Wine company 1, news editors 0

When women talk about anything – even their lunch – it’s apparently gossip. At least, that’s the bullshit this stupid story from wants you to believe: Women gossip five hours a day. And you can’t argue, because it’s a study by a wine company.

I don’t get the headline. Why can’t I argue about it?

The story is yet another Daily Mail re-write. is full of them. They even re-write British crime stories, which makes absolutely no sense.

EVERY cliché about gossiping women has been confirmed by a new study into how much time women spend talking and what they talk about.

Ah, no, it doesn’t confirm anything of the sort. It does say that women spend five hours a day talking about stuff – which most people who work with other people would do. And since it is very clearly not a peer-reviewed study, all it does confirm is that news websites can be relied on to uncritically give your wine company a free plug.

Now, the FIRST question a journalist should ask when given a media release by a wine company about a “study” is: why would a wine company be interested in this? The answer, of course, is a very simple Google search away:

Keen to try and bottle up the energy and buzz created when girls have a get together FirstCape Café Collection is looking for the UK’s Queen of Chat, the chattiest, most fun, engaging and bubbliest female, to reflect their lighter style wine range.

So pick up a bottle of FirstCape Café Collection – available from all major retailers (RRP £3.99) – on your way home tonight and let the chat begin.

Yes, that’s right. FirstCape wines has a new wine range to promote, and just got free coverage in the UK and Australia. They must be laughing their arses off while rolling in the handfuls of cash that they saved on advertising.

18 responses to “Wine company 1, news editors 0

  1. The stupid, it burns. I guess it is much like fashion labels who watch in awe as people line up to essentially wear the tag on the outside.

  2. Bubbly. Fuck off.
    Lexy will back me up on this one.

    • You mean you don’t WANT to compete for the Crown of the Queen of Chat? What’s wrong with you people?

      • It is amazing women can talk so much, seeing as their tiny lady brains have nothing in them. Farking hell.
        Although it is interesting that this is a study by a wine company, in that from reading this post I assumed this was about women gossiping at work. If they are promoting drinking in work time then I am all for it 🙂

        I also saw on the SMH website a link to a ‘can you change a man?’ blog post and nearly threw my neck out with all the eye rolling. Seriously? Why would you want to change a man? Why wouldn’t you just get one you liked in the first place? I dont buy a cake and try to turn it into a roast chicken.
        Yeah… I’m hungry.


    Right, so the sell out who got given a few cases of wine to write this tripe doesn’t even have the balls to put their name to it?

    • I very much doubt there would be cases of wine involved. The media release and maybe a free bottle (maybe, but that’s unlikely) would have arrived in the newsroom. So, not so much selling out as being lazy.

  4. I am a huge fan of sitting around with other awesome ladies and talking for many, many hours over many many bottles of wine. We even have a little group dedicated soley to the purpose of wine and chat (granted, it’s more focused on feminist and socio-political discussion, but hey, LADYTOPICS).

    However this just makes me want to throw things.

  5. So, ANY time I speak to another woman, that’s ‘gossip’? Interesting. Today my topics-of-choice during gossip time included mental illness, insomnia, use of the comma and the relative merits of dry toast and vegemite for an icky tummy. There was also a lengthy discussion about why I objected to a thoughtless comment that “girls don’t play sport”, directed to a bunch of children. I didn’t realise I was supposed to be talking about “shopping, food, sex and other people…” And all up the whole gossip time took about 45 minutes. I’m going to lose my Girly Card for sure.

    I did love the caption on the awkwardly staged photo. “Some women gossiping yesterday.” Okay then.

    • Emily Sue, that’s correct: any time you talk to another woman, you are gossiping.

      I apparently gossiped with McDonkey when I said I’d bring her hoodie over tomorrow; with my mother when we talked about putting in a resin floor in the bathroom instead of tile; with the woman on the phone at the call centre when she asked if ManFriend’s father was home.

  6. Did you know ‘gossips’ was originally a gender-neutral term, referring to godparents?

  7. More on topic, though, the website you link to does seem to be mocking the study, not reporting it as valid research. I liked the bit about an office straw poll roundly describing the results as “crap”.

  8. Could just be the lack of chocolate and wine in this house right now, and the rampant PMS, but I did get one thing from that “article”…I now know which wine company to avoid like the plague. Way to dump all over the consumers you are trying to attract.

  9. My LOL moment: “all it does confirm is that news websites can be relied on to uncritically give your wine company a free plug.”

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