Got jerks?

So, this charming comment was left on my blog yesterday, by some dickwad called “you stinkfucker”:

you sade old hag, with your smelly cunt hope you get aids,your husband left you for some one else know your bitter and twisted fuck off you old cunt,hope you die and give the world some peace.

And this one:

your just a dirty slut so is jenna price, you give woman a bad name why dont you pick on muslims on how they treat woman you sad little fuck, god help you

Such a generic insult. Yawn. And it’s wrong – I don’t have a husband. But I am 36, so I’m sure some younger people would say I have an old cunt.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with comments like this. On twitter, some people retweet abuse so everyone can see the pathetic little person who wrote it. Others block and report. When I get them on here, I read them to ManFriend, we laugh at the person who wrote it, and then I file them in a folder in case I ever need to pass that info on to the police.

Anyway, stinkfucker’s IP address revealed they’re an Optus customer, so I tweeted the company and got a quick response:

Tweet from NWN about abusive Optus customer and the prompt reply from Optus

Tweets between NWN and Optus

I freakin’ love social media.

I can’t stop people leaving comments like this, but I can make it someone else’s problem. And by someone else, I mean their ISP. In the case of Optus, the consumer terms fine print says:

5.3 Permitted uses of the service
(b) You must not use, or attempt to use, the service:
(ii) to transmit, publish or communicate material which is defamatory, offensive, abusive, indecent, menacing or unwanted

And then this:
(a) We may ask you to stop doing something which we reasonably believe is contrary to paragraph (b) above. You must immediately comply with any such request. If you do not, then we may take any steps reasonably necessary to ensure compliance with paragraph (b) above or the request.
(b) You acknowledge that, where the service is a carriage service, we, or any supplier whose network is used to supply the service, may be required to intercept communications over the service and may also monitor your usage of the service and communications sent over it.
(c) If you do not comply with this clause 5.3, we may be entitled to cancel the service under clause 11.3(a) (v) or (vi) or suspend the service under 12.1(a)(vii) or (viii).

The Optus Internet Abuse SWAT Team* also replied promptly, letting me know they’d be contacting the dumb jerk with a warning. I like it.

So, my new policy is to Report. Every. Single. One.

(*may not actually be called this BUT IT SHOULD BE)

31 responses to “Got jerks?

  1. Nice one!

    How are you going?

  2. Good one!
    And thanks for sharing with us how other people have options with shit like this. *fist pumps*

  3. I am 50 years old, and maybe I am getting a bit carried away here, but I can never remember such a strong anti-sexist mood as what we are seeing at the moment. I hope it continues. When you see sad, ugly hate messages you realize that you are making progress.

    • I also hope it continues. I’m so amazed and happy that there’s been a public discussion about feminism (and sexism and misogyny) all year. I wrote a post in January saying that if you’d told me over Christmas lunch that the first few weeks of 2012 would be everyone talking about feminism, I’d have asked if you were on crack. But it’s been going all year!

      Rodney West, welcome to the News with Nipples.

      • You know, for months people were turned off politics because it was so pathetic, so shallow, and so nasty, but now it seems like we’ve all realised that we don’t have to put up with it. In the middle of the year, a speech like Gillard’s wouldn’t have had the same reaction because most people weren’t aware of the nastiness and the sexism and the misogyny in public discussion. But now, BAM! We’re all right there with her.

  4. I like how you handled this, you’re your own swat team, with Optus as a wingman.

  5. I like it NWN. I like it a lot.

  6. Glad that there’s a way of getting back at such people.

  7. The “Oh no!” thing was sweet. I like Tris.

  8. It sounds Like Piers or Bolt have been over-stimulating their Trolls again and one of them became Un-Hinged.

  9. Awesome. Just so awesome.

  10. Good for you for reporting it! Can’t believe people have the time and energy to do write such abusive, negative, ridiculous like this. I hope they get found out by Optus and named and shamed somehow. Glad you are not taking it personally and can laugh at such ignorant low lives who obviously need to get a life!

  11. Woohoo – you rock:-). Well done at taking these a******* a peg down from their false presumption of anonymity.

  12. Ah… that delicious moment when someone on the internet finds out that their anonymous comment wasn’t so anonymous. Also, I’m using “I don’t get it” for all offensive jokes from now on.

  13. Awesome work! Just discovered your blog today – great reading.

  14. Dino not to be confused with

    Hey NWN,
    I’ll marry ya chickybabe !
    Set a date !
    We’re goin’ Morman BTW.

  15. Dino not to be confused with

    No Baby,
    I am already married.
    I will bring it up with wife # 1 as soon as you say yes.
    Just say yes….

  16. Dino not to be confused with

    I ain’t gonna marry no female that don’t take me seriiiossly !
    Fuggetabuddit then, plaenty of fish in the sea !!!!!!!

  17. outragedofmarrickville

    When did you become Sade, the 90s smooth operator songstress?

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