Stupidgirl at Generationwhynot sent me one of these blog chain things. I like them. Sure, they’re a little daggy, but I get to tell you 10 things I love and you get to tell me 10 things you love. Or five. Or none. De-lurkers are always welcome, of course.

So, 10 things I love, in no particular order:

1. Live music. The last three gigs were Graveyard Train (country horror) and Mikelangelo and the Tin Star (gypsy surf rock) and Star Wars Burlesque (not technically live music). I’m sure I’ve mentioned this here before, but I have tinnitus from seeing so much live music. I’m ok with that.

2. Avocado on rye toast. It’s perfect.

3. Winter. I must be mad living in Sydney, because I hate the heat and love the cold. Boots, jackets, scarves, gloves, brightly-coloured tights, cups of tea on rainy days, seeing puffs of my breath – bring it on!

4. The news. Even when the reporting is average and even when I want to throw things at Tony Abbott on the screen, I still want to know what’s happening in the world.

5. Emotion surges. I’m not sure how else to describe them, but sometimes I’m hit with a wave of emotion for no particular reason. I burst into laughter, grinning like a madwoman, or gasp at an exquisite sadness in my heart. They’re fleeting, gone in a second, but always make me marvel at the things our bodies can do.

6. Ski D’Lite yoghurt. I know, I know, it goes against all my food and spelling wankery, but it’s full of sugar and so tasty. I used to eat 2kg of the stuff each week. And I got fat. It is now called The Forbidden Yoghurt.

7. Wine and cheese with McDonkey and Lexy. I feel honoured to have these two wonderful, amazing women in my life.

8. Overseas holidays. There is still so much to see, and so many places I want to go back to.

9. Laughter. It’s one of the world’s most perfect sounds. The other is a bottle of wine opening. See point 7.

10. ManFriend. And not just because he laughs at my bad jokes first thing in the morning.

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  1. 10 things I love:
    1. God (but it’s a-okay if you don’t – no proselytising here…)
    2. My two best girlfriends
    3. Cinnamon porridge with rhubarb compote, from my favourite cafe.
    4. My cats
    5. Watching DVDs on my laptop in bed on cold evenings (and “evening” can start any time from 3pm in my house) whilst slowly roasting my feet on a too-hot hot water bottle
    6. Surprising friends with baked goods or a hand-written card, just to let them know I appreciate them
    7. My sporadic part-time job of freelance editing. I love getting paid to be a grammar geek and I LOVE working from home. I wish I could do it full-time, but alas, it does not pay the bills.
    8. Margherita pizza. Sure, toppings are okay but they kind of get in the way of the cheese. Mmmm…. cheese…
    9. The internet. Specifically, reading blogs… and Twitter… and Facebook… and email… and being able to look up random, ridiculous facts when they pop into my head, which is ALL THE TIME.
    10. Hanging around the house doing nothing, then getting to the end of the day and thinking, “Wait… what have I done today? Oh, that’s right. Nothing.” It’s even better if I stayed in my pyjamas all day.

    • Apart from the God and cat stuff, we could be the same person. Exactly the same person.

    • 1. Hard work (or specifically the sense of achievement gained from it)
      2. My wife.
      3. my kids.
      4. My dogs.
      5. The heat.
      6. Watching bike stacks of the funny video shows.
      7. The C word.
      8. Asking anti-war protesters questions they cannot answer before revealing my military links.
      9. Bob Katter and all other complete mentals.
      10. Shit stirring.

      • I also love shit stirring and the c word. You’re on your own with the heat though.

        • Back before they ‘modernised’ the airport one used to disembark from a passenger jet at Townsville airport down the stairs and directly onto the tarmac. In February it was easy to see who was coming home and who was visiting (AKA prostrate) you could also tell a ring in if they said ‘gee it’s hot isn’t it, both because they felt the need to mention the fact that it was hot when it is hot every single day and because they said ‘isn’t it’ as opposed to ‘ay’.
          Love the heat.

    • I totally love the roasting feet one. TOTALLY. No heating in my house. Also the internet. My appreciation for it grows and grows.

