This is me

News with Nipples at Franz Josef glacier in NZ

News with Nipples at Franz Josef glacier in NZ

(Ok, so it’s me from 2009, but all my recent photos include friends or the incredibly handsome ManFriend and it’s not my place to post photos of them here.)

The News with Nipples isn’t a pokey little place on the internet anymore. Ha ha, pokey little place. So I reckon it’s time to put a face to the nipples and introduce myself to new readers. Helloooo, new readers! My, what an intelligent, sexy bunch you are. Ha ha, sexy bunch. Gawd, it never ends. Ha, ends.

I’m a former journalist and now world’s worst doctoral student. I’m researching online news quality and what it means for young people who get their news this way. I drink too much, swear all the time, and have tinnitus from seeing bands. I think summer is revolting and winter is fabulous. At the moment, I’m single-handedly eating all the chocolate caramel slice in the bakeries in this suburb.

This is me. Tell me about you.

69 responses to “This is me

  1. I canโ€™t remember how I found your blog, but I googled something media or gender-related as part of my own doctoral study in politics (now completed โ€“ there is a light at the end of the tunnel). I am an erstwhile partner of one, mother of four, primary carer of someone with a disability, and depressed public servant while I decide what I want to do when I grow up.

    I find myself nodding in agreement when you write about some of the anomalies in the way the mainstream media represents women โ€ฆ I read your blog whenever you update, but this is a rare comment.

  2. I’m a feminist dad!

  3. I have my Gran’s recipe for choc caramel slice. You want?

  4. You know bits about me.
    I am in my thirties…am recovering from depression and anxiety…amd on my P-plates…
    I have two kids in their…single-digits.
    I am studying IT and Systems Analysis etc…after 12 years of doing not very much except a cafe market stall. (12 years since I last studied – a BA at USyd).
    And I get ma crankypants on at stupid complacent repetition of falsehoods and party-lines.
    I sing and draw (at times) and bellydance and write recipes.
    I have some really wonderful friends, some of whom are almost entirely online. I love parties.
    I am so relieved to be recovering from depression, I can’t tell you. Free of that motivation-sapping spectre that made my days a misery of exhaustion and fear and anger.
    I am so much more positive and confident now!
    I live with my parents and my older brother and my little boys. (And their waiting-for-housing other resident – and yes we only have one toilet between the seven of us).
    I love my brothers and sisters and nephews and nieces!

  5. I’m a public servant who tries not to comment about work. I blog and tweet about food mostly, some sport but mostly my love of warm humid weather.

  6. Hi
    As we are introducing ourselves. My real name is Tom 51 years old, 4 kids, my partner and I own a bookshop. I have a blog where I post my ultra amateur poetry. I am teaching myself Ancient Greek. I greatly enjoy this website, and enjoy following the various links.
    My hobbies include fighting Tories, and wasting time waiting to die.
    My motto is, – as arrogant as a UNIX administrator, and as pretentious as a Frenchman.

  7. you could photoshop out those people ahead of you, put in a right arm and right hand with Freddy Kruger or Edwards Scissorhands extension and give the impression you are scaling an icey wall

  8. i found you when i listened to your conversation with Richard Aedy on the Media Report about the photo of Lara Bingle. i was nodding in agreement with all of what you said, i liked how you said it.

    • Thanks. I’ve become Lara Bingle’s personal cheer squad because I’m so fucking cross with the way the MSM treats her. I have an article about it in next month’s issue of The King’s Tribune, so I’ll post a link when it’s out.

  9. My partner sent me your blog when you did the *hilarious* post on the Tatty Devine lobster (I’m a fellow TD fan). Then surprise, surprise, the more I read the more I liked your analysis and insights. So I sent it around to a couple of friends of mine, and they were also like, “yeah, right on!”. It was all pretty exciting. Since then, I’m a follower, and enjoying it very much.

    As for me: op shop fashion, trying to set up a fashion social enterprise working with people from refugee backgrounds (I blog on this), work part time at a university researching sexuality and education, love comics (did my MPhil on them).

    • I love that necklace. Sometimes I think ManFriend is more of a carer than a partner.

      I also love second hand clothes. Pretty much everything I own except underwear was previously loved.

      Want to give your social enterprise a plug? Floor’s yours.

