The King’s Tribune is out

The July issue of The King’s Tribune is out, and you should read it. I don’t normally plug things here, but I really think The King’s Tribune is worth supporting – and not just because I sometimes write for them. It’s $8.95 an issue, or you can get a three-month subscription for $25 (less than a cd if you’re old fashioned and still buy cds. I still buy cds.)

In the July issue, Jane Gilmore interviewed Jonathan Holmes and George Megalogenis about why journalism isn’t dead.

Tim Dunlop writes about the real lesson of The Global Mail.

Jo Thornley writes about what we’ve all agreed on, as Australians (such as warning foreigners about dropbears, and menstrual blood being blue on tv).

Ben Pobjie has some handy hints on how to do journalism, or whatevs.

DragOnista writes about fear-mongers and politics.

Helen Razer writes about new journalism, newer journalism, old crap, Tom Wolfe and mummy bloggers.

Peter Hoysted writes about how busting cults needs political will.

Heath Callaway just wanted to write about zombies but ended up writing about how our political leaders represent what we have become.

Dave Gaukroger writes about online anonymity and nastiness.

Andrew Tiedt on the ACL and why we don’t like them.

There’s Damian Cowell‘s unreliable history of rock.

Justin Shaw on the evolution of cop shows.

Mat Larkin on mystery packages and children swearing.

Upulie Divisekera writes about James Cook, the transit of Venus, and astronomy in Australia.

Larry Stillman writes about the goings on behind Limmud Oz, the Jewish cultural festival.

Sunday Relish on carpaccio, and Fiona Katauskas asks, what would @Jesus do?

And there’s a piece by me on why we should care about the way the MSM treats Lara Bingle.

It also has Justin Shaw’s cryptic crossword, for people – like ManFriend – who can bend their brains.

All that for $8.95 is a freakin’ bargain! Hell, it’s less than a jug of beer at your local, and you’ll be helping to keep good writers from needing soul-destroying advertorial to pay the rent.

2 responses to “The King’s Tribune is out

  1. “…you’ll be helping to keep good writers from needing soul-destroying advertorial to pay the rent.”

    Amen to that. Someone asked me today why I don’t have ads on my blog. Give me strength…

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