      • Oh, I have heating. I live in Melbourne; it’s necessary – although I have lived here in a house without heating. My whining increased exponentially as the temperature dropped.

        I don’t have the heating on when I’m in bed though, because I’m also a tight-arse.

    • So YES to number 7. A friend and I were writing rude things using fridge a while ago and I MADE him punctuate the sentence properly. Thanks god for the little comma fridge magnets!

  2. How awesome are emotion surges? I’m a huge fan of the spontaneous fit of laughter on public transport, which is guaranteed to increase the “personal space” gap between myself and other passengers. It works every time.

    If I can get myself organised, I’ll get you my list of ten things…

  3. 1. Books. I just love books way too much. I read when I feed the kids – I read when I watch tv – I read while I mend things (I’m quite good at holding books open with my toes). I have a book on a bookstand in the kitchen, and look up and read a paragraph here and there while I’m doing something easy, or a sentence here and there in between chopping!
    I get a MASSIVE buzz finding a book I like in an op-shop. My first date with my husband was to a second-hand bookshop. I cannot go anywhere without a book in my handbag.

    2. I love food. I love reading about it (natch) and cooking. I like mixing spices. I like the smell of frying onions. I like the slipperiness of roasted capsicum. I like punching down dough for pizzas. However I am stupidly picky, so I try to be adventurous in my limited range. I like feeding people and seeing them go back for seconds. (Or, you know, feeling perfectly satisfied with firsts.)

    3.I love silly in-jokes that go on way past their use-by date, although that partly comes from feelings of always being a tag-along and not ever part of a ‘gang’…so in-jokes kind of make me feel like part of one. *sigh*

    4. I love looking at my kids when they are asleep, they look so sweet and calm, with their thick eyelashes fanning over their round cheeks, and their hands curled up. And they are so lovely and quiet then, and not making a mess. Does that make me sound as though my ideal kids would ones in some sort of museum display?

    5. I love listening to my kids singing and humming along to songs. Especially when they are singing along to things like Bruce Molsky or Mumford and Sons in the car. So cute! “Oh, Man is a Guinea-Pig’ is a superb example of their versions of songs.

    6. I love telling people my brother was asked to do an audition for Circus Oz. It makes up for all the brothers and sisters who regularly get public service jobs. (Of COURSE I am proud of you all too. REALLY.)

    7. I love compliments. I like being told I am a good cook, or a good singer, or a good writer, or like the one I got today…
    “Don’t even try to come up against Rhiannon in a head-to-head piratical eloquence showdown.”
    How good a compliment is THAT.
    I like giving compliments too. People should be appreciated!

    8.I love the fact that my husband can fix nearly everything. (As in, repair, not ‘I’ll fix YOU.” kind of fixing.) Him too. I mean, I love my husband too, not just his fixing abilities.

    9. I love watching birds. I don’t go anywhere specifically to see them, but if I am in Woy Woy and I see some pelicans on lightposts, or cormorants and darters and egrets on the waterfront, or swarms of ducks. (Yes – it may not be the correct collective noun, but you try eating a pie on the waterfront, and you will see what I mean.)
    I like hanging out clothes on my deck and seeing sea eagles soaring past. I like hearing whipbirds and butcher birds. I even love hearing Koels at 2 am on sultry summer nights.
    I live visiting Canberra again and seeing crimson rosellas and grass parrots.
    I don’t actually like birds indoors though – they smell funny and get tangled in people’s hair and poo everywhere.

    10. I like houses, inside and out, and towns and cities in which not everything is new and shiny. I like seeing old painted ads, old sandstone churches reflected in giant shiny glass skyscrapers. I like cast iron lace and wide skirting boards. I like shabbiness. I like waterfronts that look a bit rough and tarry. I like furniture that looks as though a few generations have used it and battered it a bit in the process. I like verdigris’d copper roofs. I like lichened tiles.

    I am going to reproduce this in my blog too!