  10. I’m a social worker, so I live in a permanent state of vicarious trauma from seeing and knowing about things that can never be discussed in polite company. I’m currently working on a joint project to produce age/experience – appropriate reading material for young people in state care who have literacy problems. I like beer and cats.

    • It’s an excellent time to be a beer fan. Current favourite is Roger’s. Yours?

      I don’t know how you do what you do, but I’m glad you do it. How do you make sure you don’t take everyone’s sadness and problems on as your own?

      • My favourite is anything very cold, consumed outdoors, preferably in a quiet bush setting, while laughing, with a person or persons I love.

        “How do you make sure you donโ€™t take everyoneโ€™s sadness and problems on as your own?”

        See above.

  11. I can’t recall exactly how I found you in cyberspace but I’m almost one hundred per cent certain it wasn’t the result of searching for nipples.

    How freakin’ amazing is chocolate caramel slice? One of the bakeries here in Mount Isa makes a sensational one and I’m contemplating asking the owners to ban me from the store for my own safety.

    As for my story, I’m 31. A journalist for a media organisation that may or may not be Fairfax. I drink far too much espresso, eat orange Tic Tacs like they are going out of fashion and have a penchant for lemon meringue pie with vanilla ice cream.

    I’ve started writing two books – one a work of fiction and the other a satirical cooking companion – but could not honestly tell you the last time I worked on either of them. I’m slack like that. Speaking of laziness, I now neglect my blog on an almost-permanent basis.

    I doodle in my diary and daydream a lot. I often think how cool it would be to own an antique bookshop or a record store, ร  la John Cusack in High Fidelity.

    I’m still trying to remember how I found you…

    • We must be dessert twins. But I’m a dessert slut – I want them all. Except the choc and orange combination. I don’t think it works at all.

      Your cooking companion book would be hilarious! Your food posts crack me up.

      Did you grow up in Mount Isa, or move there for work? What’s it like living there? It just seems so far away.

      • I’ve only been here since February. I grew up in a small country town so I kind of knew what to expect before my flight landed.

        I miss everything about Brisbane, including the noise and chaos. I’m going to get back there – or to somewhere else I can classify as civilisation – sooner rather than later.

        I’ve written about two chapters of my cooking companion. The manuscript and random notes I’ve scribbled about it are now collecting dust on the bookshelf. Stupid writer’s block and lack of motivation.

        • I hear ya about writer’s block and lack of motivation. It’s become a recurring theme of this blog.

          I’m from a small town. Can’t imagine ever wanting to live in one again.

    • Wow Disseminated Thought, apart from the fact that you are a journalist and a bookwriter living in Mt Isa, you could be my husband. NWN, my husband hates choc-orange as well. I think it’s marvellous.

  12. How come you weren’t invited to tea at the PM’s digs? Or did you decline?

  13. Hi, a friend just introduced me to your blog. Me likey ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. I think I wandered over here from Hoyden, and decided to hang about. I’m an academic, and would love to be a lecturer but because I have this ridiculous desire to stay in Sydney I can’t find a job, so at the moment I just look after my little boy and write things that get published, but not for money. Namely, this! (since a dab of self-promotion seems to be acceptable here):
    I’m going to make an effort to write a bit more for HAT in the next few months, and it won’t all be about Shakespeare. Oh, and Hedgepig is my sister (where are you sis? Thought you would show up here).

    • Sisters! I assumed you were good friends, but sisters is even better. Two feminists in one family is fabulous. (I’m one of seven and the only feminist.)

      I was talking to a woman late last year who was a casual lecturer and tutor for ten years before the university offered her a permanent position with job security. That’s outrageous. The MSM isn’t the only industry that treats people like shit. (Even though I’m doing a doctorate, I have no desire to be an academic.)

      Congratulations on the book. Did you love writing it?

    • I loved the precis of your book! I want to be a shrew but I think when I’ve tried to be I’ve been crushed by being shutdown rather than feeling the power. Good luck with it. Maybe not so great for money, but great for your academic CV, especially with Palgrave as a publisher. Good luck with the job hunting!

