Ten, take two

Yesterday we shared the love. Today let’s share the hate.

Ten things I hate, in no particular order:

1. I hate Tony Abbott and everything he stands for – and we all know that all he stands for is Tony Abbott. I hate that he is throwing the biggest tanty in political history, daily demanding an election because he didn’t win the last one. Dude, grow up and let it go. I also hate how nasty, superficial, unintelligent and slogan-driven political discourse has been since he became Coalition leader.

2. Charity collectors on the street who don’t know when to stop. I’ve been part-time employed, unemployed and casually-a-few-days-a-month employed while doing my doctorate, yet when I tell them that this is why I can’t support their charity, they say “it’s only $50 a month, just sign up”. I don’t have a spare $50 a month. One horrid young woman told me to get a second job so that I could support her charity. I told her to fuck off. Another suggested I stop supporting MSF and support his charity instead. How fucking rude. I hate those male charity collectors who reach out and grab at you. You see them do this to women all the time and the women recoil in fear and horror and run away. When someone lunges at me and tries to grab my hand, it makes me want to punch them in the cock. I hate the ones who say “excuse me, can I just ask you a question” and pretend they’re not going to ask you for money. Each month I support several charities and several insurance companies, and that’s all the spare money I have. (Yes, I had to yell “I am unemployed and have no money” to one today because he wouldn’t leave me alone.) I know it’s a shitty job and they’re paid commission, but so many of them make me deliberately not support their charity – and I’m a sucker for a charity.

3. Oysters. You know you’ve all been sucked in by the biggest culinary scam in the world, right? It’s just apprentice chefs gollying in shells.

4. I hate working for bosses I don’t respect. If your job involves managing people and you can’t do that, then you are shit at your job. One former boss, let’s call him Mr Toupee, thought he was awesome, even though he was a boring alcoholic with no professional or personal qualities that anyone would describe as awesome. Awesome tool, maybe.

5. The heat and humidity of a Sydney summer. Yuck.

6. Touching velvet and velour. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard, but worse. Much much worse. Just thinking about it makes me curl my hands into fists and tuck them in my armpits to protect them from touching these horrible fabrics.

7. I hate the way my family always thinks the worst of me. It doesn’t make me sad, just angry that they are so sure they’re right. (On the up side, I have so many fabulous friends that I’m lucky to be able to choose my family.)

8. Kyle Sandilands. Gawd, he makes my skin crawl.

9. I hate that climate change deniers are so powerful in this country. Selfish arseholes, the lot of them.

10. I hate that Australia locks up people who have risked their lives to ask for our help to make them safe. I hate that so many dickhead Australians believe that only poor people can flee a country. I hate that journalists report every boat arrival, but not every plane arrival. I hate that journalists have demonised asylum seekers more than certain politicians have, because they simply report the untrue claims made by those politicians without pointing out how wrong they are.

That felt good. Your turn.

116 responses to “Ten, take two

  1. Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh feel the catharsis.

    Um. My list Is pretty damn similar to yours. If not, directly inspired by.
    Let’s give it a go.
    1. Tony Abbott, reasons, see above.
    2. Raw cheese. Really, how can something that smells and tastes so damn delicious as bubbling hot cheese with brown crunchy bits around the edges smell and taste so disgusting before it is cooked? That strange, funky, waxy, hard-palate-coating awfulness.
    3. John Howard’s voice. It always reminded me of someone trying to talk through a mouthful of milk arrowroot biscuit. I freely admit this is not only shallow but hypocritical of me, as I dislike political discourse that revolves around someone’s speaking tones. (That said, during the ’07 campaign, I was *this* close to throwing something at the tv every time I heard Ms Gillard say, ‘IM ploy-yoys, and IM-ploy-yers”. But neither of these things have anything to do with their political successes or failings. Same reason I could never watch the movie of Beowulf – after watching the shorts, I couldn’t bear the thought of sitting through a whole movie of the main actor’s voice. I’d say it was snobbishness, but I love all kinds of different accents from all kinds of socio-economic backgrounds and regions, so it’s not classist snobbishness at least.)
    4. Hate accidentally scratching car paint with my fingernail. It makes me curl up into a little ball of squeam, compulsively scratching my hands with my nails to remove the sensation from them. How can something with no nerves be so horridly sensitive?
    5. I hate the anti-gay marriage ‘debate’. It seems so tediously devoid of logic, historical context, compassion, logic, kindness, logic, an actual measured, thought-out indication of what the effects on everyone else might be, logic, and commonsense. Can anyone truly explain to me a. how my marriage will be affected if some of my friends can also be married, and b. how different the world will be if the hypothetical gay couple next door are legally married, or ‘merely’ living together, sharing a bedroom, owning or renting property together, bringing up their kids, and legally de-facto. Um, I thought not.
    6. Unthinking, privilege-denying, smug, concern-trolling sexism.
    7.Having to ask someone to do something 20 times before they explain carefully exactly why they can’t do what you asked. Leaving me banging my head against the wall and gritting out, ‘So. Why. Didn’t. You. Tell. Me. That. The. First. Time?….Do. You. LIKE. Being. NAGGED?”
    8.The ability of children and husbands to start listening and then totally tune out while still looking at you and nodding.
    9.The BoltBrechtsenJonesDevine Hive Mind.
    10.The fact that my beautiful, special, gorgeous grand-nieces will grow up not having their Nanna with them, and the fact that my nephews will have to navigate adulthood without my sister to talk to about all kinds of crazy shit. I can only be grateful that they had as much time as they did, but HATE the fact that the rest of their lives will be lived without a mother that loved them to pieces. As someone with a seriously wonderful, non-interfering, helpful, non-judgemental, intelligent mother myself, I hate that they no longer have theirs.

