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I’m not going to blog about Alan Jones. I wrote about his “destroying the joint” comments and Feminist Dadded him just the other day and I don’t have any words left for him at the moment. But other people have written about him, and more.

Denise Allen: Jill Meagher and Alan Jones:
My point is that some men feel that they have the right to rob us not only of our innocence and our right to feel safe in our own community, but of our sense of decency. That they feel they have the right to behave in either a violent, sadistic, misogynist, cruel way and believe they can get away with it.

Peter Wicks: Strip Alan Jones of his AO:
Instead, I thought I’d make a plea to have something taken from him that may actually make him regret his actions and words ― his Order Of Australia.

Tara Moss: Mean boys the worst culprits:
As I wrote this, a headline caught my eye. Violence broke out in a Sydney suburb at the weekend, including a brawl, stabbings and two drive-by shootings. The trigger for all this violence? A compliment paid to another man’s wife. Now imagine the headline: Woman Pays Compliment To Other Woman’s Husband – Violence Ensues. Such a scenario seems absurd, yet the notion of women competing ruthlessly with one another for the favour of men is a common narrative in pop culture. And somehow we’ve bought into it.

The Mind and Other Confusions has a long list, starting in 1988, of why he shouldn’t be broadcasting, in Alan Jones: A Review:
This may be the worst of his crimes so far but lets reflect on the history of this so called political powerhouse and current king of the Sydney Shock Jocks.

And finally, Tom + Lorenzo point out the enormous plotholes that turned what should have been a sad and scary episode into “meh”: Doctor Who: The Angels Take Manhattan:
Look, Doctor Who is not meant to be examined too closely, we get that. But this falls apart with just a few questions… What we don’t understand is — You know what? Let’s just make a list. (via Hoyden About Town)

Enjoy the public holiday!

2 responses to “For your reading pleasure

  1. I’m waiting to see how many of the apparently concerned sponsors pull their advertising for the next few months until the human drama that is Alan Jones dies down, before casually winding it back up again once the Australian public forgets how outraged it was.

    For me, that’s the most appalling part. Corporate Australia is currently riding the publicity “feel good” bandwagon but I want to know how many companies intend to permanently avoid advertising with 2GB. In all honesty, I believe it will only be a handful, if any.


    Because the same outraged Australian public continues to listen to Jones every morning and give him a high-profile voice. While he has an audience – potential customers – the sponsors won’t totally abandon him.

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