Laughing at News Ltd

I’m back. I got hit with the flu last week. Snot, aches, and “sleeping” (aka snoring, spluttering and sweating) for 16 hours a day. Man, am I glad that’s over.

I saw a couple of stooopid things on News Ltd sites this morning. Like this:

WTF news Hit-and-runs are funny

Really? What kind of arsehole puts a hit-and-run story in the funny section? Of course, it’s across all News Ltd sites. And it’s from NewsCore, where journalists re-write sensationalist local crime stories from News Ltd’s UK and US sites, which are meaningless to an Australian audience. Such a waste of journalists.

And the Daily Telegraph has this wonderful example of stupid:

Daily Telegraph babies

Daily Telegraph: a typo and revealing the answer before asking the question

Hmm, what did they have? Let me guess…

Doesn’t anyone check this stuff before hitting the publish button?

2 responses to “Laughing at News Ltd

  1. I guess they need to write something, anything other than report on the big news of the day…. which is the shame and scandal circling themselves re the news of the world. I hate news ltd.

    • I don’t hate them. I often hate their news agenda, but there are some great people working for News Ltd. In Australia, if you want to be a print journo for a metro, you’re limited to either Fairfax or News Ltd. Which is a shame, but we don’t have a large enough population to support any more papers.

      But yes, everyone knows why they’re not covering the News of the World story – and Fairfax is going to town on it – but it’s a bad look.

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