The 55th Down Under Feminists Carnival

Hasn’t it been an amazing year for feminism? If you were a dickwad in public, chances are a whole bunch of women and men pointed it out for everyone to see. Sexism and misogyny were challenged, laughed at, mocked, and we have the t-shirts to prove it. Feminism is in. As Jane Caro wrote “If Tony Abbott needs to be seen as a feminist before he can have a shot at being our next Prime Minister then we’re winning”.

So, it’s my honour to wrap up a year of FUCK YEAH FEMINISM by hosting the 55th Down Under Feminists Carnival.

International symbol for women, with the Southern Cross inside it.

Thank you to everyone who wrote the posts, and to everyone who sent me posts they loved. Special thanks to Rebecca D and Chally for their help. By the way, Chally at Zero at the Bone is hosting the next carnival, and she needs hosts from March onwards. Let her know if you want to play.

Now, put on your fancy pants because it’s carnival time!

The future
My feminist wishlist by Jo at A Life Unexamined.

Women you should know about
Else Shepherd, leading Australian electrical engineer by Mary at Geek Feminism.
Sekai Holland by Orlando at Hoyden About Town.
Savita Halappanavar dead when an abortion could have saved her by tigtog at Hoyden About Town.
Royal Society of New Zealand 2012 Research Honours Dinner by scubanurse at Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History.

An unedited rant about looking into fatshion’s navel by Natalie Perkins at definatalie.
We’ve come a long way baby by Fat Heffalump.
Perfection is no panacea by Raidah Shah Idil at Lip Mag.
When activism gives way to advertising: How fat girl blogging ate itself by Natalie Perkins at xojane.
What geek girls wear (is none of your business) by Tansy Rayner Roberts.

Rape culture (trigger warning, take care here)
Comedy: the boys’ club asserts itself, Feminist Killjoys destroy the vibe by Helen at Hoyden About Town.
So. Rape jokes by Aleksia at I Totally Have A Blog.

This wonderful thing called writing
Synesthesia by Krissy Kneen at Furious Vaginas.
When Women Write about Women by MD Brady at the Australian Women Writers Challenge.
Our Beautiful Meritocracy by Tara Moss.
Classics and Feminism: thoughts on Virgil’s Dido by Jo at A Life Unexamined.
The Mr Darcy Effect. Or: You hate me? It must be true love by Holly at Confessions of a Stuffed Olive.

I am not alphabet soup by LudditeJourno at The Hand Mirror.
Bi-invisibility makes me mad by bluebec.
My Transsexual Summer, and what goes into diverse representations by Chally at Zero at the Bone.

The mainstream media
Thank you by kiwistargazer.
Ten Things I hate about Lady-Hating Comment-Baiting Articles by tallulahspankhead at The Lady Garden.
When a pretty face isn’t the story by Emma Koehn at Lip Mag.
Daily Telegraph: We decide which girlfriend is better by me, here.

Work (paid and parenting)
The stubborn gender gap – the market is not providing by Julie at The Hand Mirror.
Bananas in Pyjamas teaching you to like ‘bad boys’ and clean up all their mess by Blue Milk.
It’s not the women that are broken, it’s the system – a counterargument by You Are Doing That Wrong.
First anniversary of the first meeting by eutraphalia (I had no idea what a placenta looked like).

Ebswearspink responds to “Aborigine backlash for Tony Abbott” (known hereafter as the article)– also known as another pathetic excuse for “journalism” by the Australian by The Ramblings Of That Girl Called Ebs.
Of course we’re not racist, but… by Sally Baxter, Girl Reporter

Our bodies
Carry That Weight. No pun intended by tallulahspankhead at The Lady Garden (make sure you read the comments).
Is my body my own? by Kate Galloway at Curl.
Dear fat girl, by Bri at My Scarlett Heartt.
This is my body by bluebec.
Skinny by Helen at Tales from Urban Dilettantia.
Because I can by Craft Is The New Black (this post gave me goosebumps!)

Our right to control our bodies
Why abortion is a feminist issue by Rosie Cuppaidge at Wom*news.
The operation that made me a criminal by Anne Summers (she’s not a blogger, but it’s such a powerful piece of writing that I felt it should be included).

Violence and harassment (trigger warning, take care here)
Everyone needs the right help – survivors need services by LudditeJourno at The Hand Mirror.
Why White Ribbon Day matters by Tara Moss.
No Excuses – No Victim Blaming by Fat Heffalump.
Cardinal spin by No Place For Sheep.
Reclaim the Night; my experiences, thoughts and opinions
by Madeline Price at Wom*news.

Great posts that didn’t fit the other categories
The circle married the line by Emma Pocock.
The easy way to spot misogynists and feel good about your feminism by Ideologically Impure.
Why I hate the term ‘feminazi’ by Zoya Patel at Lip Mag.
When you are sexist by Amy S at How Not To Be A Jerk.
Lying to Lateline and other college pranks by Egs For Breakfast.
The canbebitter anniversary post, or, ‘Are we there yet?’ by Can Be Bitter, with my favourite line: “You know what, I am ‘entitled’.” Fuck yes to that!

37 responses to “The 55th Down Under Feminists Carnival

  1. How fabulous! Thank you for the carnival and introducing me to some blogs of which I’d not heard.

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  4. Great carnival, NwN! I’ve been MIA on the web for a while (paid work issues…) so it’s good to have this line-up of excellent posts to read. Thank you!

  5. What a brilliant, brilliant list!! Thank you for including me, and for all the work you put into this. I am very much looking forward to reading all these.

  6. Oh oh oh!!! Every single title on this list makes me want to stop work for the day and get reading. Wonderful! Thank you!!!

    Also, I just have to add that I simply love everything written by Chally at Zero at the Bone and Jo at A Life Unexamined.

  7. thank you! great carnival – honoured that you included me, and flattered that you liked the line!

  8. I have to ask this out of genuine curiosity, because its the second DUFC I’ve seen do this; why bother including the L in LGBTQI if you want to exclude lesbians from the actual category? Is the L just there for show?

  9. I know what I’ll be reading for the rest of the week! Thank you the Carnival and thank you for including my post – I feel really honoured that you thought it worth sharing 🙂

  10. Thanks for including me!

  11. Congratulations on an awesome carnival! Apologies that I didn’t get any time to write…

  12. Goodness I identified with this from ‘Because I can’…
    “I shouldn’t need that validation, probably. But I’ve spent so long feeling shit about myself that it’s hard not to.”

  13. I have been to Stuffed Olive’s place and left a disturbingly schoolmarm post about Mr.Darcy there. (I’ve had a shitty day and a glass of wine.)
    I’m sure that’s not the desired effect of Feminist Carnivals.

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  17. Thanks for the link, and great Carnival.
    The thing I love about the DUFC is that it always turns up the gems I missed when I was busy or off doing non-reading things.

  18. I needed some good reading material, about to dive in. Thank you all the lovely authors and thanks NWN for pulling it all together.

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  20. Fashionably late, as usual… just swung by after ages for a look and OMG I missed the Carnival! Luckily the Interwebz is forever and I’ve now got lots of Christmas reading. Thank you for including me and all Power to your Nipples in 2013!

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