Feminists on your internet!

It’s that time of the month again, when the best feminist posts from Australia and New Zealand are in one place for your reading pleasure. Bluebec has done a wonderful job putting it all together:

Down Under Feminists Carnival

Get some DUFC in your eyeballs

I’m not going to poo on bluebec’s sandwich by linking to them here, but there are fabulous posts on bodies (eg: being a fat dancer; taking up space; periods) family and parenting (eg: poking fun at motherhood; economic theory and happiness; the flawed paid parental scheme), LGBTIQ (eg: beliefs and the rights of others; obnoxious pantos; queering twitter), personal stories (eg: having one of those days; not asking people about their love lives), politics (eg: Jones’ sewage politics; demonising people on welfare; international day for the decriminalisation of abortion), racism (eg: damning everyone with the actions of a few; taniwha and belief; when it’s not about you, your reaction says a lot), feminism (eg: Collective Shout and shaming; defending Catherine Deveny; discrimination in academia), media (eg: de-storying the joint; Doctor Who’s companions; female superheroes), and violence (eg: taking back the night and tethered goats; silencing tactics; moral panics and trolling).

I love these carnivals. They show that the online feminist community – of which you are a part – is freakin’ awesome! What a year it’s been for feminism.

Steph at 天高皇企鹅远 is hosting next, and then it’s my turn for December.

So, check it out: The 53rd Down Under Feminists Carnival.

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