The price is right

It’s odd that the lobster is fashion shorthand for “out there”. Isabella Blow, Roisin Murphy, Lady Gaga… “Whoa, she’s wearing a lobster, she must be kooky”. I wonder if it’s because we were taught in high school art that when Dali stuck one on a telephone it was the weirdest thing you could do, and the idea has stuck around like a Passion Pop hangover.

Anyway, because I can’t afford ANYTHING by the fabulous Isabella Blow:

Isabella Blow lobster necklace

Isabella Blow lobster necklace (Image: Strawberige)

And it’s a little known fact that the UN sets limits on how much Tatty Devine one person is allowed to own:

Tatty Devine lobster necklace

Tatty Devine lobster necklace

I made this:

lobster necklace

Imitation is the best form of being a poor uni student

And it was only $5.95.

And it squeaks when you squeeze it. Bet Isabella Blow didn’t think of that.

15 responses to “The price is right

  1. That made me very happy indeed.
    Does anyone else get the ‘rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle’ reference, because squeaking lobsters reminded me of it somehow.

    • Rubber chickens are inherently funny. Especially those one that you squeeze and the ‘egg’ comes out and then goes back in. In out in out, until you can capture the yolk on the outside. Except when you leave them in the car in summer and the ‘egg’ bursts. That bit’s not very funny.

  2. Geez, you really are in writer’s block hell.

  3. You could have used a real lobster and made it a mobile, aesthetically pleasing snack; it would have massacred the $5.95 budget, however.

  4. thefirstJanineonthisblog

    Sydney Fish Market’s lobster? I have one, painted it silver and attached it to a long blonde wig for a Gaga dress up. Lobster = style.

  5. Which UN agency enforces the limits on personal Tatty Devine ownership?

  6. And lobsters are easier to wear than swans…
    Makes me think of the play by Sam Shepherd and Patti Smith – Cowboy Mouth.

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