Demolition day

Sorry about the erratic posts over the last week – I’ve been focussed on uni and the renovation. The flat is all packed up, we’ve moved out, and today is DEMOLITION DAY! (Actually, this morning was demolition morning – I bumped into the guy from upstairs earlier today and he said they started at 7am. Ouch. And sorry neighbours.)

I forgot to take a photo of the kitchen. Oh well, it won’t be missed. The building is the classic orange brick, three-storey walk-up, with vermiculite ceilings that some idiot in the 1970s thought would be a good idea. A grey ceiling is like a storm cloud over your head. The kitchen is pokey, with no bench space, grey walls, cream-ish cupboards and a sink that’s too far back from the edge of the bench so you get a sore back when you wash up. Cheery, huh? Here’s a photo of the bathroom, to give you an idea of the very classy interior. The toilet is ridiculously low so when you’re wearing heels, there’s a moment there where you are sure you’re about to sit on the floor.

Oh, and we’re going with the peacock colour in that link for the laundry bench. Sadly, no moustaches. Yet.

Choosing tiles is driving me mad. There are way too many products but not a lot of choice. They all look the same to me and there are way too many ugly coffee shades. Why are they so popular?

Anyway, we’ve still got a few things to sort out. So, here’s my wishlist – if you can help out with details, I’ll be your best friend:

* An electric blue bathroom floor. Because the Bathroom of Fabulousness requires an electric blue floor. Obviously. Would it be made out of resin, and does anyone have any experience with a resin floor?

* How do you feel about coloured grout with white subway tiles in the bathroom? I think it might be too busy in a small bathroom. (Bottom image here)

* Tile or glass splashback?

* Where can I get bamboo-print wallpaper? The 1950s style print. We’ve found some that are close, but not quite right.

* These taps. Oh, how I long for them.

15 responses to “Demolition day

  1. Well splashback…glass is handier for wiping but I hates the look of it, I does my precious.
    I like tiles. I like tiles with coloured grout! The darker the grout, the less likely it is to show grease stains! We have terracotta and blue tiles on our kitchen and dining floor, with slate grey/blue grout, and cobalt blue splashback tiles with terracotta grout.
    Don’t know nuffin’ about resin floors but i have a vague memory of someone on Grand designs using some kind of waterproof rubber. is bathroom looked kinda pornographic when it was finished, however.
    Also those taps are entirely made of win and i MUST show them to my aeronautically-obsessed husband.

  2. big vote for darkly coloured grout – because bleaching is the only way to keep white grout looking ok – and bleaching makes shit smell funny for a couple of hours (maybe I need to get a mask?).

    • We were pretty convinced on the dark grout for no-mould-showing purposes, but then we started to think it might look a bit busy. Mind you, that was when we were still thinking about a black and white floor. Luckily we’re both pretty keen on the blue floor idea.

  3. My husband was so ecstatically gobsmacked over those taps he practically capered for joy. I haven’t seem him so excited about anything for ages.
    He wants to know – are you buying them, and do you know how much they cost?
    I think a blue tile floor with dark grout would be nice. I wish I could be bothered to work out how to take photos of my bathroom tiles and post them here.

  4. DEFINITELY glass splashback- in fact we did mirrored glass, so that you can see into the pots on the back of the stove, AND the whole kitchen looks twice as deep because of the reflection.

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