Manipulating readers at the Daily Telegraph

At the Daily Telegraph they cover all the important news:

Daily Telegraph editor's pick

Daily Telegraph - any opportunity to run a Middleton story

Yep, that’s right. Unsubstantiated gossip about Pippa Middleton not wearing undies is the editor’s pick of the day.

They also don’t let the facts get in the way of an opportunity to run a story that bashes asylum seekers: Taxpayers cop $1.5 million bill for asylum seekers phoning home:

TAXPAYERS face a $1.5 million phone bill this year to cover long distance and local phone calls from asylum seekers and staff in just one immigration detention centre.

Ohmygod those greedy good-for-nuthin’ asylum seekers… hey, wait a minute, check out the next sentence:

The Department of Immigration last week issued a tender seeking phone companies to cover the cost of telecommunications from the detention centre at RAAF Scherger near Weipa in northern Queensland.

Gee, that’s not quite what the headline implies, is it? And by not quite, I mean not at all.

What was it that Darren Hassan said last night on the excellent Go back to where you came from, about the media manipulating us to feel empathy towards asylum seekers? When he said that, I larfed and larfed. He was so angry about being scared that he was trying to make it the asylum seekers’ fault.

The Tele story goes on to say there are 600 asylum seekers being held in detention, and about 210 employees (Serco staff, lawyers, interpreters, health workers and defence personnel).

The department said that it could not break down the total cost of the calls between detainees calling overseas and the calls made by staff.

It denied that the bulk of the $1.5 million would be used by detainees.

“It’s a contract for what might be spent in the next 12 months at the entire Scherger base,” a spokesman said. “That telecommunications cost is for all operations.

It’s not quite what the Tele wants you to believe, is it?

This isn’t the first time they’ve run this story. Check out the sidebar of related links:

Daily Telegraph sidebar

Daily Telegraph - running the same old stories

I guess it’s good to know they’re keen on recycling.

22 responses to “Manipulating readers at the Daily Telegraph

  1. *head desk* I am so full of stabbity rage over the asylum seeker/ refugee issue today.

    New Ltd is trolling us right?

    [runs off to finish teaching day with kids about Go Back to Where you Came From on SBS because at least my 8, 13 and 15 year olds have intelligent, non-bigoted and semi-educated things to say on the topic, which is far more than the MSM seem capable of.]

    • Well, the trolling would explain the breathless reporting of EVERYSINGLEBOAT by News Ltd.

      • I just wish someone from the MSM would remember that seeking asylum, even by boat, even without a visa, is NOT illegal and could we please stop printing the misinformation that feeds the myths….

        Stupid headlines like todays only feed the myths…and the trolls.

  2. Well, it’s finally happened. My head has exploded. I knew it would end up being the Tele that made it happen…
    *splutters with rage*

  3. Slightly off topic- is the show (Go Back Where You Came From) any good? I’m living out of the country and downloads are a precious resource, so I’m wondering if its worth it.

    My main concern is that it might be another “laugh at the working class” event, like Kath and Kim etc.

    • My only real gripe (so far) is that they failed to dispel the myth that seeking asylum is illegal. They had the perfect opportunity to do this and they didn’t.

      As far laughing at the working class….I’m not sure any one is laughing at these people. Cringing in embarrassment, maybe, deeply saddened and frustrated at how deep the bigotry and ignorance goes…possibly. Despite the majority of them being very biased against asylum seekers, when confronted personally by actual refugees, their innate compassion comes through, and that is both hard and wonderful to see.
      And to their credit these six volunteers are having their entire world view tipped on its head. That’s bound to make you look like a bit of a twat at the best of times…let alone on national television during an emotional ordeal.

      The website is pretty good. It should give you an idea of whether or not you want to use your downloads for the series.

    • The first episode was really good. Could have done with a little editing, but still compelling. There’s a little bit of “laugh at the bogans” but perhaps that’s just the way people like me (ie, elitist wankers) see it. I don’t know how others see it. Interestingly, it humanises both the refugees and the anti-refugee participants. The young woman, Raquel, didn’t like Africans, but she was still polite to her African hosts, and when she left, she hugged them all goodbye. None of the anti-refugee people were rude to the refugees they were introduced to.

      • I liked that about the first ep too. That no one is demonising either side.
        You can see small shifts in perspectives happening already, others are more stubbornly holding onto a view point they know is conflicting with what they are seeing and experiencing. (And that in itself must be terrifying.) What I find most reassuring is that even the most anti-refugee participants have a wonderful compassionate streak.

        • I used to work for a woman who genuinely did not care and had no idea of what party was in power – during the Howard era she literally did not know whether we had a Lib or Lab government, despite working in health…!
          Anyway, she said something about just bombing the boats, that’d stop ’em coming all right – whereupon ALL I had to say to her was ‘But you’ve got kids, right? If you lived in a warzone, if your children were starving, or in danger of being raped, mutilated, killed, enlisted into a children’s militia…wouldn’t you do WHATEVER it took to get them out and to a country in which they would have a better chance?”
          And she said, ‘Oh yeah. I suppose I would.”
          It is bizarre how EASY the MSM and certain dog-whistlers make it for ordinary, kind, normal people to demonise ‘the other’, when that kind of hate and intolerance seems to actually run counter to most people’s general behaviour. Truly bizarre.

          • David Fawcett

            Well said Rhi and another great article NWN, keep exposing that bullshit for what it is.

            It’s truly disheartening to see such blantant misrepresentation of the facts in our mainstream media – all the more reason to keep blogging!

            • Thanks David Fawcett. There are a lot of good journalists working at News Ltd, who know that there’s nothing illegal about being an asylum seeker, but yet News Ltd publications continue to misrepresent the issue to their readers.

          • It’s astonishing what perceived fear does to us as human beings isn’t it?

  4. I guess what the side bar shows is that the different Murdoch rags run the same story in a vastly different time line. It would be part the reason that the site is so rarely updated to show novel news but contains the same stories for a week or more. I know Murdoch wants us to pay for news but the way the website is run here in OZ indicates that it would be very poor value for money.

    • What, you mean you don’t want to pay for Daily Mail rewrites? The editor is Irish and the news editor is Scottish, which goes some way towards explaining why the site is now filled with UK news and Kate/Pippa Middleton. Whenever you see “staff writers” on a story, it’s because the journalist is too ashamed to put their name to it.

    • It’s not just the Murdoch press which has outsourced almost of all of it’s content. The Age drives me crazy with articles from the UK and US which they run as thought they are aussie made. I got sick of buying magazines for a similar reason, I don’t just want an editor to change road and town names to local ones I want true local content.

      • The SMH is the same. Many days their entire world section comes from other newspapers. It’s so frustrating because we have loads of good journalists in Australia, and most now spend their days moving wire copy around websites, or re-writing it and putting a byline on it (as the SMH does). Such a shame. AAP is really the most powerful news organisation in Australia because Fairfax and News Ltd just use their stories.

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