Let’s destroy the joint

Alan Jones must have been worried that Grahame Morris was going to get the top Ernie Award this year, because why else would he say – in response to Julia Gillard announcing aid to the Pacific to raise the status of women to help end domestic violence – that women in politics are “DESTROYING THE JOINT”? It’s purely about missing out on the Gold Ernie, and nothing to do with the two-year tanty that he and Tony Abbott have been having because they didn’t win the election. How embarrassing for them.

He’s got a point, though. These uppity women, you let them go to school and then they get involved in politics and then they don’t want to be hit and it’s POLITICAL CORRECTNESS GONE MAD and what’s a bloke to do? Sheesh.

Jones then repeated his suggestion that women in positions of power should be drowned: “There’s no chaff bag big enough for these people”. (By the way, he was made an Officer of the Order of Australia for his sports and charity work for children and young people. Does he know that Youth off the Streets and the Starlight Foundation help girl children as well as boy children? Has someone told him that girl children grow up to be These People?)

Thanks to Jane Caro, the hashtags #destroythejoint and #destroyingthejoint were all over twitter on the weekend. Instead of insulting the man who seems a little too comfortable with violence against women – in April he said that trying to stab your ex-girlfriend to death is just “Shakespearean“, plus, you know, saying that women should be drowned – everyone just took the piss out of his statement.

Check out these great posts:

Jill Tomlinson’s Destroy the Joint:

Some Tweeps expressed concern that the attention was feeding Alan Jones’ desire for publicity. I understand their concerns, but #destroythejoint was about laughing at Alan’s misogyny, showing solidarity through ridiculing the suggestion that women were out to #destroythejoint. It was an opportunity to respond for every woman who has received a put down comment that irrelevantly cites her gender.

Wendy Tuohy’s Witty Twitter women ‘destroy the joint’:

In the last 24 hours, women tweeters and their many male supporters have redeemed Twitter as a place where you can make a powerful political point without getting vicious or violently abusive.

It’s been such a deft but peaceful takedown, it’s enough to make you proud.

And Feminism and the power of social media at Crooked Fences:

Words that were meant to degrade and undermine women instead became a clarion call to action. The women of twitter became keyboard warriors of the best sort, using social media to mock (and dare I say it, destroy) one of the most arrogant and politically powerful voices of MSM.

If “destroying the joint” means laughing at one-trick-ponies like Alan Jones and ending the gender pay gap and ending gender discrimination in the workplace and in sport and ending violence against women, then I say FUCK YEAH GIVE ME LASERS!

lazer tits

27 responses to “Let’s destroy the joint

  1. Speaking of, are you coming to the Ernies??

  2. Great post. You may like to read this one too. http://elizabethlhuede.com/2012/09/03/how-can-we-de-story-the-joint/
    One of many as you mention above!

  3. Should an Officer of the Order of Australia retain his award if he continually implies that women should be kept in their place even by violent means? It’s not a good look for one of the highest awards in this country.

    • I’ve been wondering about that. How many times do you get to say that women should be drowned before someone takes the AO away from you? Seven? Thirty? Eighty-three?

      Cathy Zanella, welcome to the News with Nipples.

  4. Silly, NWN! Don’t you know that misogyny only counts (or is condemned) when someone darker than a stick of chalk does it?

  5. Actually, it only takes one… From: http://bleeter.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/how-does-one-get-an-order-of-australia-medal-revoked/

    “To raise your concerns about a particular person receiving an award within the Order of Australia, please write to the Australian Honours and Awards Secretariat, Government House, Canberra ACT 2600. The Secretariat can also be contacted via email at honours@gg.gov.au or by calling (02) 6283 3604. Further information about the Secretariat can be found at http://www.gg.gov.au/content.php/page/id/1/title/the-australian-honours-and-awards-secretariat.”

    Acting in a manner which brings the Order into disrepute is grounds for the GG to revoke an office of the Order of Australia…Hopefully if enough people make some noise, the smug bastard will lose his AO.


