The Adventures of Feminist Dad – Alan Jones edition

The Adventures of Feminist Dad - Alan Jones edition

Don’t like Feminist Dad? Then read this.

15 responses to “The Adventures of Feminist Dad – Alan Jones edition

  1. Here’s my contribution – a guy in the UK who used to be editor of Loaded mag. Became a dad (of a son) and had an epiphany.

    ‘My partner, Diana, had always supported my career, but at gatherings with the new friends we’d made at National Childbirth Trust classes, I’d cringe with embarrassment as other parents teased me by asking ‘would breastfeeding be a turn-on or a turn-off for Loaded readers?’ For the first time, I became secretly ashamed of what I did for a living.
    My life had become a charade, switching between diametrically-opposed extremes — nipples by day and nappies by night.
    I started seeing the women in my magazine not as sexual objects, but as somebody’s daughter. Some of Loaded’s models had children themselves, and I’d think ‘what’s your kid going to think of you when they’re old enough to understand Mummy used to get her boobs out for a living?’
    To think that the girls who posed for our magazine had once had their nappies changed, had once been taught to take their first steps and had once been full of childlike hope . . . it was almost heartbreaking.’

    Gee. Women are people. Who’d have thought?

    From here:–Im-father-I-bitterly-regret-A-remarkable-confession-longest-serving-editor-Loaded.html

    • He is definitely a Feminist Dad. LOVE how he blamed/shamed the women for posing for the mag, instead of the men who worked for the mag and the men who bought the mag and treated women as objects.

      Maybe we should have Feminist Dad awards?

    • Extra gross garbage nightmare points to him for perpetuating the idea that women being sexual sullies them, making them objects worthy of brokenheartedness and sorrow.

    • outragedofmarrickville

      Wow. That should win a FD award. That’s hilarious and he obviously thinks he’s SUCH. a good guy for working out that breast feeding is not something women do to turn men on. Give this man a god star for his co contribution to our emancipation.

  2. To me it seems like Feminist Dad really only cares about feminism when it affects him personally (as he would view his daughter as an extension of himself). Wouldn’t give a shit about it otherwise and in fact is actually a bit of a sexist underneath.

  3. The cartoon has nothing to do with feminism. If I heard of a child being bullied, I would have the same reaction reguardless of that child’s agenda. I disagree with Gina Rinehart’s views but have defended her against the ‘fat jokes’. I do not think her political views differ much from her father, Lang Hancock. If WA had listen to his views, Perth would be an international capital and there would have been a railway between north Queensland and Port Hedland.

    As for Alan Jone’s threats against the Gillard, they are simply outside any accepted form of public discourse. Jone’s can disagree with the Prime Minster but not physically threaten her.

    Because the abuse is directed against women, we shouldn’t label it anti-feminism. We should call it abuse, the perpetrators rude and call them to repentence (ie apologies).

    Pornography is a different issue altogether!

    • Psst, Michael, Feminist Dad isn’t about Alan Jones. It’s about Feminist Dad only caring about sexism and misogyny when his daughter is involved, but then displaying sexist/misogynist behaviour towards other women.

      • My impression of Alan Jones was shaped by Stuart Littlemore.

        If feminist dad is the over protective father – they have existed since Abram played in the Philistine forward pocket. The only acception was Lot.

        • Feminist Dad isn’t the over-protective father. He’s a man who suddenly notices sexism when his daughter is born and decides to tell women all about it. HEY YOU LADIES DID YOU KNOW THERE IS SEXISM? LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT IT. And then continues to treat women like shit. That’s who Feminist Dad is, and that’s why I put a link at the bottom of every Feminist Dad post. Here it is again:

  4. I think I subscribed to your blog after that was posted … So who care how someone comes to an awareness. I doubt that Stephen Smith is a feminist dad but much of his reaction to the sexist abuse at Duntroon was temper by placing his daughters.

  5. I am not up with your terminology. The problem is that the so called ‘Feminist Dads’ I have known want there daughters to settle down with (meaning under) a good man. Relationship equality is a nice fiction for them.

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