The apologetic blogger

Once upon a time there was a blogger… nah, just kidding. I didn’t want to start another post with “Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while”. I’ve been sick, and last week I wasn’t very interested in the news. After all, how many times can you listen to Tony Abbott say the same thing? How is it even news if he says the same thing every day? We know that the Government is for the carbon tax (they really should have called it a pollution tax) and the Opposition is against the tax, so rather than just repeating this information each day, journalists should be investigating and reporting on the details of the tax. After all, only 17 per cent of people say they know a lot about the carbon pricing scheme, so clearly there’s a problem with information. And no, I’m not saying that journalists should be Government mouthpieces (they do that already with the Coalition), but that they should be informing their audience about what’s happening in their world and how it affects them. Particularly on issues that politicians reduce to slogans because they think we’re idiots.

Anyway, enough of the carbon tax. A big welcome and thank you to all the lovely new commenters and readers. You guys make this a nice place to hang out.

I’m opening the floor to you today. What suggestions do you have for News with Nipples? I’ve been blogging for a few years now and am open to changing things.

If you haven’t commented before and need a little encouragement, how about answering this question: What is your superpower?

Mine is being able to look at the time, think ‘ooh, it’s time to go to sleep’, and then be asleep in minutes. Drives ManFriend mad with envy.

Also, we’ve got Meat Club coming up and the theme is game. Any favourite recipes?

47 responses to “The apologetic blogger

  1. You know what my superpower is, but I think the ‘powers that be’ (whoever they are) are taking them off me because they think I have used them for evil/adbused them. They may be right.

    As for meat club; does anyone know a butcher where I can buy hare?

  2. I am still willing to give it a crack. Although maybe we have to EAT first, like Popeye with the spinach.

  3. By the way; ‘box grater’

  4. Venison served running through the dining room.

    • And where am I going to get one of those?

      I was thinking rabbit, because I’ve never cooked it and when I’ve seen people chopping up whole rabbits, the meat looks delicious. (Can you believe I was vegetarian for 14 years? Seems like so long ago.)

      As an aside, I used to live near an alpaca farm. What do they taste like?

  5. My superpower is that zip flies dont work on me. Zip them up and they are undone again in minutes. It may come of use some day but I don’t know how…

    McDonkey, if you are in Melbourne you can buy Hare from these guys

  6. Not being a cook I can give no recipe ideas.

    But my superpower is my legs…cars stop to let me cross the road.

  7. There is a book that would possibly benefit your meat club – ‘Sunday Roast’ by Clarissa Dickson Wright and Johnny Scott. Fabulous. All kinds of meat, all kinds of carving methods. (And some vegetables.)

  8. My superpower is being able to shove my whole fist in my mouth whilst still twitching away like normal.

  9. Rhiannon Saxon

    My superpower is never having to measure spices. Craig’s superpower is finding $35 Le Creusets, and $36.30 current-model dishwashers, and really cool stuff on the side of the road. The downside is we have way too much stuff, because he had to rescue it.

  10. My super power is my flexibility. (Obtained without yoga, I am really bad in that I hardly ever stretch. Which probably explains my injured arm right now. ) I can put my legs behind my head. And I am super bendy.
    I can also fit my fist in my mouth. (But I have small hands)

    Now you know the secret to my 17 year marriage. 😉

    • Pirra, your comments make me laugh so much that it’s good I’m here by myself. Or does that make it worse?

      • Probably best you’re alone. That gives you deniability. You should read the stuff I DON’T post out loud. Of course, I don’t hit the post comment button for those on account of, It would probably only be me who thought it was hilarious while every one else would just be horrified. (I am the Queen of inappropriate jokes.)

  11. I only realised how much I missed your blog when you didn’t blog.. big sooky comment.

    Don’t go changing.

    Superpower? ability to open any bottle, can, jar of sauce with one hand first go. (my life is very simple)

  12. I haven’t been reading your blog long enough to have an opinion on what might change. (Because I’m enjoying it as is, not because I lack the ability to form opinions.)

    My superpower is the ability to be at op shops at exactly the right time, nabbing things like my fabulous $17 breadmaker or a pair of never worn red Mary Janes in my size. I also possess the ability to clip my cats’ claws without having my face ripped to shreds, but that one really only benefits me. (Yes, that’s ‘cats’ – two of them. One more and I get my Crazy Cat Lady badge.)

  13. News with Nipples,

    I have laughed so much with this thread that perhaps your blog needs to morph into comedy.

  14. Kangaroo or Emu curry. A good hefty curry, like rogan josh, maybe vindaloo.

  15. My superpower is the ability to find a quote appropriate to any occasion. Among my friends this makes me less a superhero than a novelty pet.

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