  2. Can I just say this (relatively) new breed of charity collector makes my pine for the old days of the arrogant Koala suited wilderness society collectors

    • True. Whatsinaname, welcome to the News with Nipples.

      • We men get it too except we get the Irish women who flirt poorly with us as though we are all so pathetic as to sign up to an ongoing financial commitment because they fluttered their eyelashes.
        I also ran into a UNHCR collector on George St just days after I returned from Timor Leste. I told him I had done my part for refugees for the time being after which he implied I was being selfish. I therefore implored those signing up to do a little research into how the money gets spent. Pretty much any charitable cause with UN in front of it will blow most of your hard earned paying 20 year old Frenchmen six figures to do what others are doing for free. They also blow shitloads on luxury hotels. In Dili harbour the UN had a luxury cruise ship docked for accommodation.

  3. Not much of a hater myself but lets see if I can find 10 things I genuinely hate.

    1. Bullies.
    2. Not understanding something.
    3. Apathy.
    4. Umm… making lists of things I hate??

  4. Keely aka The Richest Girl in Bondi.com

    Oh I am totally with you on the charity collectors front. But even worse is just regular ‘ol salespeople. I had an Austar lady hit me up outside my home the other day she was tenacious! She scoffed at the idea that I couldn’t afford $10 a week for Austar. (what’s the alternative to a punch in the cock?) ha ha ha. Only one I really disagree with is the Sydney summer – give me summer, sun and surf over winter, sickness and cabin fever any day.

  5. Howdy,

    I have decided to be less formal this time. Just call me Pam. Gee, two posts in two days, I like it here.
    My top ten of hate
    1.When it’s been too hot or too cold, for too long. We don’t have seasons anymore. Remember seasons? They were nice.
    2.Monster truck 4WD prams and any parent’s obsession (not all parents of course, but lots) who insist on dressing little girls only in an array of pink coloured clothes. Why?
    3.When people make the assumption that I want to get married and have children one day.
    4.Most of the attitudes of my biological family. I’m also so lucky to have wonderful friends who are my real family
    5.Reality T.V and the over importance given to the challenges contestants face? Like pizza making, or buying a lamp? Fun maybe interesting but important, in the big scheme of things, not so much. The way people cry when they win such meaningless tasks. The way they are made to cry when they lose.
    6.Sexism, homophobia, racism, conservative liberal economics, discrimination against people with disabilities and gossip
    7.The dehumanization of asylum seekers and the fact that children are still in mandatory detention.
    8.The assumption that when you’re an atheist that you don’t believe in anything. I believe in people and their ability to change. Hope and civil liberties are pretty cool too.
    9.When people are unable to take responsibility for their actions and the pain they have caused. Not, I’m sorry you’re upset; it should be I’m sorry I was a selfish arse.
    10. People who know better, earning an income from exploiting the naïve and ignorant views of others. They are exploiting people who have the desire to be correctly informed and educated on subjects and rely on them as a source of leadership, reassurance and knowledge. If they just stick to facts they are not at risk of losing their audience, income or inflated egos. People’s capacity to change and understand is much greater than they think!

    Pfft! Anyhoo, that feels better.