  4. Well you can’t go wrong with Robertson Davies. I read a lot of crap as well, I have to say. Actually there is an endless discussion of this exact thing on Pirra’s blog ‘My Red Crayon’, a couple of posts ago. I yakked on for ages about things I read. Right now I am reading chick-fic to soothe my poor over-extended brain. (That’s not very true, about the over-extended bit, but I have been feeling very dim and stupid for a couple of years now and have been absorbing a steady diet of mental mashed-potato. Also have to read some hardcore shockers that I have lent – all about project-management and analysis. *shudders* – a friend is urging me to become a business analyst. Deeply scary stuff for me at the moment.)

    I do read a lot of YA fiction though, so will look those up!

  5. Things I love (in no particular order).

    1) I love my friends. I didn’t know anyone when I moved to Australia, and now, nearly 6 years later i have the best friends I think I have ever had (except for my BEST friend in NZ). They are smart, funny, amazing women who look after me and let me look after them. We laugh at the same jokes, and can make anything sound rude, which is my second super power (the first being the red wine no hangover super power).

    2) I love wine and cheese. I know they are bad for me, but they make me so happy. Especially when I share them with my friends. In fact, I love food in general. I ESPECIALLY love eating food outdoors.

    3) My family. My mum drives me nuts sometimes, but I know that all her pestering and worrying is because she loves me, and I have come to accept that over the years, instead of rolling my eyes like a teenager and avoiding talking to her for months at a time. I love my dad because he is so smart and funny and has more integrity than anyone else I know. I love how happy he is when he sees me or when I call. It makes me feel special.
    I love my brother even though he ESPECIALLY drives me crazy and we fight more than we don’t. Even though we are in our 30’s, he is still right there to protect me from people who hurt me, and has offered to beat up more than one ex boyfriend who has acted like an arse. And even though I am much more evelved than that *cough*, it is still nice to hear.

    4) Finding new music. Through blogs, or other people, or hearing something on telly (I don’t listen to the radio) and then buying albums and finding whole new bands. I am currently having a love affair with The National.

    5) Books. I devour them like food. I am constantly running out of things to read. I like going through stacks of books that people leave out in the street (this happens a lot where I live). sometimes you get awesome, sometimes you get stink.

    6) Having a Kiwi accent, and purposefully putting it on for words like ‘stink’ and ‘choice’ and ‘biscuits’.

    7) The TV show Outrageous Fortune, and am so proud that it is an NZ show. I am also stoked that I have introduced it to three sets of friends, some of who were very sceptical to start off with, but then became obsessed after a couple of episodes.

    8) My day bed. Enough said.

    9) Swimming, or just generally being immersed in water. I don’t mind winter, but I long to be back in the sea, or swimming in a river again. Pools are OK, but definitely not the same.

    10) Making people laugh. I spend most of my time acting the ham and love when people think I am funny. It started out as a shield for how shy I am, but now I am less shy, but still just as funny. At the same time I like to laugh, which is why I surround myself with people who are just as hilarions.

    11) I know it was 10, but I need one more. I like words, loads of them, but in particular I like swear words. They are great.

    Ta daa!

  6. This is soundling like the Lazy Person’s Book and Food Lovers Club and I would like to join!
    I love:
    1. Coming home to a house that has been cleaned
    2. Eating out – anywhere – restaurants, cafes, picnics, street vendors (but I draw the line at garbage bins)
    3. Reading novels through the night in absolute silence
    4. Sleeping in (a rare treat as I have two young children)
    5. Getting really worked up about something and firing off a letter or a blog or emailing a friend to say “did you hear about BLAH BLAH BLAH?” I love it when they rant back at me.
    6. Working in a job where I feel I don’t need to wear make-up
    7. My friends – I would simply whither and die without them
    8. My family (including my dog) – I’d die without them, too
    9. Lying on the couch doing nothing; lying in bed doing nothing; lying just about anywhere doing nothing (lying down is important – sitting is not as good)
    10. Red toffee apples, chocolate covered honeycomb and caramel coated popcorn.

