Feminists are taking over your internet

Head over to Steph’s place at 天高皇企鹅远 to check out the latest edition of the Down Under Feminists Carnival:

DUFC logo of the symbol for female, with the Southern Cross in the circle

There are great posts on sex and sexuality, politics, performance art and bodies, women in the media, families and motherhood, and Ada Lovelace day. Steph has done a great job putting it all together.

I’ll be hosting the next one, so send me all the great Aussie and Kiwi posts you read this month. I thought the theme should be The Future. It’s been an amazing year for feminism, because all the dickwaddery has been pointed out loud and clear. It’s been laughed at, mocked, and we have the t-shirts to prove it. As Jane Caro wrote “If Tony Abbott needs to be seen as a feminist before he can have a shot at being our next Prime Minister then we’re winning”.

Submissions via the carnival page, or email me at newswithnipples at gmail dot com. Carnival’s up on December 5.

2 responses to “Feminists are taking over your internet

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