The best time of the month on the internet

The 52nd Down Under Feminists Carnival is on at lip magazine:

The DUFC is a monthly collection of the best feminist writing from Australia and New Zealand. It’s a great way to catch up on some things you might have missed, and to discover new bloggers. (And I’m very excited about hosting it later in the year.)

This month, there are interesting, challenging, fabulous and funny posts on: Motherhood & Other “Women’s Work”, Trans Issues, Sports, Health, Marriage Equality, Pop Culture, Geekdom, The Body, Media, Gender and Sexism, Violence, Politics, Disability, Race/Racism, and General Feminism. I’m not linking to those topics here because I don’t want to shit on lip mag’s sandwich. That would be rude. So click on this 52nd Down Under Feminists Carnival link and have a look around, I’m 100 per cent sure there will be something you like.

And many thanks to the fabulous lip magazine for putting this carnival together.

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