I need your help

Ok internet, I need some help with this one. In the 80s my parents had a timeshare in Coffs Harbour (Nautilus Resort) and we’d send my older brother to the front desk to request movies that we’d never be allowed to watch if our parents saw the covers. The movies would play on all tvs in the resort at the same time. That bit’s not really important.

Anyway, there was this movie about two best friends. Weren’t all movies in the 80s about two best friends? One of the teenagers has just been given the same sensible bob haircut that her posh mother has. Daughter is very unimpressed. Mum is saying how adorable she looks. Hairdresser says she’s as cute as a button. And daughter replies, “who’d want to fuck a button?”.

She then goes home and cuts her hair into spikes and then goes to the fair with her friend and they go on the rollercoaster and we get to see boobs and they pash boys and have loads of fun.

Does anyone know the name of this film? Because I feel a little bit that way about my new haircut. Wild Mane of Fun has been replaced by Sensible Bob and I DIDN’T ASK FOR THAT.

But I do really want to know the name of this film.

25 responses to “I need your help

  1. It’s ‘Breaking all the rules’ from 1985 http://www.fast-rewind.com/breaking_all_the_rules.htm – it even has seen a remake in 2004 …

  2. Did you go to Gabriel at Morse? He’s never let me down thus far …

    PS: WordPress is asking me to log-in before I post comments (?). I didn’t realise I had a wordpress account in the first place.

    • Oh, you too? So many people are having problems with wordpress on their phones.

      No, I didn’t try Gabriel at Morse. In the old days I would have gone to Dr What in Bondi Junction. But now that it’s the future, I just asked the internet and got an answer immediately.

    • HI Melski can you please tell me what you think of morse for hair? I am looking for a good local hairdresser.R

      • I have no idea what he’s like as a hairdresser but he’s not very good at answering his bloody phone. I left three messages over two weeks and he didn’t call me back. So I went somewhere else. I recommend Alex at Doppelganger on Enmore Road.

        • As a stylist he’s fabulous. A native New Yorker with amazing technical skill, good intuition about what is going to work and never tries to flog you expensive products unless you bring it up first. However not returning three phone messages over a two week period is ridiculous. Am not surprised you went elsewhere. I will mention this to him next time I see him.

  3. You can watch the whole thing on Youtube. It has 9 parts.

    • I know! It’s some kind of wonderful. Oh wait, that’s a different movie.

      Rose, welcome to the News with Nipples.

      • I *loved* Some Kinds of Wonderful. For some reason I was always drawn to movies featuring a black sheep heroine who didn’t fit in with her white bread peers. Growing up in the Shire, I can’t imagine why …

        Pretty in Pink was another favourite.

    • “It’s some kind of wonderful.”

      I’d just like to point out that watching movies on YouTube is copyright infringement and if people don’t start taking notice of trade agreements such as ACTA and other things that are in the works, in a few years it may be a criminal offense.

        • In some European countries like Poland there was marching in the streets when their governments signed ACTA. Over here, it didn’t even get reported. I’m not saying that marching is the best way to stop laws you don’t like, but maybe people need to pay closer attention to the details of what gets passed, signed or voted on by elected representatives. The news media does not appear to help in this regard.

  4. Another excellent 80s girl liberation movie was Times Square.
    I’d recommend it.

  5. Gabriel Morse at Morse for Hair. He’s tops and very much the “anti-sensible bob” stylist. If you decide you still don’t like your new haircut, then consider asking him to salvage it.

  6. thedailymagnet

    Dang privacy considerations – I want to see the hatchet job that happened to your hair, and the solution – can you do an anonymous photo with a bugs bunny mask on or something NWN?

  7. Hello KP,
    Off topic, but I noticed a classic content rip at news.com.au today and thought of you. A friend emailed me an amusing viral clip this morning about some little kids in the States freaking out at a person in a panda suit.

    A couple of hours later, someone else sent me the same clip, housed in a news.com.au page and complete with a “story” about how the little kids in a US nursery had been frightened by the silly ol’ panda. This powerful report from the front lines of YouTube was penned by a very serious looking journalist by the name of Robert Burton-Bradley. His dispatch is limited, in its entirety, to describing what happens in the video. Too funny for words …

  8. thedailymagnet

    Oh no, not sensible hair – next you’ll be working for AFR.

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