  7. It took some time to pull my list together…..

    1 – my beautiful, gorgeous sons
    2 – my intelligent and sassy cat
    3 – colour….I would love to cover a wall with coloured laminate sample squares
    4 – organic milk chocolate
    5 – stopping to smell the roses in the gardens along the way to my local shops
    6 – hanging out lines of washing on a hot summers day
    7 – becoming entranced and dancing to music
    8 – my midlife crisis car with shiny wheels
    9 – bringing a smile to the lips and twinkle to the eyes of strangers as we pass in the street
    10 – my bed

    • You should defnitely cover a wall with laminate samples. I’m carrying the peacock one around with me at the moment. It’s the colour of our new laundry bench and I like to hold it up against things and say “wow, what a great colour”.

  8. Ten things that I love, in no particular order:

    1. Orange Tic Tacs. I’m addicted to them, and feel like the geeky guy in Juno, except that I can’t pull off little running shorts, nor have I ever impregnated Ellen Page.
    2. Converse sneakers. Cheap, comfortable footwear in a plethora of bright colours. What more do I need to say?
    3. Price-reduced CDs at JB Hi-Fi. Not only do they give me a chance to stock up on the old favourites, they allow me to discover new artists on a shoestring budget.
    4. Writing. I find it cathartic, as well as a fantastic, albeit at times infuriating, way to express my thoughts.
    5. Vodka, ginger beer, fresh lime and a dash of red cordial. I call it the Angry Mule.
    6. Having ridiculously long hot showers during winter, until my bathroom resembles the set of Backdraft. No, it’s not all that energy conscious of me, but I don’t care.
    7. Feta-filled olives.
    8. The friends and family who tolerate my impatience, lack of subtlety and general eccentricity. In fact, I’ve decided to dedicate my autobiography to those people who tolerated me, and to those few lunatics who loved me…
    9. 30-year-old single malt Scotch whisky. If it’s good enough for Denny Crane, it’s good enough for me.
    10. Riding aimlessly up and down the river on the ferry, just watching the universe unfold.

  9. Hey There,
    Really enjoy your blog. Thanks!
    My top ten
    1. Good coffee on a Sunday morning, watching the insiders (ABC) and then reading the newspaper in the park. The change of season is the best time for this activity.
    2. Finishing essays and picturing myself graduating in a funny hat.
    3. Vino
    4. Sex, usually goes with the vino.
    5. Jukeboxes containing Lou Reed’s ‘New York’, Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings or Tom Waits’ ‘Rain Dogs’ (preferably all of the above).
    6. Learning new words, then usually using them incorrectly
    7. Letting go, moving on and reaching the realization that it’s all not about you
    8. T.V on DVD HBO=good.
    9. Grand Designs on the ABC
    10. Fancy thinking

    That’s it. I tried hard to work chocolate crackles into the list but I guess there’s always next time.

    Btw I love the Falcon reference. I laughed so much my face hurt.


  10. hey there! wow thanks for the list and loving the comments. Your list is wayyyyyy better than mine 🙂

  11. I love avocado too, but I love mine on Spelt toast (not rye) with tomato and gads of pepper and salt.

    1. I love rain. All kinds of rain. It’s soothing, and makes me incredibly grateful for the roof over my head, the blankets in my cupboard, the tea I can consume, the books I have to read, the fat cat to warm my lap and just generally reminds me how ridiculously lucky I am.

    2. Homeschooling. I am amazed, proud, frustrated, excited, full of wonder and curiosity on a daily basis. I love teaching my kids. There’s an enormous amount of pride involved, especially when they achieve that “AHA!” moment, that thing they were struggling with suddenly clicks into place and the relief and joy they express by being able to do it is something I wouldn’t share for quids.

    3. The continuos learning that happens in my house. My kids teach me as much as I teach them.

    4. I love being married to my best friend. It’s made 17 years fly by.

    5. Movement. (And I don’t mean of the bowel variety, although as one who has suffered her whole life with digestive disfunction…) I mean general activity and exercise. I love being able to just move. That my body never fails me. It may hurt sometimes (I still think lunges should be illegal) and I may end up stiff and sore, but my body continues to function in a way that allows me to do the things I enjoy. I wish I had figured that one out in my 20’s and loved my body a little bit more.

