Agony Uncles looks like a pain in the arse

After QandA last night (oh Germaine, it was so disappointing to see one of Australia’s most prominent feminists criticise Julia Gillard for her body and her clothing, what are you, the Daily Telegraph?), the ABC ran a promo for a new show called Agony Uncles. You can see the promo on the ABC website. The show starts tomorrow and, since promos always feature the best bits, it looks like it’ll be some of the least ground-breaking, least interesting television you’ll see in a while. Which is a shame, since it’s from Adam Zwar (Lowdown and Wilfred – two shows I caught from time to time that were pretty amusing). It’s Grumpy Old Men doing the whole Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus thing. What a hoot that’s going to be.

A few quotes from the promo:
“Any time she asks for your honest opinion, you’re being asked to lie.” (Waleed Aly)

“How many girls you slept with? Never. Tell. Them.” (Josh Lawson)

“If you befriend their less attractive friend, they’ll get jealous and be interested in you.” (Tim Ross)

“If you’ve got a wife that you’re sick of, and you want to get a woman on the side, it’s better that she’s married because she’s not going to spill the beans,” (John Elliott)

“If they’ve got Daddy issues, run a mile because seriously, you’re going to be part boyfriend, potential husband, and the rest of the time you’re camp counsellor. Stay away.” (Tim Ross) (Tim Ross also says that it helps if her Mum’s got the hots for you, which suggests that he might be the one with parental issues.)

It’s no good having sheilas that are no good in bed.” (John Elliott)

One can only imagine how “good” John Elliott is in bed.

I feel sorry for people who view the opposite sex in such cliched terms. They can’t have very interesting friendships if this is how they view women. And how good can your relationships be if you deliberately manipulate a woman’s self-esteem because she’s physically attractive, and you think lying to your partner is funny? Comments like these reveal more about these 18 men than they do about women.

19 responses to “Agony Uncles looks like a pain in the arse

  1. Lol I have to say I did laugh out loud at your comments about Tim Ross’s parental issue and John Elliot’s bed skills.

  2. Caught this promo last night, too. Lady wife said: “Looks good! I wonder if they’ve got Matthew Newton to host it?”

  3. What the fuck is Waleed Aly doing in this. I thought he was pretty cool.

  4. Surprised and DISGUSTED. Especially since in general, in public, he appears to have a lot of respect for his wife.
    This whole show sounds like yet another attempt to maintain some sort of ridiculously binary gender war.

  5. Can’t wait for the episode about our map reading skills…

  6. Just for larfs, there’s going to be a follow-up called ‘Agony Aunts’ in a few months. Something to look forward to. Not.

  7. How could they replace my beloved “Outland” with this brain silage?

  8. “If you befriend their less attractive friend, they’ll get jealous and be interested in you.”

    Ew. That’s right out of the PUA handbook – negging.

  9. SO did anyone watch it?

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