      • The book meant so much to me to write, because I kept finding more and more that seemed important to put out there in the world. There is this trope, the shrewish woman, that in other places is taken to mean someone with a shriveled spirit, appropriate for the butt of jokes. What I found was that instead of using her that way, Shakespeare made his shrews people who are the way they are because of their sheer, uncontainable *largeness* of spirit, and therefore best used as a vehicle for speaking truth to power. Unlike so many people who get sick of their specialist area to the point of never wanting to discuss it again, I want to talk about it all the time.

        • So, “shrew” is like “feminist”, right?

          • So you noticed that, huh?
            Forgetful, book is out in November. Much too expensive for me to ask people to buy it. I have an alternative strategy: I’m going to ask everyone who has any connection with a university to request it from their uni library. Then maybe it will sell enough for them to do a paperback print-run.
            Proposal for next book (currently mouldering on someone’s desk at Routledge) is Shakespeare and Rape Culture.

        • I need to put it on my to read list. When are you expecting it to be published?

          You wrote that, ‘[u]nlike so many people who get sick of their specialist area to the point of never wanting to discuss it again, I want to talk about it all the time.’ I could relate to that! And I have so many fabulous little offcuts and tangents to my area of study that I am exploring further. ๐Ÿ™‚

  15. I started quietly stalking your blog months ago after coming across it when looking for ammo in an argument with a friend. I never finished the argument but I still read everything you post.

  16. I’m a former trumpet playing Sydneyite who lives in Stockholm. Up the duff with #2 so I might not be back in a while. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Don’t worry about Julia, I wasn’t invited either. Rude.

  17. Oooh, I was so interested to see what you look like (sorry, rather shallow). I’m a dedicated NWN stalker and your voice rings in my head like a clear, ringing bell when I read you (urgh, you would never make those kind of misplaced similies). I’m a former journalist, now working for the dark side in banking communications. I also vote Green, am the ethics coordinator at the local school, and volunteer once a month for the local bush regeneration society. Love your brilliant, funny insights!

  18. It took me a while to come on board and introduce myself. I have to confess I’m quite the fan of NWN and, like Anna, was most pleased to see a picture, which is pretty spunky, I must say. I used to blog, but got out the habit, so I like it when what I want to say about something is being said by someone else, i.e. you (and others).

    Definitely a fellow feminist. I also call myself a writer (fiction mostly) and a casual lecturer/tutor in the field of creative writing. Am just starting my doctorate (creative writing) after having 6 months off after finishing my masters thesis. I’m also the director of a ’boutique’ writers’ festival on the Sunshine Coast called Reality Bites (we specialise in literary nonfiction) and shamelessly use my position as director to push my leftist agenda by featuring authors with shameless leftish agendas. So if you write a nonfiction book of some literary merit in the future, do expect a email from me…

  19. ok. I’ve been reading this blog for a few weeks now. I guess I better say something.
    I’m male/37/no kids. I work in a technical field which is far removed from feminism/journalism – data communications engineer. My speciality is last level troubleshooting network faults. My journey: all male catholic school -> almost all male degree -> almost all male workplace. I understand generally that’s a pre-requisite to complete irreversible male chauvinism. ๐Ÿ™‚
    In my spare time I dance (swing dancing). So I meet a number of women. Friends with a few of them. I discovered I live in a fairly sheltered bubble. I read stuff online. I generally avoid I read mainly abc.
    I don’t want to be a prick. One of the 7 habits of highly effective people – to listen. So I’m pretty much going to sit back and listen (umm…read), unlikely to comment.
    As a male, I think collectively we need to pick up our game. Socially, I think we’re a bit behind. It’s really crappy how some of us behave.
    Putting a human on the moon is generally listed as one of the greatest human achievements. I think one achievement we need to complete – be able to actually live with each other on this rock.
    I’m a big believer to change the world, you need to change yourself.

  20. Yes, definitely passionate, but working for nothing or next to wears you down eventually ๐Ÿ™‚
    Books to plug? Well at the festival this year (July 27-29) I’ve got Antony Loewenstein and his new one (with Jeff Sparrow) ‘Left Turn’. Got a fabulous book called ‘Bite Your Tongue’ by Francesca Rendle-Short, which is part memoir, part fictionalised memoir about her mother who was a fanatical advocate of censorship during the dark days of Sir Joh as premier of QLD. Highly recommend – Spinfix Press. Actually, there’s a heap of fab authors that I’m thrilled are coming. Some of them are just writers though without political agendas!

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