The Adventures of Feminist Dad

On twitter today, Princess Nowhere, Emily Maguire, Clementine Ford (I keep some impressive internet company, eh?) and I were mocking lots of things, including the whole “every man becomes a feminist when he has a daughter” bollocks. Male journalists/opinion writers seem particularly vulnerable to this problem. And so, The Adventures of Feminist Dad was born… (I’ve tweaked the original a little)

The Adventures of Feminist Dad

The Adventures of Feminist Dad

Should we make this A Thing?

If I get better at drawing/scanning/putting clearer images in this blog, should we make this A Thing?

Who is Feminist Dad?

36 responses to “The Adventures of Feminist Dad

  1. I *love* it.
    In fact, I love it so much I just shared via my Facebook timeline, which is a bigger deal than it seems as I never do that stuff.
    Mmmm … awesomeness.

  2. Yes. This should definitely become A Thing.

  3. I would vote for making it a regular thing.

    Perhaps you might also consider putting some extra cleverness in the mouseover text. It seems to work for XKCD. I think it would suit this too.

    • Sue, I think you’re over-estimating my tech abilities…

      • I don’t know to what degree WordPress separates the author from the code, but it is really only a matter of changing the title text for the image. In this case

        The Adventures of Feminist Dad

        would become

        The Adventures of Feminist Dad

        It is just a thought.

        • Thank you for fixing my braces. But now it seems my attempt at giving example code has become an example of code in action. Anyway, the point I was trying to make is that if it is something you decide you are interested in doing, it is not difficult.

  4. g2-33c04e9f8b6032a33d7786368738d252

    It’s only in the last couple of years I’ve heard people call maternity leave “Mat leave” – talking of “things”. It always makes me think “doormat”. NOT the best association for such an excellent and necessary thing!
    On the other hand, something being shortened like that means it’s being mentioned more, which is a good sign.

    • I think something weird happend to your name…

      I’ve only heard people in recruitment call it mat leave. It makes me think of doormat leave, too. I used the term because I didn’t have much space.

  5. A yes vote from me too. Will you consider taking submissions?

  6. Yes, it should definitely be a Thing!

    Also, I’ve only ever heard it called mat leave by HR officers.

  7. g2-33c04e9f8b6032a33d7786368738d252

    Oh, that’s my new name.
    WordPress has decided that henceforward I am g2-33c04e9f8b6032a33d7786368738d252 . But you may call me g2.

  8. Love it. You know who’s the Daddy of all Feminist Daddies — Sam De Brito, that’s who. He can really call out a sexism when he sees it.

    • He sure is. In fact, I think he even wrote a column about how every man becomes a feminist once he has a daughter. Coz, you know, if that was true, we’d have no sexism ANYWHERE.

      • And that from a man who thinks it’s OK to blog about not wanting to shag women with large derrieres. Not that he can’t be generous though, ’cause, you know, he’s shagged hundreds of women — just showing his love for the sisterhood, of course.

        • While De Brito does seem a stand-out candidate for FD of The Year, the final winner might have to be Barak Obama, who gets this kind of sycophantic appreciation:
          for infantilizing an adult woman by discussing her activism in terms of parental approval, while also managing to tacitly imply that he may not agree with Fluke about reproductive rights AND routinely making sexist jokes about his own daughters to win “regular dad” points. Attempting to play both sides of the aisle the way he does is virtuoso FD behaviour.

  9. g2-33c04e9f8b6032a33d7786368738d252

    This is a bit related to the trope of “Let’s just try to make them think how {bad or criminal behaviour in question} would seem if someone was doing it to your mum, or your daughter.” NO. Everyone hates bad things happening to their loved ones, it doesn’t cause them generally to give a shit about social change as long as “their women” are “protected” (as opposed to, generally safe in society as a whole.) It also encourages the ownership model of relationships. I think this feeds into the falseness you’re identifying in some of the “feminist Dad” revelation.

    • g2. I think your comment brings together and puts into words all the fragments of thought that have been in my head since seeing the cartoon. Thank you.

  10. It *must* be a thing. It absolutely must.

  11. I support this proposal!

  12. Yes, a thing, make it so!

  13. It needs to be a thing!

    And my view on the whole feminist dad thing? How about we don’t make babies with men who aren’t feminists already?

  14. Bit simplistic I reckon.

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