The way to my heart

Have I done a cooking post? I don’t know, but it’s probably time. I love cooking and I love eating and I’ll never understand people who don’t. I’m not a fancy cook like my friend Lady A who creates the most amazing dinner parties, but I’m a “rustic” cook.

Lexy and I have been going to Flemington markets, which is why – despite one of us being a full-time PhD student who doesn’t earn a lot – ManFriend and I have fresh borlotti beans, avocados and kipfler potatoes.

Last night we made this:

garlic prawns, kipfler potato salad and whiting

The night before we took this:


I need to work on my food photography composition

And made this:

borlotti bean, prawn and chorizo horneado

borlotti bean, prawn and chorizo horneado

We swapped passata for the cherry tomatoes to make the fresh borlotti bean, prawn and chorizo horneado a winter dish. After taking the photo I put more parsley and rocket on top because you can never have too much green in a meal.

Now, what to cook for Saturday lunch with the in-laws…

28 responses to “The way to my heart

  1. David Fawcett

    Damn you. I’m hungry now..

  2. Rhiannon Saxon

    Hhhmmmm. I have to make chelsea-bun scone scrolls for a grandparent’s morning-tea at the primary school tomorrow.
    I am suffering chip-eater’s remorse right now…at home I had lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, and chicken-quasi-Waldorf salad made with red grapes, toasted pecans, celery, chicken and garlic yoghourt, but instead I chose to sit in the sun on the waterfront surrounded by ducks and seagulls and read my book and eat hot chips. And then I waddled back home. (All the way out of the park I was followed by about 30 anxiously quacking ducks…I felt like the Pied Piper Of Woy Woy)

    But I digress. What to cook for in-laws? I have been cooking rather a lot of – chicken tagine, chicken gumbo, and beef and beer stew lately.

    Also delicious chilli bean burritos – I make up a batch of beans (Kidney and cannelini) with onion, garlic, carrot, celery, tomato, capsicum, zucchini, and then mix up my own spices (Cumin, coriander, bay, smoked paprika, cinnamon, chili, pepper, salt, oregano) (Damn I love having a coffee-grinder specifically for spices – it is so good being able to make my own chilli and curry mixes..SO MUCH CHEAPER!!!) and then I make burritos like this – a warm flour tortilla, topped with a small scoop of hot rice (carb-loading FTW), a scoop of chilli beans, a scoop of salsa made from finely diced tomato, cucumber, pickled jalapenos, kalamata olives and fresh coriander, and then a spoonful of garlic yoghourt, *insert Homer noise*

    What else have I been cooking? Noodles with loads of vegies…fanstasmic carbilicious oven chips made by cutting potatoes into the customary baton, and shaking them around in a bag with a little flour, cajun spice mix and Himalayan crystal salt, and then in some olive oil…ooooh so yummy.

    I might make biriyani tonight as I have loads of rice left over from an event I cooked at, and two small frozen chickens ($3.20 – reduced for quick sale. for both of them together, I mean.) And lots of currants. And cardamom pods,. Etc…

    WHy am I not writing this on my own as-yet-non-existent-blog?

    (because I need a custom header photo. That’s what is holding me back.) (One day i may cut-and-edit-and-paste….cheap-arse, to be sure.)

    • All of that sounds delicious. I’m hoping to do something with mushrooms and chestnuts for Saturday lunch. Will depend on what interesting ones I can find at the markets.

      You don’t need a photo to start your blog. You just need to start writing.

  3. That prawn and chorizo thing looks fabulous *bookmarks recipe*

    Today I bought a lump of beef, tomorrow I plan on chopping it up and putting it in the crockpot with lots of bacon, onion, mushrooms, garlic and red wine and whatever else seems like a good idea at the time. And I think I’d better persuade Adam to bake some sourdough to go with it.

    • That sounds lovely. Have you got the bit of sourdough in the fridge, living? I forget what it’s called.