    Go the falcon


    • Pam, I like having you here. I’m with you on ALL of your hates. Particularly the idea that little girls must wear pink. I gave Lexy and SuperDik a blue jacket for their gorgeous little girl. I love blue. I’m currently wearing a blue skirt and teal stockings. There is no reason why blue has to be for boys. And the “new apology” – “I’m sorry IF you are offended”, not “I’m sorry I was offensive”.

    • Conservative liberal economics? I don’t get it which one do you hate?

  6. Wow. We seriously could be twins, except that I hate the feel of silk *shudder*. My list:
    1. John Howard. I could feel my blood pressure rise every time I saw him on my TV screen. It started with the Patrick Stevedores dispute and grew into a white-hot fury after that, increasing every time he opened his mouth. Seeing him AND George W Bush on my TV at the same time could cause my head to explode.
    2. People who say, “I just tell it like it is”. By which they mean, “I’m going to be a rude, arrogant, ignorant prick and you can’t do anything about it because I’m pretending it’s noble honesty.”
    3. People who dismiss vile sexism and violence towards women (particularly in advertising) as a joke or ‘irony’, and who try to win the argument by saying, “But I’m a woman and I thought it was funny”… therefore it can’t possibly be sexism because one female commenter is obviously representative of all women.
    4. Mangoes. The smell of them reminds me of dirty feet. Ugh. And yes, I know there are two kinds of mangoes and yes, I hate them both, and no, I’m not confusing them with paw paws.
    5. People who find out I’m a Christian and assume they know my ideologies and political leanings. Hint: I don’t vote Liberal, Tony Abbott does not represent me, I don’t think women should stay at home and out of positions of power, I don’t believe in 7-day creation and I swear like a drunken sailor.
    6. Internet trolls. Enough said.
    7. People who excuse bad spelling/grammar with “but language evolves”. Yes it does, but I don’t want to see it evolve to the point where “I definately want to go their” and “For all intensive purposes” is acceptable.
    8. I hate when people find out I was abused in childhood and when I explain that it wasn’t sexual abuse they dismiss it as though it wasn’t real or valid.
    9. People who update their facebook status 15 times a day with things like “I’m so angry! Why are people so mean to me? I feel so hurt!! Some people think they’re so awesome but they’re not!” and then when someone asks what’s wrong they say, “Nothing… I can’t talk about it on facebook.”
    10. Grass. As in the stuff that grows on your lawn. I don’t want to walk on it, I don’t want to sit on it, I don’t want to mow it. It’s useless.

    Wow. Seems I have some hate inside me – this list was pretty easy to compile.

    • Wah, so many of them I completely agree with! ( I don’t mean that I DISAGREE that you feel that way about the ones that I either don’t dislike or haven’t personally experienced!), but I totally gets the FB one, and the Howard one, and the ‘tells it like it is’ one…oh so very, very true!

      • I’m nodding furiously too. I hate it when people complain about political correctness. They’re just mad that others now point out that they are being an arsehole when they use someone’s race/gender/beliefs/disability as an insult or a joke (which is really an insult).

        • Interesting point of view. I’ve bitched about political correctness when people use it to confuse the idea of ‘tolerance’ with the idea of ‘acceptance’. Acceptance is not tolerance, they are two very different things. I think it’s a fair point to make and mixing those two ideas together really does hamper any serious discussion about tolerance.

          Added bonus: paying out political correctness always goes down will with the CWM! 😉

    • Why did the Patricks dispute annoy you? Are you friends with wharfies or sympathetic to the criminal class generally?

    • Who can hate mangoes? They’re the babelfish of fruit.

      • I wish I did like them. They look delicious. But oh, the SMELL.

        • I love mangoes but I recognise that the smell of a ripe mango is suspiciously similar to the smell of domestic LPG.
          Somewhat like there is a faint hint of, I don’t know, butyric acid or something as part of the flavour compound in coriander, which I love, but that faint hint is almost the ENTIRE scent profile of Vietnamese mint, which to me just smells and tastes of vomit and cat pee.

  7. When I lived in the UK in the late nineties a new era of charity collecting began, where people didn’t just expect you donate a few quid there and then (or buy a lottery ticket), but instead pestered you commit yourself to an ongoing direct debit arrangement. The people collecting were no longer volunteers but very broke/motivated students and backpackers working on commission – and were commonly known as “chuggers” ie. “charity muggers” – for their overly aggressive tendency to accost you on the street. I think Greenpeace started it first.