    6. Pyjama days. ‘Nuff said.

    7. my sisters. Sometimes I feel a little out in the cold, I am older than all of them and they each have a sister close in age that they are closest to. But we all love each other and are only ever a phone call away. They are also 5 of the most amazing women I have ever known.

    8. Steamed dim sims. I love steamed dim sims. I could live on them.

    9. Books. Books. and more books. I especially love the time I get as a homeschooling parent to just read with my kids. We’re what the department of ed calls Natural Learners, with a heavily based Literature component. When we’re learning about a topic, we read. And there’s nothing more fabulous than your 13 yo son snuggling up to you on the lounge as you read out loud.

    10. Tweens and Teens. Seriously. I love this age that my kids are now. They’re witty, clever people. They get sarcasm. They’re a lot of fun to be around. They can feed themselves. They can even feed me. Teens get such a bad rap and it annoys the hell out of me. (And really, the fact that they sleep IN, makes me giddy with delight.)

    There’s a lot more things, like sci-fi, music, tv, my husbands annoying but hilarious sense of humour, ranting at the tv, finger pointing shouty raves at the news, the smell of a freshly mowed lawn (except when the allergies are flaring) good health, bacon, swearing, shoes…god how I love shoes…, finger painting, mandelas, play dough, trampolines, swimming in summer, Autumn- my favourite season, learning German- I love that popo is the word for bum.
    I’m going to shut up now and go enjoy the peace and quiet before my kids wake up.

    • You’re not allowed to eat avocado without loads of cracked pepper. It’s the rule. I should also add yum cha in Chinatown to my list. I love it. I love that it’s food to be shared messily. And that you can have beer and green tea with breakfast.

      Pirra, I love teenagers too. I love that they don’t give a shit about adults around them. That we are invisible to them. Sure, it can be annoying when they’re blocking the footpath, but a few seconds of stepping around someone is hardly that annoying.

      • I also love avocado in tacos. (I only eat soft ones, I don’t like taco shells.)
        My husband introduced me to the joys of sushi last year…I’d never been able to get my head around the whole raw fish thing….but I love it. I have always loved most asian foods, I can add japanese to that list now.

        So many people seem to dread the teenage years and I just don’t understand it. In my experience, the teens that cause the most trouble and heart ache are the ones who seem to be dismissed by the adults in their lives. I’m with my teens 24/7, so granted they don’t have as many opportunities to become public nuisances, but I have managed to learn a lot about teens thanks to them and their friends. (And having been one myself, I still remember what frustrated and upset me) We don’t give them enough credit for their thoughts and emotions. We dismiss their relationships so easily. (Love and friendship) Is it any wonder they tell you they hate you when you patronise to them that they’ll get over it? That it’s just puppy love? That that person can’t have been a very good friend to begin with? I should stop before I take over your blog with a full blown rant. My break time is over. I am off to curl up with my teens and tween on this rainy day and read some more WW2 fiction. (If any one has any suggestions for novels set during WW2, please fire away. )

        • Oops, left my WW2 fiction comment in the wrong place, but here it is:
          In the Mood by Laura Bloom.

          • It’s not WW2 fiction, but James Miranda Barry by Patricia Duncker is fabulous. I recommend it to anyone and everyone. It’s historical fiction, which I’m normally very “meh” about, but the story is fascinating and it is beautifully written.

        • Crikey Pirra, I wish I’d been homeschooled by you as a tween and teen. Good on you for keeping your kids out of the vile school environment.
          (Novel set in WW2: The Night Watch by Sarah Waters)

    • My children are learning German and I love that popo is the word for bum too! But I don’t like the word for nipple – Brustwarz or “breast wart”. Makes me wonder about the German translation of this blog… Also, I am thrilled to hear about your happy homeschooling experiences (I recently blogged about my dream to Roadschool). I look forward to reading more at The Red Crayon.

