The Adventures of Feminist Dad – 2012 London Olympics edition

He’s back!

Many thanks to reader JeffG for this excellent suggestion.

The Adventures of Feminist Dad - 2012 London Olympics edition

The Adventures of Feminist Dad – 2012 London Olympics edition

Who is Feminist Dad?

32 responses to “The Adventures of Feminist Dad – 2012 London Olympics edition

  1. Oh boy, I still remember the first time I stumbled onto the women’s beach volleyball being broadcast on television. I was a teenager at the time and even then I was stunned by the skimpy outfits the female contestants were wearing. It stopped me in my tracks and I even called my mum over to have a look. The sport itself looked serious – those women were very skilled and played hard. But it had a bad atmosphere hovering over it, a vague aroma of those crap 80s films of American college kids going somewhere raucous for spring break, and there’s always lots of bikini beach babes playing volleyball on the sand with close ups of jiggly breasts etc. It detracted from the sport being played which was a shame. PS: very good butt drawings by the way, NWN.

    • Thanks. My butt drawings are surprising – suspiciously – similar to my boob drawings…

      Lingerie football is another example. The outfits make you think it’s all a bit of a joke, but then you watch and realise those women are TOUGH. Same with roller derby.

  2. I love beach volley ball! If men didn’t lust after our gorgeous female bodies we’d really be crying blue murder!

    • Be careful with your use of “we”, Michelle Temminghoff. I don’t feel that way, because I don’t get my sense of self/achievement/sexual attractiveness from whether or not men want to fuck me.

      • Not to mention how that disappears all the women who are not deemed to have appropriately lustworthy bodies.

        • “Not to mention how that disappears all the women who are not deemed to have appropriately lustworthy bodies.”

          …and lesbians.

          • Unless they’re hot faux-lesbians, of course. Is there a better word than faux-lesbian? Do people still use the term “lock up garage”?

            • I meant that lesbians are not going to ‘cry blue murder’ if men don’t lust after them. Cos we don’t give a fuck obviously. You seem to be reading it as lesbian = unattractive. Unconscious heterosexism maybe?

              • Sorry, I thought that was the point you were sarcastically making – about lesbians becoming invisible. Obviously, now that I’ve looked at the comment you were responding to, that’s not what you were saying at all. I really should read the comments as they appear on the post, not as they appear in my dashboard.

    • Yes because being seen as anything other than a set of penetrable holes is just so depressing.

      • It is isn’t it? Because being seen as a set of penetrable holes is the ultimate compliment! Except when it’s not, of course. Your task, ladies, is to work out when it’s an insult and when it’s a compliment. Best of British luck to you (don’t get it wrong now!)

  3. I ‘personally’ would find it pretty difficult to feel sexually attractive if no-one wanted to have sex with me. What’s wrong with that? I think you always turn it around to make out that instinctive behaviour (like wanting to watch attractive athletic women) is wrong and insulting and offensive and that it’s somehow a comment about feminism. It’s normal human behaviour. Now leave me alone I’m going to watch the footy.

    • After watching some women’s beach volleyball many years ago, I noticed that the men’s beach volleyball was coming up soon. Febrile with anticipation, I sat down to watch the display of taut male muscle and flesh in thrilling semi-naked motion and…saw a bunch of guys in baggy board shorts and big loose fitting floppy T-shirts. It was such a let down.

    • Michelle Temminghoff, that’s not quite what I said. I said you shouldn’t assume that all women feel the same way you do. You’ve been coming here long enough to know that the only thing I “always” do is disagree with people who assume that all women/all men are alike.

  4. This brightened my day and I am very glad to see Feminist Dad return. I was worried that he might have been retired due to controversy. I think the new tag line may help in that regard.

    Many years ago I saw an interview with an Olympic beach volleyball champion who was being asked about the difference between the way the men and women dressed. She said that the uniforms were mandated by an authority (I forget which) so even if women wanted to wear shorts, or men wear speedos, they could not. I thought that was strange, since athletes in other sports seem to have a degree of choice.

    Of course, that is not really what the cartoon is about.

    • I remember that interview. Did you see the story a few months ago about the Opals getting new uniforms – to look like regular basketballers – to cut the “perve factor”? They hated playing in the lycra onesie.

      And yes, the new tagline is much better.

      • I did not. Is it online? I cannot find it.

        If most of the players were against the skin-tight uniforms, it makes me wonder who were the people making these decisions. Feminist Dad? Or people who wanted Feminist Dad to watch? I suppose it is not helpful to speculate like that.

        Eilish, I am happy to hear that volleyball players now at least have a choice.

  5. Thanks, this got a chuckle on an otherwise dull day. Though I didn’t notice dads “physical interest” until you tweeted about it. I blame reading it on my phone.

  6. The sports authority has finally changed the rule about the women’s uniform: the women can wear shorts and t-shirts if they want. I wonder how many will.
    Here’s an edumucational link for Michelle:

  7. Brilliant!

  8. Did you see the article today in the SMH about (better ranked, out-performing) women’s olympic teams getting flown to London economy while the (loser, never-won-anything) men’s olympic teams of the same sports get flown business?

  9. thanks for the hat-tip. great comic!

  10. There’s a certain absurdism to beach volleyball. The only time I’ve seen it is during the Olympics, but from all appearances it seemed like these were serious athletes, built as you’d expect professional or semi-professional athletes to be. Yet the entire sport seems designed to undercut its own legitimacy as a sport – there’s rules requiring the athletes to show a minimum amount of skin FFS. It’s like the sport promoters are trying to hide the fact that they’ve got actual athletes playing an actual sport.

  11. This is my fave Feminist Dad by far. 🙂 love it! And given this weeks events it feels particularly relevant.

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