      • The starter. Yep, we were given it by a friend whose dad had been baking successfully with it for a while, so much easier than trying to start your own. We’ve since passed some on to another friend, it makes beautiful bread.

  4. I made a vast quantity of slow cooked “chunky steak chilli con carne” on Sunday with the intention of freezing it in portions, but so far it’s remained in the fridge and been devoured over brown rice with some diced avo/tomato and a blob of greek yoghurt and also in tortilla wraps with a rough cut corn & coriander salsa. There’s enough for one meal left and my partner pounced on it and took it to work for lunch this morning.

    Last might my mum came over for dinner so I made traditional roast chicken with all the usual sides, which everyone loves.

    For the in-law dinner .. what about paella? It looks fancy but doesn’t cost a huge amount if you are careful where you shop, and there’s not a huge amount of fiddling to be done when you’d rather be out being social. Or are you over the seafood/chorizo combo already? If so then you can’t beat a slow cook in this weather (shanks? lamb leg? beef cheeks?) mmm .. with some creamy mash or a slab of potato dauphinoise.

    I’m always really confused when someone says they’re “not really into food”. I mean, you put it into your mouth a minimum of three times a day – it can be a terrible or wonderful experience. How can you not strive to make it something fabulous?

    • Melski, I’m not sure if anyone can be over the seafood/chorizo combo after just one meal this week. Paella did cross my mind because the in-laws gave us a paella dish, but we don’t have gas in the new(ish) place and it won’t work on our cooktop.

      Like mimbles, I have a big piece of beef (*not* a euphemism) so will do a roast.

      • Rhiannon Saxon

        OH MY GOD NO GAS! *shudders*
        I cook with bottled gas.

        • I know. It’s bad. I have to roast capsicums the slow way – in the oven, instead of propped on the flame. Sigh. I am a snob.

          • Rhiannon Saxon

            I *actually* prefer to do them in the oven because the skin comes off a lot more efficiently and the capsicum juice doesn’t end up hissing and scorching all over my hot plates or whatever they are called on a gas stove (I have a wonderful piezzo ingnition glass topped stove/cooker/hob thingie arranged in a u rather then two back two front. Second hand. Free.)
            Um anyway, back to the subject after that skite, I scorch them a bit first for the flavour. So best of both worlds, I feel. But I also have a nice gas oven that doesn’t need pre-heating. *happy sigh* It was free too.

            • Ok, I hate you right now.

              • Rhiannon Saxon

                Well there has to be SOME advantage to being married to an insane hoarder who has a 16×6 mt garage full of CRAAAAAAAAAP! (ie, some of the crap is good stuff. – his parents ripped out a kitchen in a house that they were renovating and Craig asked the builders what they were doing with it, so when they said, ‘taking it all to the tip’ he grabbed oven, stovetop, sink, exhaust fan, and heaps of cupboards, and then stored it in his grandmother’s garage for about 3 years before he put it in this house that he designed.)

  5. What was that post you did about middle class lefties again?

  6. I’m on a diet (frozen delivered stuff) and I miss food. My only joy is steaming and pureeing root veg for my fraggle (aka baby girl)

    • Rhiannon Saxon

      That is very sad for you, but I hope it makes you feel better anyway. (And I hope they taste good.) I am *supposed* to be ‘dieting’ as I have horrible gallstones in my bile duct, but tend not to. I have been losing weight and gaining less lethargy since eating fruit for breakfast instead of toast. This is a good thing for me.

      I also used to often add things like bok choy to my mixed simmered and/or steamed vegetables for the babies – I used to simmer them usually in a small amount of water and then puree the water in with them. Often used potato, sweet potato-of-various colours, pumpkin, carrot, silverbeet, bok choi, zucchini and a pinch of cajun spice or various other spices mixes (This was when they were getting on for 10-12 months – they were slooooow to start eating solids and weren’t interested until they were about 8 months.)
      But I quite enjoyed trying out new combos for them.

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