The awesome stickyness of sticks

On Wednesday night, our neighbours gave us a stick.

Not just any stick.

This stick:

The Stick

Behold, the stick!

(As you can see, we still have to hang our pictures after painting the walls. I got this one in Moscow, boast boast.)

It’s 2.3m long.

You’re probably wondering why they gave this great stick to us. I know if I had a stick this great (actually, I do have a stick this great), I’d be reluctant to give it away. They had been arguing over who owned the stick. The Happy Imbiber found it, but soon discarded it. The Lady of the Colours picked it up because, frankly, it’s not often you find a stick this good in the city. The Happy Imbiber then said it was still his stick, because he found it, and even though he had thrown it away.

This is where ManFriend and I come in. We heard them in the stairwell, and I stuck my head out the door to wolf whistle and check he had pants on. There had been an incident earlier in the day, involving a present of a rockmelon at the front door and when I went upstairs to say thanks, their door was wide open. I don’t know who blushed the most.

Anyway, to solve the problem of who owned the stick, the Lady of the Colours gave it to us. The Happy Imbiber was much confused, but everyone agreed it was the right thing to do.

So, what should we do with it?

Update 15 November: We’ve attracted another stick (insect). This one is 30cm long:

Stick insect

Our stick is so hot it has attracted a mate

If there’s weird stick-stick sex later, I’ll let you know.

18 responses to “The awesome stickyness of sticks

  1. Surely a stick like that cries out to have a tufty sixties handwoven wall hanging suspended from it?

  2. It looks pretty good right there, actually. And that is a fine stick; even finer given it was found in the city.

  3. “So, what should we do with it?”

    You could answer the question: What’s brown and sticky?

  4. Mount it on the wall like a curtain rod and hang stuff of it. (Like xmas cards, or baubles and change what’s hanging according to mood/time) Or you could make it a “Lord of the Flies” type conch/ talking stick. Only whoever is holding the stick is allowed to talk. Or threaten assholes with it. “My rules my house, you be an asshole, prepare to meet my stick!”

    Take it sight seeing and post the pictures, … … …

    (It’s possible I am avoiding Monday right now.)

    • Kinda like when ManFriend’s sister and El Camino took Stunt Truck on their honeymoon to Mexico.

      Mother ManFriend suggested it could have a blog of its own. But what if Stick got more readers? Upstaged by a bloody stick.

  5. Nice stick. but I have a serious case of poster envy. Bit of an aeroplane nut……As for the stick, as Rhiannon said, 70’s wall hanging but dont forget lime green, The other alternative, mount a goat skull to the top amd you will be the envy of all at your next pagan gathering.

  6. F—en brilliant stick, Kim. If it were mine, I’d tie it to my roof racks and just drive around with it for a couple of weeks before thinking about what to do with it long-term. You got roof racks?

  7. Dear NWN,
    Thats a whippy stick , for whipping chickens. Michael Leunig wrote about them in the olden days . Use it to keep your chooks in line ,good on roosters.

  8. Flashy Chooks

  9. I keep a stick in my house. It is used at the time of year when the spiders go mad making webs across the footpath. Then I take the stick with me when I go out walking at night and use it to swish any webs out of my face. I live only 7km from the city centre but even so there is plenty of wild life around that is not human.

    The rest of the year it resides in a corner collecting queries from confused guests. An example of the wild in a suburban room automatically draws the eye.

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