Name this blog

Rhiannon Saxon is one of my favourite readers. Her comments here are lovely and funny and clever and kind and heartfelt. She has so many interesting things to say that I’m amazed she doesn’t have her own blog.

Until now.

Rhiannon is starting a blog! That’s very cool. She’ll blog about “cooking, kids, politics, bellydancing, living on the central coast, folk festivals, music, books and general rants”.

The only problem is, what to name it?

I thought something along the lines of Life in Saxony, because the German state’s full name is apparently the Free State of Saxony. But I was beaten by one of Rhiannon’s friends who suggested Saxon Drugs and Rock ‘n’ Roll. I like that, but I reckon you can come up with some good names so she has a range to choose from. Over to you…

31 responses to “Name this blog

  1. In my experience the best thing to call your blog is your name , that ensures that you get the best results in a Google search, for the author. It took me ages to come up with the name for mine (and quite few different tries till I had something that I liked, so I suggest that If she does find something to call teh blog that she entitles it ” Rhiannon Saxon’s ( Blah Blah Blah)”

  2. The pith, she just won’t come easy tonight. Whenever I try to think of something witty I just hear Stevie Nicks singing Rhiannon….in my head.

    (I’m not really one to give advice on or think up great blog names, I had a red crayon on my desk next to the Mac when I named mine. )

  3. About time! 🙂

    *puts on thinking cap*

    *takes it off again and scratches head*

    I’ll get back to you 😉

  4. “Taking The Pith”?

  5. Rhiannon Saxon

    A couple of current ideas from things my kids have said are –
    Aaarrrggghhh Sugar My Timbers


    I wish I had a Magic Wand so I could turn you into a fish finger.
    Moustachio Ice Cream
    Sausages, ham, bacon, peas, corn and sausages.

    Or other suggestions have been
    ‘Silver Lining’
    “The Saxony Kitchen’
    ‘Sax Life’
    “Lady Chatterly’s oven”

    Pretty sure Sugar My Timbers is getting the most popularity.

    • Rhiannon Saxon

      Ground Control to Major Nom
      Which is something a few of my friends say when we cook something especially yummy…
      Sugar My Timbers is still picking up’votes’
      Sax Life is relatively popular but I think it is a bit too saxophony.

    • I like Kt’s suggestion ‘Taking the Pith’. And ‘I wish I had a Magic Wand so I could turn you into a fish finger’. And ‘Ground Control to Major Nom’. See, you didn’t need us to come up with a great name – you just need to pick one of your own.

  6. Rhiannon Saxon

    My sister has suggested ‘Ground Control to Major Nom – From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Rhiannon K Saxon’ after the book ‘From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs Basil E. Frankweiler’ by E.L Konigsberg, one of my fave children’s authors.
    I quite like ‘From the Mixed-Up Files of Ms Rhiannon K Saxon’ myself…

  7. Then I think we have a winner.

  8. “Rhiannon – (Not a bolg by Fleetwood Mac)”

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