  8. This was a harder exercise than I first imagined – apparently I’m not as bitter and twisted as I think I am. Once again, these are in no particular order:

    1. Smokers who insist on lighting up beside me in public places, and then looking morally outraged when I ask them to put it out. Yes, I do recognise your right to smoke, but I’d appreciate it if you also recognised my choice not to inhale passive smoke everywhere I go.
    2. Poor spelling/grammar, with the “language evolves” justification. The next time that I see someone write a sentence that includes “ma peepz” or “gr8”, there’s a fair chance that I’ll beat them to death with a dictionary.
    3. People looking at me like I’m Satan when I tell them that I don’t want kids. Just because I can breed, doesn’t mean that I should automatically want to. I’m selfish and have the emotional intelligence of a 9-year-old. Besides, dirty nappies and crying in the middle of the night are really going to impact on my debaucherous lifestyle.
    4. Inane Facebook status updates, such as “It’s cold” or “I hate Mondays”. Really, that’s the most interesting thing you have going on in your life to tell everyone about?
    5. Telling people in the office that I’m busy and am not available for twenty minutes, only to have one of those people try and put someone through to me five minutes later.
    6. Places that make a huge song and dance about Product XYZ for under $100.00, when the advertised price is $99.99.
    7. People who never admit that they are wrong. If you fuck up, own up.
    8. Pulp in orange juice. It’s just wrong, and worse when people expect you to mix vodka with it.
    9. People who put ice cube trays back into the freezer empty. This really needs no explanation.
    10. People who assume that they are better than someone else, based purely on material possessions or their perceived social standing. Just having designer sunglasses and a BMW doesn’t make you a better human being than the guy sleeping in the bus shelter.

    Gee, I really hate a lot of things that people do, don’t I?

    • No, you don’t hate a lot of things that people do. I found the hate one a lot harder to do than the love one – the latter being a long list that I had to cull. And most of the hates are just strong dislikes.

      I prefer pulpy juice, but when you’re adding vodka it becomes a problem – manky pulpy glasses the next day.

    • Bravo number 2 and number 9. As for the smoking I hate when you are smoking out of everyones way specifically because you don’t wish to upset non-smokers and some wanker comes to where you are for no other purpose than making a song and dance of the fake coughing – fuck off.

      • kimsonof, people really do that? When the next pompous, mightier than thou fucker puts their dancing shoes on, try putting the cigarette out on their forehead – that’ll take their mind off the fake cough.

        • Hell yeah they do. At my last posting we had one tiny outdoor area which was the only place we were permitted to smoke and people would bring their lunch down and carry on about it. There is an area for eating you lunch you bastards.

          • Call me a spiteful prick, but if I was a smoker and someone did that, I’d want to go and buy the biggest cigar that I could find. I’m talking about something that would scare Castro – nothing signals revenge like a Cohiba the size of a zucchini.

      • I applaud your considerate smoking.

  9. Okay, I hate:
    1. Cruelty
    2. The excessive use of owls on crafty things, including coin purses, children’s clothing… oh, just everywhere
    3. Book covers that feature the latest fad, such as macaroons
    4. Pizzas with too much topping
    5. Restaurant menus that just list ingredients as a dish, like: “bluefin tuna, lavender, wasabi, quail egg, EVO” (that is Extra Virgin Olive Oil, just in case you don’t know).
    6. The way I wear out my shoes so quickly (if only I had wings, my shoes would last so much longer)
    7. Make-up and cosmetics generally
    8. Jeans – they are so unforgiving (or maybe I just don’t know how to buy a pair that fit)
    9. Racists who deny that they are racists
    10. Arsehole bosses – I’ve run away from so many of them

    • I don’t know if it helps (not knowing what you look like) but I have a big bum and thighs and have found that men’s jeans fit me better. They are higher-waisted so you don’t flash your crack at everyone when you sit down, and the denim is thicker so it holds you in and they last longer.

    • Jean shopping can bedifficult.
      My theory is to take a friend who can be your runner from the racks to the changing rooms or find a nice shop assistant and get their help. Grab at least 5 styles you want to try on, in at least two sizes (it soulds like a lot, but it is easier to do this in bulk.
      You have to be in the right frame of mind to buy jeans too, PMS is NOT the right frame of mind-time.
      Oh, and really do by jeans a little smaller than you want them, they will stretch out by just under a size, depending on the denim (raw denim stretches more).
      Stay away from stretch denim. Always.

      • Or go when it’s likely to be quiet and go up to the shop assistant and say “I’m after a pair of jeans. This is what I like, this is what I don’t like, and now, over to you”. They’ll give you a thousand pairs to try on, but keep an open mind.

  10. I used to wear my husband’s jeans but now they don’t fit either! I give up. Skirts are the way to go. But thank you for reminding me that if I ever attempt to buy jeans again, I should go to the men’s section.

