How to embarrass yourself on a national website

I know, I know, I really shouldn’t be looking at, but pointing out the stupid is just too much fun. Like this story on their homepage: misses the point in a big way misses the point in a big way

Why is Owen Vaughan, the news editor of an Australian website, writing about fashion trends in shops that aren’t in Australia?

THE look this summer is barely contained rage against rapists, neo-Nazis and, well, men in general.

Oh, this is just laughable. H&M is in the northern hemisphere and this is a fashion collection for the northern winter. You’d think the picture would be a dead giveaway that it’s not a summer look. Derr. I guess that’s what happens when you rip all your news from the Daily Mail. Very poor form not to give them credit for the story – five links in the re-write and not one to the original. In the rest of the world, we call passing someone else’s work off as your own, plagiarism.

Fashion chain H&M, the home of hip clothes that are destined for the recycling bin in just a matter months, has decided that every woman wants to be Lisbeth Salander, the permanently p***ed off hacker in Stieg Larsson’s best-seller The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo.

So you can channel your hatred for all men while still looking cute at the bar.

I haven’t read the books but even I know the original title is Men who hate women. And check out the reader comments:

Ellen of Adelaide
Obviously the author of this article hasn’t read the books as Lisbeth hates men who hate women, there’s a difference. And she’s not permanently p***ed off, she just chooses her friends wisely.

Confused of Hobart
At what stage in the story did Lisbeth profess her hate for all men???

Lisbeth doesnt hate men, she’s just very aware of how some men treat vulnerable women.

Evelyn Joy of Sydney
If you read the books you would get that she is not a man hater but a victim of the most brutal crimes.This hard edged look is very sexy.

Oh, how embarrassing for you, Owen Vaughan.

14 responses to “How to embarrass yourself on a national website

  1. THE look this summer is barely contained rage against rapists, neo-Nazis and, well, men in general.
    Oh, I do love flippant references to rape when talking about fashion. And I can’t wait to rush out to H & M for my new winter….er, SUMMER look. (How much is a ticket to London these days?)

    And yes, agree – the character was in no way permanently pissed off, nor did she hate all men. She wasn’t too happy with the man who used a position of power to rape HER, but you know… I think that’s fair enough. I assume the angry, man-hating chick bit stems from the fact that she had a female lover for part of the book. Likes girls = hates men. Sigh.

    • I wonder if Owen Vaughan believes that it’s bad to be angry at rapists, or if he just thinks rape jokes are funny. Mind you, the two are not that dissimilar.

      • Interesting that the Daily Mail article doesn’t once mention rape or man-hating or looking “cute in bars” – it talks about the Lisbeth’s strength and vulberability in the book. So they’ve plagiarised an article about something completely irrelevant to us in Australia, left out the good bits and added in rape jokes, tired stereotypes about strong women being man-haters and condescending remarks about looking cute. That’s quite an achievement for such a pointless article.

  2. Perhaps Owen is hoping for a gig with WW or NI. I have not read the book but looking at the pics I find this type of fashion pretty acceptable so I am somewaht perplexed as to the problem . Once again lazy journalism(and I use the term lightly) is the winner, cut and paste/invent a story with no relevance/twist a book plot to justify the tripe. I could go on and on but we all know what to expect from news .And given that Owen has no shame apparently, there is no chance of him being embarrassed.

  3. That makes me think of this:
    I imagine Vaughn can’t even say that.

  4. All I had to say about the original story on Twitter: “I threw up in my brain a little”. Because, yeah, I think a remake of a film based on a book whose title literally translates as ‘Men Who Hate Women’ – and IMHO comes way too close to being the respectable face of rape-as-entertainment culture – is a hot trend.


  5. You know one day the stupid will be so bad on .news that it will burn your eyes right out of your skull.

  6. Also, this way of dressing is something which is adopted as a way of life, it’s not something people put on for a season.

    • Fashion always borrows from sub-cultures and makes it pretty and disposable for the mainstream.

      I had an interesting discussion with a journo about this story, He said it could have been an interesting story about why fashion is turning to anti-heroes at this point in time, but instead was just pointless drivel.

  7. There is a kind of underlying anxiety in his writing which I find quite heartening. Expressions of fear of reprisal for rape culture might mean men have picked up a whiff of revolution in the air; signs of a real third wave.

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