      • There are some truly awful german words. We’re so lucky, my mother speaks German fluently (and has taught it in schools) so she pops in when she can and spends the day teaching the kids (mostly) and me by default. I never picked it up as a kid, but we did have this awesome game we played. Almost any german word sounds like a swear word if you say it right. Couple it with an inappropriate gesture and you have a fabulous quasi insult. (Though german speaking people will give you are strange look when you flip them the bird and call them Gesicht. Which is my favourite german word…which means face, but is also the word for story. ) My mother also speaks French, but she’s rusty as she doesn’t use it as often. I’m hoping she’ll teach us french too. (But I only have one year left in this posting…so i’ll have to convince her to get and use skype.)

        I am terrible at posting regularly. I always have these good intentions of posting tons of home school related posts, but never get round to them. Incidentally, my mother told me recently that if she had her time over, she would have roadschooled us. Travel and learning work so well together.

        • Were you homeschooled?

          • No. I went to a very small one teacher one classroom school. It was a lot like being home schooled, due to funding restrictions our parents often taught subjects to us. Like art, music, languages, agriculture, religion, sport, cooking. It is similar to what I do with my kids now. I think the great thing about my little tiny school was how individual needs were met. Something that just isn’t practical in a larger school setting. The one on one we got with our teacher is why I liken it to home school. We worked independently a lot so the teacher could get to all of us. The older kids would help the younger ones. Much like my kids now.

            My youngest sister was schooled at home for two years. She got expelled from boarding school, but technically she did correspondence. (Which isn’t the same) I have several friends who have home schooled for years and their kids were just so awesome and so full of curiosity for everything that I got the idea from there. Since we move every couple of years, it just made sense to make the switch. It works very well for us. But it is a lot of work for the parents.

  12. I also love plastic accessories. I love that I can’t pin a badge on my waistcoat or jacket straight, so they always end up looking at my boobs. When we’re back in my place – so I have them all back again – I’ll post a photo of my collection. Some would say it’s a bit out of hand.

    • We have an entire drawer dedicated to badges.
      And a badgemaker.
      We need help.

      • Help? Or a market stall?

        I keep my badges in old tobacco boxes and on the side shelves of my art deco drinks cabinet (that I put clothes in. It’s wonderful to lift the lid to see what you want to wear.) And I have a red anodised seventies ice bucket in the shape of an apple for my necklaces. Rings are in a Barsony-style ashtray, a lovely green Dinosaur Designs box that was a present from a dear friend, and in an egg-shaped ceramic thing that is white outside and blue inside.

        • It’s kinda awesome to go ‘hmmm… This outfit needs a badge with a little picture of a squirrel to complete it. *stamp* ta da!’

      • I have a make-up mirror in my handbag that is made with a badge machine – it looks like a badge on one side, with a nice picture on it, and on the other side it is a little round mirror instead of the pin.

    • My sister once saw a teeny tiny little badge with teeny tiny little writing on it, that said, ‘You’re breathing on my lapel.”

  13. Ten things I love, in no particular order, and subject to change without notice (except #1 and #2):

    1. my cat. She’s old, and dribbles, and is curmudgeonly, and likes to chuck up outside my study, and sticks her bum on things (to the point where an ex housemate made up a song about it) and constantly ‘mcnaaaaaooooooows’ at levels almost beyond the scope of human hearing. And I wouldnt have her any other way.
    2. Music. Live, clubs, records, cds, buskers on the street. I love music. It helps me process emotion and thought and I feel lost without it. It’s one of the reasons I put on clubs and bands and music events and whatnot – I want to share that joy of music.
    3. Stationery. Hooooooly fuck. My love for stationery is almost indecent. Not-yet-written-upon notepads and fresh black felt-tip pens are my favourite. Then those little coloured sticky notes, and dividers to go inside binders. Woof.
    4. Cheese. Because of cheese, i will never be a vegan. If cheese cant go *in* a foodstuff, chances are a chunk of it will go as a nice accompaniment to whatever it is you’re eating.
    5. Well moderated blogs that provide safe spaces without stifling discussion.
    6. The hour or two right before a massive thunderstorm, when the skies blacken and emotions crackle and it feels like sparks might fly out of your fingertips if you concentrate hard enough.
    7. Waking up in the small hours of the morning, all toasty and warm, cocooned in a doona with my partner, while rain patters on the roof and against the window.
    8. http://youtu.be/p9PAuWV-Vn0 (achieves the same sense of calm contentedness as #7, though completely lyrically inappropriate)
    9. ‘Douche’ used as an insult. Douchebag, douchehat, douchehound, and my current favourite – douchecanoe. I refuse to use c*nt, and Im attempting very hard not to use insults like dickhead or twat, so douche it is.
    10. Rainbow stripey kneehigh socks.