  11. This is much much harder than the previous ten.

    1 – adults who cycle on the pavement
    2 – adults who cycle on the pavement
    3 – adults who cycle on the pavement……you can see how much I dislike them!
    4 – Chuggers
    5 – the proliferation of traffic lights at every intersection
    6 – transiting airports
    7 – the way that the new operators of the metro have changed us from passengers to consumers
    8 – the way radio and tv like to have at least two men to every one woman and more often than not three men to every one woman
    9 – the loss of good arable land to housing
    10 – drunken guys who take to the dance floor and dominate the space

  12. 1. The Howard legacy of intolerance, starting with the “children overboard” lies. Fear & distrust of anyone who is different is now much more prevalent in the Australian community than it used to be, in part because the man who was PM at the time legitimised it.
    3. Would of, could of, should of. NO! NO! NO! It’s would have, could have, should have. My grammar is far from perfect, but that particular error really grates on me.
    4. Door to door salespeople. Particularly Optus and their habit of sending a second salesperson around a few days or weeks after the first (as if I’ve changed my mind). Last week the gap between first salesperson and second salesperson knocking on my door was one hour. No, I don’t want to change my communications company, I haven’t changed my mind in the last hour, and even if I did my decision wouldn’t be based on a whim because your salesperson knocked at my door, it would be based on my opinion of the different communications companies and my comparing the plans available.

    Can I stop at four?

  13. I share the hate of most of you on most things and won’t even go to a restaurant that lists it’s EVOO separately but I’d just like to say a) don’t assume parents dress their kids in pink out of some naff desire on their parts. I HATE pink but since having daughters, my life has become a sea of pink and I have capitulated rather than fighting non bloody stop. For some people it seems pink is an evolutionary imperative, even when your mother says ‘but the pink one is hideous. Why don’t you want blue?!’. And b) you kind of can’t win on the bikes on footpath thing – I hate being told by irate drivers to ride on the footpath and by pedestrians to ride on the road! When I am with my kids, I ride on the footpath some of the time. It is perfectly legal. It is safe. Get over it.

    Oh, I also hate people who do have enough money refusing to support charities. Don’t cry poor if you’re on a salary of 200k+. Pathetic.

    • Loranna,

      I know it is legal for adults to ride on the footpath when supervising children under 12 and have no problem with that after all I have done that myself when my children were younger.

      But I find it absolutely reprehensible for cycle commuters to utilize the pavement to save a few minutes wait on turns but still continue to ride at speed and just give a cheery wave to the poor pedestrians they come so close to knocking over. It only takes one backward shove and the pedestrian can die from the impact with the paving.

      • Yeah, I’m ok with people riding on pavements as long as they slow down for pedestrians and ring their bells with enough distance for the pedestrian to realise what the noise is and move to the side of the path, or move their kids/prams etc.

        • But why should the pedestrian who has a right to the pavement have to grab a child’s hand to pull them to safety or move a pram out of the way for an adult on a bicycle who is not prepared to ride legally on the road? And how about the elderly with shopping who are less able to move with agility? If you are fit and thirty ride in the bike lanes.

    • Lorana,
      Thank you for reminding me it’s EVOO, not EVO (I don’t go to those restaurants either – I just read the menus on the window and cringe). Also, I’m with you on the pink thing – I have two daughters and since most of our clothes are hand-me-downs, unfortunately there is a lot of pink in there. I wish they didn’t wear so much of it, but they do. They like it. To fit in, I suppose. At least I can rejoice in the fact that Pippi Longstocking is one of their heroes (no pink on her! AND the strongest girl in the world).

  14. Oh, bloody hate iPad making it look like I don’t know my it’s from my its and now can’t fix it. Hate bad grammar, especially from my students.

  15. Oh goody, let the vitriol begin.
    1) My pet hate this week is walking smokers. Stationary smokers I can deal with, but getting trapped behind someone walking with a cigarette is vile. I smoked for 20 years, and I didn’t feel the need to do it while I was walking. STAND FUCKING STILL.
    2) The expression ‘the C bomb’ (I am sort of OK with ‘the C word’, fair enough, not everyone likes to use that language). For fucks sake though, it is not a bomb, it is a word, CUNT. There I said it.
    3) Salmon. I like other fish, I even like other pink fish (SNICKER) like trout, but salmon is ick.
    4) Negativity in the office. You know what? It is NOT perfect, but your eye rolling and general road blocking do NOT make it any easier. Get the fuck on with it (Of course some offices are just shit, but mine isn’t, it is pretty good. If you are just going to be a cunt, you can fuck off).
    5) The incorrect use of the word impact/impacts/impacting. Unless you are being squashed into the ground by a meteor, packed into a box, or having your wisdom teeth out, it is effect/affect.
    6) Public speaking. This makes me sick to my stomach and panicky. I am getting better though.
    7) People who can take the piss out of others and think they are hilarious, but can’t take it back. English men I have noticed in particular have this problem, especially if the other party is female.
    8 ) Feeling stupid.
    9) accidentally biting tinfoil *shudder*.
    10) pulling hair out of plug holes *dry wretch*.

