilers, it really pushes that conflict. And Eric is nude a lot.

  8. Thousands of people have asked themselves the vermiculite question. I assure you that not one of them has come up with a satisfactory answer.

  9. Yep, leather shoes will stretch up to half a size. I usually stuff the toes very tightly with newspaper at night to speed up the stretching. One of my readers suggested filling a bag with water, putting the bag in the shoe and putting the whole thing in the freezer (since water expands with it freezes). Apparently it worked but I haven’t been game enough to try it.

  10. * How on earth did anyone think a grey vermiculite ceiling was a good idea?
    No idea, but its sooooo bad. The one time I lived alone my whole flat had ceilings made of it (until now I only knew it as “flocked”, had to look it up).

    Maybe it was invented by some friend of the spiders group? Mine was always covered in spider webs, and there’s not a god way to get them off, I even tried sweeping it once.

    So I spent all my, “I live alone so can stare at the ceiling with the light on at 3am” moments wondering how much web and dead, used up fly and dust fell on me in my sleep.

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