  14. In the Mood by Laura Bloom!

  15. Like everyone else, no particular order.

    1. Fixing things – it’s actually kind of an obsession and it gives me a small boosts of satisfaction through my day.
    2. Learning – anything really!
    3. Honey sandwitches – honey + bread = childhood win. Still love it!
    4. Having my girlfriend fall asleep in my arms.
    5. Smart people who disagree with me – love a good argument especially one I may very well lose. Why? See point 2.
    6. Unique perspectives – be it science, art or politics I just love it when I’m shown a new way of looking at things, even if it’s just new for me.
    7. Disorder – this one may be a little hard to grock but for me a system in disorder screams possibility, unseen juxtapositions and makes me feel more.. intereactive.. with my environment. In in the middle of chaos I get more of a sense of how my interactions/observations affect my environment – more connectedness I suppose you could say.
    8. Meeting new people.
    9. My friends – love you guys to bits.
    10. My family – always has been there for me despite my quirks and foibles.

    • When I was a kid, I’d have honey on slices of cheese. I don’t like the way honey crystalises on bread. But cheese, cheese is heaven.

      I’m with you on disorder. I love clutter. I love piles of newspapers and magazines and recipes and academic papers. When things are all put away in their places (most of my things don’t actually have places), it feels sterile.

      • I loathe clutter and disorder, BUT books in stacks everywhere IS TIDY! (Books are not clutter. Tools, nails, screws, bolts, bits of engine, toys, coffee grounds, old magazines with curled-up-pages, more toys, clothes, kicked-over shoes, dust-bunnies, wet washers and bibs, more toys, electrical wires, angle-grinder discs, computer parts, random lampshades, more toys – THAT’s CLUTTER.)

      • I love it when honey crystalises on the bread!

        I’m going to try that honey on cheese thing though.

        Do you also find that every now and again you have to tidy the clutter so you can start a new clutter pile and start afresh?

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  17. 1) Really yummy wine. Particularly crispy whites in summer and spicy reds in winter.
    2) Chorizo … mmmm … chorizo gets a special mention all of its own.
    3) Unsolicited kisses & cuddles from my 3 year old son
    4) My domestic surroundings ie. my family and our home. Every night before I go to sleep I think to myself how lucky I am to be so blessed
    5) Baking with my 3 year old son – it’s makes a mess but it’s his favourite way to spend an afternoon
    6) Hunting in op-shops for vintage homewares especially ceramics and glassware. I’ve been collecting since I was about 12 years but unfortunately my local vinnes, salvos and the like are no longer the treasure troves they once were. But the outer suburbs and regional towns are still pretty good when I’m away somewhere and when I find something I love for a few dollars the rush is incredible
    7) Slow cooking and baking when it’s wintery cold outside.
    8) Getting together with my fave girlfriends and just feeling so relaxed and happy in their company. I have some rockin’ women in my life.
    9) Yum cha (and watching my 3 year old enjoy it with me is pretty tops too – he even has special baby chop sticks for the occasions when we go ’cause he refused to use a fork once he sussed we weren’t)
    10) Mid-late nineties indie and early noughties trance/hard house. For me it’s musical awesomeness with a heavy dose of nostalgia.

    • Melski, I would never have picked the trance/hard house thing. I’m seeing you in a whole new light.

      (The salami we made at Meat Club last weekend seems to be going well. Will be ready to eat in about a month.)

  18. Yeah, got into the dance scene in a big way whilst living in London from 1999 to 2005. Good times 🙂

    Dibs on a slice of salami!!! (please).

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