    I am sure there are more but it is time to stop procrastinating and do some work.

  16. 1) Flat tonic in my G&T from those soft drink guns in bars.
    2) People who say, “I’m not ***ist BUT …” and then proceed to say something terribly racist/sexist.
    3) Door to door salespeople who intrude on my privacy and wake my baby up by hammering on the door instead of pressing the FRIGGING DOORBELL (sorry – am clearly still storing up some repressed anger on that topic), and then don’t seem to understand why I’m not particularly friendly and don’t welcome them inside when I answer the door.
    4) Snooty waiters who say “sparkling or still?” when I ask for a glass of water with my meal, and then have the audacity to sniff when I reply “tap is fine”.
    5) Nasty people in the workplace who deliberately cause problems/conflicts because they love drama and think life should resemble an old episode of Melrose Place. For heavens sake, we’re all paid to be there, let’s just make the best of it and get on with the job at hand. Go create drama in your personal life and leave me out of it.
    6) Rudeness. Sometimes I wonder what has happened to people’s manners. I’m quite pregnant at the moment and a young woman tried to push in front of me on the train yesterday to claim the empty seat I was just about to sit down on. WTF??????
    7) Chuggers who probably don’t donate a cent of their own, trying to guilt softies like my mother into contributing more than she can afford, just so they can make a commission for themselves. All in the name of “charity”. It gives charity a bad name.
    8) The parents of bullies in public playgrounds who see their children being unkind or aggressive to other children and then doing nothing about it or even pretending not to see.
    9) People who make status updates like “I’m so upset!” on FB and then get all coy and saying “I don’t want to talk about it on FB” when someone asks why.
    10) When I cook something and it doesn’t work out. Grrrrrrr!

    • My “number 8” just turned into a smiley face when I posted. Weird. Not sure what I did there.

    • All but Number Three! Your list could be my list Take Two!

      I had to talk my not-particularly-bullying 5 year old this morning, because he got cross about something I or my 4 year said (can’t remember now) and he yelled in one of his classmates’ faces. She calmly said, ‘Don’t spit in my face.” I on the other hand marched over and told him NOT to take out his bad mood on someone else, it wasn’t her fault, and he should never do something like that again, even though he was feeling disappointed. However, I completely forgot to ask him to apologise. Ooops. He was pretty downcast. As he should have been!
      But I completely agree, that a parent pretending not to see unkind or aggressive behaviour when it is right in front of them, is condoning that behaviour and giving not-very-good-signals.

      • All but number three, that is, because apart from a very few hardy religion-salespeople, no-one is prepared to walk up our steep driveway and our two flights of stairs, and then repeat the process for my neighbours.

      • Actually, just acknowledging the situation by speaking to your son about his behaviour would have been enough for me. I don’t consider myself particularly strict, but I’m pretty firm on things like respecting others and other people’s property. Classic example of what I was talking about was only yesterday when my son was in the sandpit at the local park. He was playing quietly with his favourite toy, and another child came up to him, ripped his toy out of his arms and then refused to give it back. His mother was nearby and saw the whole thing and called out, “Sammy, that’s not very nice.” But then did nothing about it. So I had to then approach a strangers child, explain to him that he was welcome to come and share the toy, but he wasn’t allowed to take it away. The kid still didn’t want to return it so I then had to physically take it off him and return it to my son, which I felt quite awkward about. The mother watched the entire interaction and didn’t do a single thing throughout. Most parents I meet are fabulous, and all kids have their ups and downs (which hardly makes them “bullies”) but every now and then something like that comes up and it winds me up terribly.

    • Number 6 is a shocker. When I waqs growing up (which was in the 80’s just so you know) we got a hiding from our mothers if we failed to offer our seat to a lady – especially a pregnant one. I got told off for my sexism a few years ago after doing so but I still do it.