  6. outragedofmarrickville

    oo oo oo oo (4 oos means I’m excited typing not doing monkey impressions like my 18 month old daughter) thanks for that. I’m not a twitter person but I think someone should start a viral campaign (maybe using this destroying the joint hash tag thingy) to bombard the Order of Australia people with complaints against Alan Jones and seek to have his medal removed. I was whinging to Mr Outraged this weekend about Alan Jones; not only his frightful misogyny but also his general incitements to violence and he surely this is illegal or at least breaching broadcasting standards. He has quite a powerful position as a popular radio jock (and somehow keeps pollies in constant fear) and can do real damage with his (not so) casual threats. First off there is the drowning of our PM (if this was the US, Homeland security would have something to say about repeated threats of assassination to their President), the dreadful things he says about Clover Moore, the ditch the witch campaign stuff BUT ALSO his role in the Cronulla riots where he played a key role in publicising and inciting violence. C’mon girls n boys, lets do it.

    • Outragedofmarrickville, you should get on twitter. #destroythejoint was the the top trending topic all weekend and it’s all over news websites today. Even Gerard Henderson wrote about it for the SMH today – saying it was insignificant, yet he still wrote about it.

  7. outragedofmarrickville

    nah, I’m not a twitter person. I spend enough time allowing myself to be distracted from work and family stuff without more time spent on my iphone! I hearby sanction you and all the fab readers of NWN to take up this cause and jump on that bandwagon. I just want to swear and swear and wwear about how odious Alan Jones and his over voiced opinions are but I have work to do!

  8. I can’t help wondering if he thinks that Maggie Thatcher and QEII destroyed the joint? Or is it only women he doesn’t approve of? Arsehole.

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  10. honours@gg.gov.au
    To Whom It May Concern,

    I understand that Alan Jones (a well known broadcaster on radio) has received the honour of becoming an Officer of the Order of Australia.

    I further understand that such a recipient who brings himself into disrepute may have said honour removed.

    Mr Jones has made repeated threats of violence against women, most notably stating on radio that the Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, ought to be drowned at sea in a chaff bag, as though she were an unwanted kitten.

    He has repeated similiar remarks as recently as last week.

    I am aware that ACMA has reviewed Mr Jones’ statements, and cleared him, but I am hoping that the bar for appropriate behaviour is set higher than that at your organisation.

    Yours sincerely,

    My Real Name Here

    Australian Citizen

    I wait with bated breath to hear of Mr Jones’ loss of his award. One can only hope, and send emails, right?

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  12. I am personally disgusted that women who listen to Alan Jones don’t have the fortitude to turn him off the dial, but what is more worrying is the women that sat(and the men) and laughed at these vile comments. Actually most comments he makes, but what worries me most is that those young people in the audience could well be the next leaders that the Liberals put up as MPs in NSW and people will actually vote for this type of person without knowing that the death of someone is to be jeered at and vilifying women is
    okay. God help us if women continue to lead this great country and there are
    Alan Jones supporters on the loose in our communities. I for one shall put
    my vote in for the Governer General to rescind this award.

    Kay Hughes

  13. Alan Jones is disgusting, a disgrace to broadcasting and to Australians as a whole, I will never listen to 2GB again, Carole Reynolds

  14. This morning on radio Alan Jones said “if you say something often enough people will believe you”.
    This is his simple, unoriginal way of trashing much of what is good in Australia and about Australians. In this latest barage, along with some high profile committed reformers, he has insulted 50% of Australians with his vitriolic language.
    Those who do listen to 2GB should turn to another radio station where they might hear something positive, original or inciteful which will encourage their efforts to “destroy the joint.” Just give Alan Jones the flick.

    • Desired outcome: Jones is sacked for being a repeat offender and stripped of his AO.

      Most likely actual outcome: the advertisers will be back in a few weeks, and it’ll be business as usual for Alan Jones and 2GB.

      Lynne Czinner, welcome to the News with Nipples.

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  16. Congratulations on your Destroy the Joint. Re: Alan Jones I have never been so ashamed to be Australian that he should think he can get away with degrading and insulting words. This is the beginning of the end for you Mr Jones.

  17. As a reasonably intelligient woman born in Australia from polish immigrants who escaped war to find peace and a better way if life. I’m.hurt by the remarks men In politics and media make against immigrants and women in the higher office. Any sort of derogatory remarks towards women is not unacceptable. It’s the reason we have so many immigrants. Every life counts. So if u think.women are the problem then join the ku Klux Klan or the teleban.

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