      • I think that offering the seat for fellow passengers, especially if they are old enough to have given birth to you is a sign of respect (not to mention – students – there is a big sign saying you have to stand). I find the “I will sit on the inside seat so that it is really hard for people to access the outside seat next to me” thing incredibly rude (and I may insist on sitting down..)

  17. Oooo I’m all about the hate…(hence the name)

    1. Tony Abbott…’nuff said.
    2. News Limited…as above
    3. The BoltMoncktonPlimerism insanity that passes for climate change denial “debate”
    4. Joe Hockey’s fat smug face on morning TV spouting his unbelievable bullshit with a straight face.
    5. The xenophobic, small minded, head-in-the-sand, backward looking, “it’ll cost me money so I don’t want it”, “where’s my handout for do nothing” part of the Australian public.
    6. That my parents, who I used to think were eminently rational, are now Coalition supporters and think Tony Abbott is a top bloke!
    7. People who walk slowly and erratically on the footpath
    8. The bulk importation of idiom from the cultural wasteland of the USA…it’s footpath not sidewalk, biscuits not cookies and bloody lollies not candy!
    9. Generation Y and their “all about me” attitude…now you kids get off my lawn!
    10. That my sister has become the golden child in my parents eyes because she has reproduced.

    Aaahhhh…that’s better!

  18. thefirstJanineonthisblog

    Cool, here I go (now I am going to have to go back and declare my likes):

    1. Cruelty to animals
    2. People who make money out of vulnerable people
    3. Injustice
    4. Any morning TV show
    5. Commercial radio
    6. Seeing to the letter box (I average a trip once a month and it is at the front door)
    7. Mindless and mean gossip
    8. Road ‘safety’ cameras (I am on the tenth month of a one point 12 month bond – a good reason for number 6)
    9. Vomiting and pooing in the mud at Glastonbury
    10. My mum’s homophobia

    • Pooing in the mud at Glastonbury?

    • Things I hate:
      1. Unsolicited advice from people with no stake in what they’re offering opinions about.
      2. Liberal dudes who are terribly earnest about how awful racism is but can’t be arsed thinking about sexism even though they have mothers/sisters/girlfriends/wives/daughters/anyoralloftheabove and have met two black people.
      3. Parents letting their children interrupt an adult conversation (eg. Me:Blah blah Derrida rhubarb cognitive dissonance.. Adorable child: Mummymumy! Mother: Yes darling what do you want that I can do for you immediately??)
      4. Temperatures above 20 degrees.
      5. People letting their off-lead dog run up to my on-lead dog and saying “It’s okay, he’s friendly!” (He won’t be friendly for long after my grumpy old bitch takes a chunk out of his nose).
      6. Urinals
      7. Public spitting
      8. People who’ve had 3 or more children lecturing others on environmental issues.
      9. Stephen Colbert’s stupid American fans who clearly don’t understand his clever ironic humour.
      10. The human condition.

      • I’d like to add to your excellent point #2: men who suddenly get vocal about sexism when they have a little girl. Sure, it’s great that they’re finally waking up to it, but we can do without the holier-than-thou lecture as though they are the only ones who know anything about sexism. Perhaps if they started said lectures with “oh my god, now I FINALLY get what you’ve been saying all this time, and that I’ve contributed to the sexist culture that we live in”, then I wouldn’t roll my eyes so much.

        • Does this mean Liberal as in the LIberal party or liberal as in left wing?

          • Small ‘l’ liberal was what I meant.

          • I have to say as a foreigner in Australia, I was extremely confused that your right wing political party are called the Liberals. Huh?
            It is another thing on my list of Australia-centric things that make no sense to me.
            Ohh, another list!
            1) One dollar coins are larger than two dollar coins.
            2) The fact that the whole country does not observe daylight savings. I could actually deal with that one, BUT then you throw South Australia in with their 30 minute daylight savings. What the fuck?
            3) Parramatta Road. The street numbering restarts in each suburb. FUCKING STUPID. 152 Parramatta Road in Stanmore is entirely different to 152 Parramatta Road in Petersham, or Cantebury. You do know that numbers are theoretically infinite, right??
            4) There is a highway in Adelaide that is one way. As in; it goes one direction in the morning, then they close it for a couple of hours (to sweep, apparently) and then it opens going the other way. Oh how I laughed.
            5) Yes, the whole ‘Liberal’ thing.

            That is all I can come up with for now. If I remember any more, I’ll come back.

      • Since when do you talk about Derrida?
        And how did you narrow it down to 10?

        • Re Derrida: I was just trying to convey the extreme dullness of adult conversation. Gawd do you remember how they’d blather on and on with no gaps into which we could insert a polite “excuse me” and wait to see if we were allowed to continue speaking??
          Yeah ten was tough.

          • That does make me think that I could put together a list of ten things I most hated about adults as a kid.
            1. Telling us we had to wait for a break in the adults’ conversation before we could say “excuse me”, when they never had breaks in the conversation.
            2. Out visiting. They make you stop playing because it’s time to go, strap you into your car seat then spend the next ten minutes standing next to the car talking. I could have used that time!
            3. Brother getting cooler presents, because he’s a boy.
            4. Being laughed at when trying to explain something Serious and Important.
            5. Teachers getting you to do stuff for them because you are the responsible one. Why not just paint a nice red, stripy target and staple it to my back?
            6. Trivializing relationship crises (H/T Pirra).
            That’s all I’ve got for now, but I bet there are four more lurking.

  19. 1. Daylight saving
    2. Daylight saving snobbery, i.e the attitude that anyone who doesn’t want daylight saving has to be a dimwit yokel fundamentalist
    3. Cities as permanent building sites (Can’t we just stop building our cities and just live in them?)
    4. The spiritually bereft urban blandness arising from #3 above
    5. Any executive salary over $300,000 p.a.
    6. Australia’s cultural obssession with war, sport and business
    7. Australia’s complete disregard for the arts and science, unless they promote #6 above
    8. Almost never getting a chance to see a film made by a woman
    9. Having my average working day hijacked by IT problems, when IT is supposed to be saving me work time
    10. Grotesquely cramped seating conditions on long-haul flights.

    • I’d like to add to #5 – companies that cry poor, yet post obscene profits.

    • 3. see NWN’s 10 amongst others. If more people are coming here to live (and I welcome them although I believe morally the Government should discourage the use of shitty Indo fishing boats and get refugees here in a safe manner quickly) then logically we will need more places for them to live.

      • The only way to stop people getting in boats is to significantly increase our humanitarian intake. It’s funny, you never hear the anti-boat-people mob, who go on and on about how they’re only against asylum seekers who arrive by boat because it’s unsafe, say that we should take more refugees. They’re nothing but concern trolls.

  20. 1. Bob Brown – He is the most arrogant smug little C*** on the earth.
    2. Kyle Sandilands – when I see his face in the paper’s I imagine quite vividly how much pleasure I would get from punching him in the face.
    3. People who write into the paper about how JWH lied about the GST and then ‘sprung’ it upon us. He caampaigned on it in the 1998 election and won the bloody thing therefore securing a mandate whether you like it or not. Also included in this group (as they are generally the same halfwits) those who think the GST is an addtitional tax which it isn’t as it replaced a mountain of different consumption taxes. Do your homework halfwits.
    4. The entire Oldfield family. It used to be just David but for spraying a stranger with Glen 20 his wife just made the list. What a cow.
    5. People who think The Da Vinci Code is real or who think it was a well written book.
    6. Cut finger and toe nails.
    7. PETA
    8. People who enforce a vegan diet on children – they should be removed from you you neglectful prats.
    9. The Justin Bieber movie – fuck it was awful.
    10. The census.

    • kimsonof
      Let’s hope we never sit next to one another at a dinner party. Bob Brown would occupy the first 5 places of my Ten Things I Love list.

      • Kimsonof, you saw the Justin Beiber movie? I didn’t even know there was one…

        I am with you on PETA. Their whole “animals as meat is not ok, but women as meat is perfectly fine” schtick is pathetic. Yes, I think we should treat animals ethically, and I buy meat from Rocky’s Food Chain (“happy animals, happy people”), but I find PETA so offensive and arrogant. Particularly when they throw red paint at people wearing fur. That’s not going to get them to stop wearing it. That just makes people hate you, which damages your cause.

        • I like the other PETA – People for Eating Tasty Animals. Being an omnivore works regrardless of whether you are a religious fundo (Genesis 1-28 And God blessed them, saying: Increase and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over the fishes of the sea, and the fowls of the air, and all living creatures that move upon the earth.) or en evolutionist (why else do we have canine teeth?)

      • Mine too! But we could at least talk about People Have Met Who Believe The Da Vinci Code Is Real.

      • Let’s agree to disagree as he is in my view a complete oxygen thief.

  21. I hate people who hate oysters. No… Ok you guys are still cool. :oP
    @ McDonkey: I think oysters have had a great “impact” on the Australian culinary scene, especially as an entree to BBQ salmon. Heh heh heh… 🙂

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